Resistance is the Only Solution

January 9, 2014

The entire concept of rights came into being precisely as a guard against the arbitrary power of the government; rights are an affirmation of the limitation of the powers of government and that it can never take certain things away from the people.

But in our country, the government has illegally wiretapped phones, searched people's library records, arbitrarily detained thousands of Americans simply for having Arab or Muslim backgrounds, suppressed political and charitable organizations, infiltrated and spied on anti-war organizations and demonstrations, systematically and continuously tortured people, etc., etc.

These fascist methods reveal the real character of the capitalist government. It is an arbitrary, dictatorial power unrestricted by any law and based on violence. The fascism of the government comes from its class character. The U.S. government is nothing but an organized power to carry through the aggressive, exploiting aims of the capitalist class. Today, as they carry on their program of wars abroad and robbery of the peoples at home, they are and will continue to strengthen their police state in order to try to suppress the growing resistance of the people.

This growing fascism reflects the weakness, not the strength, of the capitalist government which resorts to violence because it is completely unable to win the allegiance of the people.

We must face the growing fascism of the government by stepping up our resistance. Democracy and the rights of the people are only won and protected by the people themselves. Rather than allowing the government to intimidate or silence us, we must exercise our inalienable rights and step up our struggles against war, racism, poverty and repression. Our only reliable defense is in the strength of our own independent organization.

The aim of our struggle can only be to replace this dictatorship of the rich with a new government that arises from and empowers the people themselves.