Campaign for Economic Rights

June 9, 2011

The economic well-being and very livelihoods of the American people are under attack on two fronts.

Firstly, corporate downsizing and restructuring – which have become permanent features of economic life – continue to throw millions of workers out of their jobs while putting tremendous downward pressure on wages.

Secondly, even as these economic conditions worsen, the government is slashing funds for income-support programs for the unemployed and poverty-stricken, for health care, education, and other vital social programs. The government is not only attacking the most vulnerable, it is attacking the economic rights and well-being of the whole working class and people. And it is clear that more attacks – including attacks on Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security – are being prepared.

Facing this situation, the working class and people have no choice but to band together and claim their inalienable economic rights. These rights can only be claimed through collective action – through the economic and political struggles of the working class and people themselves. In order to assist this struggle, we are calling on everyone to join in the Campaign for Economic Rights.

The Campaign for Economic Rights recognizes that every human being, simply by virtue of her/his humanity, is entitled, by right to:

• Food, clothing, and shelter.

• A Secure Job or Guaranteed Livelihood, commensurate with our country’s high level of development. This includes the right to income-security in the event of old age, loss of capacity to work, etc.

• Free, Comprehensive Health Care.

• Education at all Levels, from infant care through the university.

In the modern world, all of us are born into society and only live in and through society. Thus it is the elementary responsibility of society and government to create the conditions necessary to guarantee these inalienable rights for everyone. These rights must be recognized in the fundamental law of the land and guaranteed in practice. Clearly our country has all the resources necessary to insure the rights and well-being of all the people.