Building the Mass Workers' Press

May 5, 2011

Building The Worker is the basic task which the Workers Party has taken up in the present period.

Building the workers' own press is a decisive and permanent part of the work of developing the independent working class movement. Through their press, the workers present their aims and program to society, unite their own ranks and mobilize the broadest sections of the people in support of their program. Through their press, the working class and its Party carry out the theoretical and ideological work necessary to advance the workers' struggle and create conditions for the socialist transformation of society. In addition to this political and ideological role, the workers' press plays an important organizational role, providing a scaffolding around which the workers build their independent movement.

At this time, the workers' press is taking up the specific tasks of opposing the reactionary, anti-social agenda of the bourgeoisie as well as isolating those forces which keep trying to create illusions in the capitalist class and the capitalist system.

In the view of the Workers Party, ideological work and ideological struggle are decisive fronts of the class struggle at this time. In the face of the counter-revolutionary onslaught of the world bourgeoisie, the working class is accumulating new forces and preparing for the inevitable rise of the revolutionary movement. Thus the question of the guiding line – of the clarity of the workers about the causes of their exploitation and oppression, about the changes the workers must make in society in order to emancipate themselves, about the strategy and tactics of their struggle – is of paramount importance. The Workers Party holds that the emancipation of the working class is the act of the workers themselves and this means that the success of the movement depends in the first place on the internal strength of the working class – on its political unity, ideological clarity and organizational solidity.