Building The Worker

April 17, 2011

Building The Worker is the basic task which the Workers Party has taken up in the present period.

This task involves recognition of the need to carry on continuous investigation of the social, economic and political conditions. The point of the investigation is to profoundly bring out the features and causes of the anti-social agenda and help make the people conscious of their own aims and agenda. At this time, when the intensifying contradictions are causing tens of millions of people to ask fundamental questions and seek answers, the Party must fulfill its role of developing the contemporary Marxist-Leninist theory which can orient the working class movement for emancipation. The Party's theoretical and ideological work cuts through the muck and confusion of the bourgeoisie and empowers the workers and people to come forward actively in the fight for their own emancipation.

But the work does not stop with the investigation or the clarification of various questions. This is only the starting point from which the Party's theory must be vigorously and continuously taken amongst the people in order to translate it into real consciousness and organization of the people.

The key thing is that building the mass workers press means taking initiative to consciously help create the subjective conditions for revolution.