Build a Popular Front Against War and Imperialism!

September 3, 2014

These days, White House excuses for war and armed intervention are becoming increasingly puffed-up and arbitrary.

Much like talk of “Overseas Contingency Operations funds,” talk of ISIL (meaning “a state where the sun rises”) was unheard of before the Obama administration took office. Before the transition, “Overseas Contingency Operation” funds were talked about as “Global War on Terror” funds. By covering over the relationship between U.S. wars today and the war program launched by George W. Bush, the Obama administration hopes to find innovative ways to hide the exploiting, colonial aims of its “war against international terrorism.”

Most recently, after the current Iraqi state officially sanctioned the U.S. bombing of its own people and infrastructure in northern Iraq in the name of fighting “ISIL,” Obama proclaimed: “We will continue to support a moderate opposition inside of Syria in part because we have to give people inside of Syria a choice other than ISIL or Assad.” (White House press conference, 8/28)

Thus, according to Obama, with some twelve to thirteen thousand U.S. recruits stationed in Iraq, a cooperative and dependent government, thousands of professional soldiers contracted to private U.S. companies and more than seven-hundred thousand Iraqis trained by U.S. officers for the last ten years, “ISIL” is taking control of large swaths of Iraqi land and terrorizing the entire population. Yet in Syria, the U.S. superpower is so familiar with “ISIL” activities that it can freely provide aid to “moderates” even while protecting the right of the Syrian people to settle their affairs for themselves.

This far-fetched and fanciful pretext would be laughable if it were not so vicious.  It is an attempt to dehumanize the Arab and Muslim people and must be treated with the contempt it deserves. As in the past, it is the fundamental task of the anti-war movement to expose the real class interests – the interests of profit and empire – which drive the war program of the capitalist class.

Through the export of capital, the very social existence of the U.S. monopoly capitalist class is bound up with the superexploitation of the peoples and the oppression of nations.

Violence and war are built into the foundations of the capitalist-imperialist system.  While U.S. imperialism tries to hide its aims under such banners as “freedom” and “democracy,” it has 1) waged hundreds of armed interventions against the liberation struggles of the oppressed peoples; 2) sent the peoples into inter-imperialist wars, wars waged by the capitalist powers to see who can grab the most empire and profits.

Capitalist-imperialism arose in the beginning of the twentieth century. By that time, a handful of monopolies, linked with the big capitalist bankers, had come to dominate the entire economies of Western Europe and the U.S. The growth of monopolies leads to a “super-abundance” of capital – capital which overflows the brim of the home market.

In other words, the capitalist monopolies, driven by the inexorable law of maximizing profit, continually seek new outlets abroad.

Today, the export of loans and finance capital have become a favorite means of the international monopolies for tightening their control over the economies of the dependent countries.

Aside from grabbing hundreds of billions in interest every year, the IMF and World Bank and other financial institutions use the debt to force the developing countries to surrender their economic sovereignty and open up entire continents to imperialist plunder and exploitation. The international bankers force the privatization of the state sectors of the economy, demanding removal of any barriers to foreign ownership.

Through such measures, not only the mineral wealth and other resources but also the factories and economic infrastructure of various countries, including ports, rail lines, roads and airports, etc., have been turned over to foreign monopolies.

In addition, the international bankers draw up the budgets of the developing countries, imposing new taxes on the masses while gutting social spending.  Many developing countries spend 1/3 to 2/3 of their yearly budget on interest payments.

By dominating the global marketplace, the big monopolies impose the “scissors” effect on poorer and dependent countries – buying up their raw materials cheaply while selling back manufactured goods at inflated prices. Through the privileged position of the dollar and the domination of international currency, U.S. bankers extract tribute from the entire world.

The social relations of capitalist-imperialism are holding back the progress of humanity.

Thus, in Syria and wherever the U.S. speaks of the “universality” of “American values,” it is talking about the “right” of the capitalists to exploit and dominate.  

U.S. imperialism has no plans to change its strategy of relying on military might to assert “American leadership” in Syria but it will be stopped by the struggle of the Syrian people.

In the “Syrian Accountability Act,” which authorizes U.S. threats and pressure against Syria with the aim of forcing it to accept U.S. dictate and open up its markets, the U.S. Congress and President openly declare that Syria is targeted for its opposition at the U.N. to the U.S. invasion of Iraq.  So too, the bill demands that Syria enact repressive measures targeting Palestinian refugees and that it come into “full compliance” with all U.S. laws “relating to terrorism.”

The Syrian people will defeat all U.S. plots against them. In Syria, the people have a long history of struggle against imperialist intervention.  Especially over the last decade, Syria's people have been in the forefront of the struggle in defense of the right of the oppressed nations and peoples to determine their affairs for themselves and against U.S. imperialism’s entire “war on terrorism.”  

For the American people, opposition to U.S. interference in Syria is part of the struggle against war and imperialism which has always been one of the profound currents of the class struggle. In our country, the workers and people have no choice but to wage this fight.

The U.S. capitalist class has the military might and the political power to unleash yet more disasters on the world but the warmakers are extremely weak amongst the people and in the sphere of public opinion. Our task is to mobilize the people into the struggle to stay the hand of the warmakers.

Part of advancing the anti-war movement is linking together the manifold currents of struggles into one mighty torrent, into a broad popular front against war. To do this we must zero in on the real target – the monopoly capitalist class and its Republican and Democratic parties.

Do not let the imperialist warmakers have a free hand.

Peace and the liberation of the peoples are the sacred cause of humanity.