Building the Mass Workers Press

August 13 , 2009

Building the mass workers press is a vital part of developing the workers' independent political movement. For one thing, the working class and its press must take the lead in mobilizing the whole people to come out and defend their rights in opposition to the anti-social agenda of the monopoly capitalist class and its government. At the same time, it is up to the working class to show the way out of the crisis, to provide the people with a real alternative – with the vision and program which opens the path for the progress of our country. By popularizing the program of economic rights, democratic renewal, a democratic foreign policy and socialism, "The Worker" plays an indispensable role in uniting the workers and bringing them into political life under their own banners and with their own aim.

The workers' press also is a decisive tool for carrying on the ideological and theoretical work necessary to advance the workers' movement. "The Worker" breaks the monopoly which the mass media tries to exercise over the political discussion and agenda. "The Worker" does not start from the point of view of accepting the status quo and surrendering to the anti-social offensive. On the contrary, it points to the origins of the present crises in the capitalist system and shows how the workers and people can advance their immediate and long-range struggle.

"The Worker" helps create a vital space in which the workers and people can clarify their own aims, work out the strategy and tactics of their movement and find concrete solutions to the problems which arise in the course of organizing themselves. Developing this discussion on the broadest possible basis is decisive for the future of our movement. The questions which are clarified today will become the basis upon which the mass working class movement will develop.

Every day the political polarization is deepening and people are demanding solutions to the pressing social, economic and political problems. As the workers zero in on what is blocking the progress of society and unite on the basis of their class program, they will have the clarity and conviction to come into independent political life and carry through their struggle for emancipation.

In addition, the workers' press plays an important organizational role. The growing circles of regular readers, the distribution networks and discussion groups organized around "The Worker" create a scaffolding around which the workers build their independent movement. Over time, these networks and groups take more and more initiative into their own hands, playing an important role in influencing public opinion as well as mobilizing people into active struggle and independent political life.

The wide-ranging political, ideological and organizational task of building "The Worker" as a mass political newspaper of the working class requires the participation of growing numbers of class conscious workers and political activists.

The Workers Party calls on all our readers to assist in 1) creating new space for the independent working class movement by opposing the anti-social agenda of monopoly capital and popularizing the workers' program of economic rights, democratic renewal, a democratic foreign policy and socialism; 2) elaborating the ideological and theoretical questions necessary to unite the workers and people and solve the problems of further organizing our movement; 3) organizing discussion groups and distribution networks which help deepen the content and expand the circulation of "The Worker."