Barack Obama and the Government Must be Held Accountable for the Bloodthirsty Practice of “Extraordinary Rendition”

March 9, 2016

There is a difference between capturing civilians from a foreign country, absolving one’s country of compliance with the Geneva Conventions, spitting on centuries-old traditions like Habeas Corpus, burying the victim’s pleas for freedom for two entire presidential administrations on the one hand, and, on the other, codifying such Medieval atrocities into the supreme political power of the land. All of the above must also be laid at the doorstep of Barack Obama.

When Barack Obama let the world know that he would apply his pragmatism to the prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay by shipping them off to other prisons, he once again used arbitrary power to suppress any discussion of the issue – to suppress any discussion of the necessity to release the victims, admit guilt, and provide them compensation for the crime of caging them in the first place.

No, Barack Obama never denied that he did all this in service of continuing the practice of “extraordinary rendition” in the future.

Barack Obama worsened the grave sin of the U.S. government as well, when he continually provided guidelines and justifications for the deeds of the government even while loudly proclaiming that those who disagree could only be “propagandists.”

But with his choice of the term “propagandist,” Barack Obama did accidentally hit on one truth. The millions and millions and millions of Americans and the millions and millions and millions of people throughout the world who oppose the fascist atrocities of U.S. imperialism are indeed “propagandists.” We are propagandists for the end to U.S. imperialism’s racist violence against the workers and oppressed peoples of the world. We are propagandists for a world of peace and friendship based on the recognition, in practice, of the sovereign equality of all nations and peoples – including for the right to secession for the Native peoples, the people of Puerto Rico and other oppressed nations. We are propagandists for the institution of binding restraints on the U.S. government’s power to act as world policeman, tearing down the entire edifice of international law, and imposing its fascist doctrine of Might Makes Right. We are propagandist for recognition on a mass scale that what is missing from our country is the role of people as the creators, shapers and decision-makers of their own social environment.

We say that Barack Obama and the government must be held accountable. We demand an end to the arbitrary arrest and persecution of people because of their national origin or beliefs. We call on people everywhere to stand against such crimes of bigotry and revenge.