Attacks on Democratic Rights

August 19, 2016

While most estimates place the number of undocumented immigrants in the United States at 3.5%, this “topic” has far and away dominated the entire election circus this year. This distorted emphasis alone is enough to set off alarm bells for all about the fascist aims of the capitalist offensive. 

The capitalist class is scapegoating immigrants as part of its preparations for increasing the government’s control and repression against the entire working class. 

For example, the Department of Homeland Security has launched  “pilot projects” over the last several years to provide employers with a data bank for immediate verification of the status of every prospective employee. Through these systems, the government is working to place itself in a position capable of establishing a national blacklist, providing the capitalists with immediate information on a workers’ affiliations, his or her indebtedness and spending habits, etc. 

This entire program of government control and supervision over the workforce is a brutal attack on the democratic rights of the workers and a further step in consolidating more arbitrary power in the hands of the executive branch.