Anti-Arab Racism is Part of the War Program

August 23, 2010

Since the U.S. government launched its aggressive wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, anti-Arab racism and attacks on Muslims have become part of the official ideology of the U.S. government.

Leaders of both the Democratic and Republican Parties continually refer to the so-called “war on terrorism” as a war against “Arab extremism” and “Islamic fundamentalism.” Leading government officials, side by side with the monopoly-controlled media, spew out a constant stream of racist venom, defaming Arabs and Muslims as “violent,” “fanatical,” “barbaric”, etc.

This racism is not only an issue of ideas. These ideas are part of a systematic program of repression. Over the last several years, thousands of Muslims and Arabs have been arbitrarily imprisoned. Homes have been raided and places of worship violated by police and state-inspired gangs; Muslim charities have been suppressed. On a daily basis, Arabs and Muslims are profiled by police and other government officials and subjected to harassment, discrimination and persecution.

One of the aims of this racism is to vilify and dehumanize Arabs and Muslims in order to justify the U.S. government’s own heinous crimes against the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and throughout the Middle East and Central Asia. In a new version of the theory of the “white man’s burden,” this racist propaganda denies the entire history of the Arab and Muslims peoples, asserting that they are “not civilized” and therefore require the “civilizing hand” of U.S. colonialism.

This racism and stereotyping is also designed to separate Arabs and Muslims from the rest of the American people, so as to ghettoize and terrorize them. The government wants to keep Arabs and Muslims isolated in their own communities in order attack them more easily and to keep other Americans from hearing their voices and supporting their struggles.

This anti-Arab racism and the stereotyping and attacks against Muslims cannot be allowed to pass.

Everything that makes us human cries out against the chauvinism and the aggression of the U.S. government. The fight against the government’s anti-Arab racism and anti-Muslim stereotyping is a fundamental part of the American people’s ever-mounting struggles to end U.S. aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East. The aim of the anti-war movement is nothing less than stopping all the wars of the U.S. government and helping to create a world of peace and friendship in which the sovereign equality of every nation is recognized.

The very character of our country — a country which brings together peoples from every continent — cries out against the ghettoization and defamation of any section of the people.

The deepest aspirations of the American people — to build a truly democratic polity which recognizes the equal rights of all human beings — condemns the discrimination and repression of the government.

The fight against anti-Arab racism and anti-Muslim stereotyping is an inseparable part of the anti-war movement! This racism shall not pass!