Against American Chauvinism

September 2, 2013

The Workers Party vigorously denounces the U.S. government for its war threats against Syria. The Workers Party defends the right of the people of Syria to self-determination and sovereignty. This necessarily includes recognition of Syria's right to defend itself against imperialist aggression in all its forms. So too, we oppose U.S. economic and diplomatic sanctions against Syria which aim to pressure Syria to accept U.S. dictate.

U.S. imperialism is beating the drum for war against Syria in order to cover over allegations that Syria's enemies – armed and organized by the U.S. – have used chemical weapons. Offering no "argument" but American chauvinism, the Obama administration is trying to stampede public opinion against Syria. The open declaration of Obama and company is that U.S. military power gives U.S. imperialism the "right" to do whatever it wants.

The ideology of American chauvinism, like ideology in general, is a product of very definite social relations.

Just as the theories of racial superiority were concocted and propagated to support the social system of slavery, so too, the ideology of American chauvinism is promoted to support the present-day system of imperialism and colonialism.

American chauvinism is the ideology of the monopoly capitalist class.

When American chauvinism declares that every country must accept globalization and the "free market system," it is reflecting the drive of the U.S. monopolies to force open the door of every country, grab control of their resources and take over their economies.

When American chauvinism insists that every country accept U.S.-style "democracy," it is reflecting the drive of the U.S. monopolies to insure their political control of other countries – to establish colonial and neo-colonial regimes.

American chauvinism – the ideology of the monopoly capitalist class – is not only directed against other nations, it is also directed against the American working class and people. American chauvinism aims to sacrifice the lives of our sons and daughters in order to "defend" the empire and profits of the capitalists. American chauvinism creates a war hysteria in order to rob the public treasury on behalf of the Pentagon arms merchants. It seeks to impose a culture of racism and violence on the American people.

All along the line, American chauvinism is an assault on the conscience, traditions and deepest aspirations of the American people who, as part of their struggle for emancipation, have always fought against the imperialist wars waged by their "own" government.

Today, two different perspectives, two different futures, two different worlds are in contention.

On the one hand, there is the perspective of the U.S. monopoly capitalists and their handful of reactionary allies around the world who are telling us plainly what kind of world the capitalists have in mind – a world which remains at war for decades, a unipolar world in which U.S. imperialism imposes its dictate on all of humanity, returning to the days of colonialism to grab the wealth and exploit the labor of billions of human beings.

In opposition to U.S. imperialism's war program, the peoples are demanding peace and an end to U.S. dictate and domination. In opposition to the world of colonialism and racism, of exploitation and oppression, the people envision and are fighting for a world of peace and friendship based on the sovereign equality of every nation and recognition of the rights of the peoples.