The Worker, March 31, 2016
Published by the Workers Party, USA
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Obama Tries to Promote the Dangerous Illusion That Imperialism Can Have a Human Side

As is well known, owning Cuba has long been on the agenda of U.S. imperialism.

After all, one of the things the Cuban people did when they organized a revolution and overthrew the brutal U.S.-puppet regime of Fulgencio Batista, was to place certain restrictions on private ownership in the means of production.

On March 22 in Havana, Obama spoke at some length about his view that the Cuban people’s future ought to lie with the project of embracing “freedom” and “democracy” instead.

The sources of his views on this matter are easily found when one remembers that he was nominated by the Democratic Party. While the Democrats sometimes speak softly and carry a big stick and the Republicans rarely do it that way, both parties are parties which are financed, controlled, and driven by the economic and strategic interests of the U.S. monopoly capitalist class.

These two parties have long represented restrictions on private property in the means of production as a violation of “human rights.” That is because they recognize only one thing – the so-called rights of private property in the means of production, the “rights” of the capitalist class. To the Democrats and Republicans, society is not a human project for the realization of human rights, but rather a tool through which the rich can turn whole countries into their pleasure palaces.

Obama's views on this are so extreme that he wouldn't even acknowledge the people's demand for addressing the profit-motive in health care. This, despite the fact that the demand has been on the lips of the American people for decades.

Even before speaking in Havana, Obama was well-known as a president who considered “freedom” and “democracy” descriptive of a system of international relations in which U.S. monopoly and especially finance capital can, with the help of the U.S. state, penetrate smaller countries and wipe out most, if not all, of the foundations of their economic independence in the name of “free trade.”

He was also well-known as a president passionate about the use of drones and other armaments to be utilized by organized bodies of trained men under his command, for the purpose of targeting any people he considered “entitled” to U.S. intervention. Some of the people who have come to know about this first-hand have been the U.S. active duty soldiers themselves as well as the peoples of Afghanistan, Haiti, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, the Philippines, and Colombia.

In Havana, Obama brought out a whole bunch of the catchphrases used by the two-party monopoly to justify this view of “freedom” and “human rights” in the case of the Cuban people. These include, “dignity,” “equality under the law,” “realization of one's potential,” “access to information,” “sustainable prosperity,” “simply being ourselves,” “freedom and opportunity,” “rights of the individual,” “common values,” “multi-party democracy,” and “open market.”

Obama also depicted the period since 1959 as a painful one. Obama’s dismissal of the great victories and joys of the Cuban people as a result of finally achieving their liberation from the Fulgencio Batistas of the world, was probably the most noteworthy aspect of his speech. After all, overthrowing the yoke of U.S. colonial domination is no small matter. Nor is defeating every major and minor initiative of the U.S. government to overturn the verdicts of revolution since that time – from the Bay of Pigs to the Cuban Missile Crisis to open-door policies for Cuban immigrants to the assassination attempts on Fidel Castro organized by the CIA.

Each of these victorious struggles of the Cuban people have been a great inspiration to the American people, especially since they each took place irrespective of which party had a president in office or a majority in the house and senate. So too, the American people have built up a massive movement in solidarity with the people of Cuba whether the program of blockade and internal sabotage was being implemented by an executive branch of government administered by the Democratic or Republican party machine. Obama has been no exception. The only thing he has added is a program for trying to erase from the memory of the people what the struggle against the U.S. blockade is about.

For the American people, support for the sovereign equality of all nations and peoples, including the right to take up arms in defense of this sovereignty, is not and cannot be a mere phrase, but is instead, a genuine conviction. For example, in the case of Cuba, it means we genuinely want the Cuban people to have the means to enjoy independence in theory and practice and without any externally imposed restrictions whatever. That is why we have come out in our millions to organize and will continue to come out in our millions to organize an independent political movement in opposition to the parties of war and imperialism which includes the demand for the immediate end to the blockade and defense of the inviolable right of the people of Cuba to normal relations with other nations and peoples.

This will be part of the program of implementing a democratic foreign policy, which carries forward the great banners of the American people and opens the road to progress and emancipation. This program will include: 1) an end to U.S. intervention and interference throughout all of Latin America; 2) the withdrawal of all U.S. troops stationed abroad and the end of U.S. support for reactionary regimes and military alliances; 3) recognition of the sovereignty of every country and 4) an end to the militarization of our country.

This must develop as a proactive movement with its own independent politics. The fact is that we will have no right to be surprised if in 2 months or 6 months, U.S. imperialism ends its empty sweet talk and the unequal relations enforced by the U.S. government are again acknowledged as an open program to starve the Cuban people into submission. After all, we know from long experience that U.S. imperialism lives by nothing less than militarism and war.

Against Our "Own" Ruling Class

In the U.S., as throughout the world, the struggle against war and imperialism has always been one of the profound currents of the class struggle. In our country, the workers and people have no choice but to wage this fight. To begin with, it is the working people who pay the price – in death and taxes – for the war program of the capitalist class. What is more, it means the further militarization of our economy and all aspects of social life. Militarism and chauvinism are the official ideologies of the capitalist ruling class who are even pushing our school children into military academies.

There is a process unfolding in the U.S. as tens of millions of people have already come out in repeated protests against the government’s war program and as a new generation of activists are getting to the root of things and straining for the path of political independence.

In all sections of society, in countless circles of people, there is real discussion and activity going on. People are getting together to help develop the anti-militarist, anti-war movement.

One of the main fronts of struggle against U.S. imperialism’s war program is the struggle to demand the permanent and unconditional withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq, lock, stock and barrel. Today, the government and the monopoly-owned media are trying to reverse the people’s verdict against this barbaric war and working to degrade the consciousness of the people through continuous disinformation campaigns. More than ever, the experience of the people must be nurtured and deepened. The consciousness which has emerged as a result of the struggle against this war and the entire so-called “war on terrorism” must be nurtured as a landmark, a new starting point for developing the struggle against war and imperialism. So too, we must continue to expose how U.S. imperialism is occupying Iraq and using its influence there to sow seeds for new wars.

The necessity for this demand to be kept in the forefront of the anti-war movement is more urgent today than ever. Every American of conscience can only be outraged at the bestial chauvinism used to justify this war which defiles our country and goes against everything that makes us human.

– One of the crimes of the U.S. military in Iraq is the instigation of sectarian violence. This ongoing crime is part and parcel of the U.S. colonial strategy.

– From day one, the U.S. occupying authorities have fostered and strengthened the most reactionary classes and forces in Iraqi society. The U.S. armies have set up a government headed by notorious CIA agents such as Talabani, Chalabi, Allawi, etc. The U.S. is building a large, U.S.-armed and U.S.-commanded puppet army and police force. The core of this puppet army is based on former generals of Saddam Hussein’s military. On the other hand, the parties which oppose the occupation are illegal and the Iraqi people are hunted, killed, tortured, and imprisoned.

– Organization of sectarian violence is done to sap the strength of the people and justify continued U.S. occupation. From day one, the U.S. talked about the “need” to partition Iraq along sectarian lines. The entire constitutional and political strategy pursued by the U.S. (such as doling out political privileges and building armed militias along sectarian lines) is designed to foment sectarian rivalries. Early in the war, the head of the UN human rights monitoring group revealed that the U.S. has trained Iraqi government death squads which systematically seek out Sunnis for torture and murder.

– The propaganda that fills the media with stories about “sectarian violence” and “civil war” is used by the capitalists to try to justify U.S. aggression and to attack the Iraqi people as “unfit” and “unready” to rule themselves.

– The facts show that whenever the U.S. or other imperialist powers take control of another country, they ally themselves with and give strength to the most reactionary classes inside the country. The foreign aggressors and local exploiters work together to suppress the laboring classes and other democratic sectors who struggle for independence, freedom and social progress. As in Iraq, the imperialists provide the arms while the local reactionaries round up manpower and lend “legitimacy” to the colonial regime. The foreign and local capitalists share in exploiting the people.

– This tactic has been used repeatedly by the U.S. and British imperialists, as for example in Ireland and India, Yugoslavia and Palestine. The presence and influence of U.S. imperialism heightens the civil conflict in every country, polarizing the society. Throughout Latin America, U.S. imperialism is notorious for bringing to power or propping up such fascist regimes as the Duvaliers in Haiti, Somoza’s and his National Guard in Nicaragua, Pinochet in Chile, etc. In Korea, U. S. imperialism continues to partition the country. In the Middle East, the U.S. has sponsored such fascist regimes as the Shah of Iran, the Saudi Arabian monarchy, Saddam Hussein, etc. Recent history provides countless examples exposing the absurd, doublespeak logic of the U.S. government when it claims to be “bringing democracy” to Iraq or any country. Especially since WW2, U.S. imperialism has been the main bastion and support for reaction and fascism. It is the sworn enemy of democracy and the liberation struggles of the peoples.

– The U.S. occupation has polarized the entire country of Iraq. On one side, the vast majority of Iraqi people – the workers, the poor and downtrodden, all who defend the independence and honor of the nation – are opposing the U.S. occupation. On the other side, the reactionary, exploiting classes have put themselves at the disposal of the occupiers and are helping to kill and subjugate their own people.

– Sectarian violence does not arise from the life of the overwhelming majority of Iraqi people who live, work and struggle under the same conditions and who everyday are strengthening their unity through the common struggle against the occupier. From the beginning, the resistance forces and the broadest sectors of Iraqi public opinion have repeatedly blamed the sectarian violence squarely on the U.S. occupiers and called for the united resistance of the Iraqi people.

– The U.S. war against Iraq has already resulted in massive civilian deaths and the destruction of Iraqi society. The number of civilians killed since the war began is estimated at more than 500,000 with many more wounded. The bombing has destroyed homes, markets, farms, roads, railroads, schools, hospitals, as well as electrical generation facilities, water and sanitation works, industrial plants, etc. The country’s food supply has been disrupted and the health care infrastructure crippled. Illegal weapons, including depleted uranium (DU), napalm and cluster weapons, have been used by U.S. forces. U.S. military occupation authorities have established large-scale detention camps holding thousands of prisoners across Iraq and U.S.-armed and U.S.-commanded military and paramilitary units attempt to subjugate the Iraqi people through recurring “conquest operations.”

– The real motives behind this aggressive, imperialist war can be seen in the fact that U.S. companies are grabbing Iraq’s oil and putting the entire economy up for sale. The Pentagon has established a network of permanent military bases to menace the whole region.

– It is the struggle against the U.S. occupation and against U.S. imperialism which is the path for resolving the civil conflict. Forcing the U.S. troops permanently out of Iraq, lock, stock and barrel is not only necessary for the independence of the country, it is also the way to break the back of the internal, reactionary classes and open the path for progress.

– The war in Iraq is one link in a chain of U.S. aggression and intervention across the world. Already, U.S. imperialism is waging a continuous war in Afghanistan, occupied Palestine, as well as carrying out lawless and violent interventions in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Venezuela, Honduras, Colombia and elsewhere. U.S. imperialism is increasing tensions in Asia, threatening North Korea and waging counter-insurgency war in the Philippines. The war in the Ukraine shows that the contradictions of the world imperialist system are intensifying and that new and even greater dangers are facing humanity.

In 2016, the anti-war movement is coming under more pressure than ever from the Democrats and Republicans to give up its principled demands and independent organizations in order to campaign for one or another capitalist politician. This political struggle cannot be ignored. It is only by isolating the politics of war and the politics of compromise with war can we consolidate our movement and advance.

In this struggle we must keep in mind that the elections are not simply, or even primarily, a question of picking one or another candidate or choosing not to vote. The elections are a broad ideological, organizational and political campaign waged by the capitalist parties and mass media against the anti-war movement.

When the opportunist “left-wing” of the Democratic Party insists that activists campaign and vote for the “lesser evil,” they are covering over the real deeds of the two parties who have carried out the entire capitalist program for decades.

Such opportunism covers over the real aims of U.S. imperialism and imports the chauvinism of the capitalist class into the anti-war movement. Opportunism attacks the Arab peoples as “fundamentalists” and “terrorists” and insists that U.S. capitalism indeed has the “mission” to bring its version of “democracy” to the world. This “logic” reserves for U.S. imperialism the right to determine which countries are “democratic” and “good” and to decide whether they are entitled to sovereignty.

The issue is not only that the crimes of the Republicans and Democrats are being covered over and the danger of their politics seriously underestimated, or even that the present political system reduces the people to “voting cattle” giving their consent to the status quo. The root problem is that politics is defined in the narrowest possible way – in a way which not only confines the participation of the people but, in reality, denies the working class any political role whatsoever.

The biggest distortion of all, is the claim that we must be “realistic” and accept the so-called “lesser evil” because there is “no alternative.” The alternative already exists in the millions and tens of millions of Americans who are opposed to the wars and who have no stake in them. The task is to give an independent political expression to this already existing movement.

Do not let the imperialist warmakers have a free hand!

Peace and the liberation of the peoples is the sacred cause of humanity

The People Are Excluded From the Political Process

The main pre-occupation of the candidates is money. Clinton, Cruz, Sanders, and Trump are “front-runners” because, in addition to being well-connected insiders, they have raised huge sums of money. Clinton has raised over $185 million, Cruz over $104 million, Sanders over $95 million, and Trump over $27 million. Of course, this “big money” comes mainly from the “big money men” – the monopoly corporations. By the time the election is held, it is estimated that more than $6 billion will have been spent.

One thing is for sure. The overwhelming majority of the American people are completely excluded from the process. The right of the people to participate in the selection and nomination of candidates has been taken away. This right has been turned into an exclusive privilege of the Democratic and Republican parties. And both these parties are financed and organized by the capitalists. But without the right to pick the candidates or run for office themselves, the people really are denied the right to vote. Today elections are nothing but a sham in which the only “choice” is between two candidates who come from a tiny stratum, brought-and-paid-for by the billionaires and big corporations.

Two hundred years ago, the American people organized a revolution against the feudal system in which the political power was an exclusive, hereditary privilege of the Kings and Lords. Today, the political power in our country has again become an exclusive privilege, a monopoly. This monopoly belongs to the capitalist class. Today, elections are nothing more than a means for claiming that people have given their “consent” to the arbitrary, absolute power of the capitalists.

We cannot afford to have any illusions in the current political process or political system which have been perfected by the big monopolies as a way of offering the “appearance” of democracy, while, in reality, completely excluding the people from power.

Rather than getting caught up in the capitalist election circus, the workers and people must assert their own political aims and agenda, must assert their role as decision-makers, by building up their own independent political movement, in opposition to and struggle against the political power of the capitalists.

The People Are the Motive Force of Change

One of the vital, glorious things about the history of the American people is our democratic traditions. Our country emerged as part of the historical struggle against medievalism, and, more than 200 years ago, took up the banners of equality and democracy. Despite the obstacles created by the reactionary classes – despite the imposition of slavery, the armed conquest of the Southwest and other territories, despite Jim Crow and the whole system of discrimination and inequality imposed on the peoples – the American people, gathering together the democratic and progressive traditions of the peoples from many lands, always fought for the realization in practice of equal rights for everyone.

Today, when the drive to “increase the international competitiveness” of U.S. capitalism is accompanied by an intensification of discrimination of all kinds and when the monopoly capitalist class is trying to erase the victories of the historical struggles for equal rights, the working class must carry forward its great democratic heritage to the point of coming out as a class-for-itself, organized in its own political party and independent political movement, with the aim of winning the battle for democracy by gaining the political power.

Thus it is no surprise that today the capitalist-class is waging an all out political and ideological war to de-politicize the workers and prevent the development of their self-conscious, independent organization and movement.  People are told in a million and one ways that they really have no independent political role to play. People are told that the working class is a backward class – a slave class – incapable of thinking and acting independently on the basis of its own aims and agenda.

This claim is a complete denial of reality. 

Today, every day and every minute, the American working class and people are in motion. At the workplace, workers are continually in struggle against capitalist exploitation – fighting against wage and benefit cuts and winning; fighting against downsizing and winning; fighting against restructuring and winning; fighting against contracting out and winning; fighting against privatization and winning; fighting against the substitution of part-time employees for full-time and winning; etc. So too, over the last several years, large-scale movements have emerged to defend social programs such as social security and public education. Ever-wider sections of people are opposing the government's aggressive foreign policy and war programs. Many struggles are breaking out to defend democratic rights against unprecedented attacks by the Obama administration. So too, many activists are already linking the demand for cancellation of the debt with the more generalized movement against the capitalist “free trade” program of economic penetration and domination of the entire world.

Yet more, many people have come forward and been inspired by the Workers Party and its revolutionary battle against the capitalist propaganda which defames the workers as “backward;” which tries to erase the memory of all the historical and present-day battles for enlightenment and emancipation; which tells the people to negate the pure aspirations of their hearts and to suppress their vision for a new society.

Showing complete contempt and opposition to the growing class consciousness of the workers and people, the labor aristocracy and opportunism, with Bernie Sanders as the figurehead, is cynically trying to cash in on the term “socialist” as part of the Democratic Party strategy to keep peace activists, trade unionists, and others under their tutelage. At the moment in history when the false promises and deceptive tactics of the capitalist politicians are more exposed than ever, the heads of the AFL-CIO and the trends of social democracy and modern revisionism are busier than ever trying to create the illusion that the Democrats “may change,” that the working class and people must “wage the good fight inside the Democratic Party.”

It is very interesting to note that the very people who wish to keep the movement under the tutelage of the bourgeois state and bourgeois politics are the same ones who never stop cursing the people. This election cycle there is even a big campaign to claim that, rather that getting media air time only because of the billions and billions of dollars spent on his electoral bid, Donald Trump is really a representative of a “popular movement” in America. Of course the top officialdom of the labor aristocrats (especially the AFL-CIO) who promote this Big Lie, do not explain why the masses of people, oppressed and exploited in social and economic life, would suddenly want to fortify their exploitation and oppression, only to remain at the receiving end. 

Of course, the labor aristocracy does not want to admit that its politics originates with its position on the Board of Directors of various corporations and participation in “tripartite” cooperation with the government and big business. Nor do similar stratum placed at the head of other sections by monopoly capital – in the women's movement, in the oppressed minority communities, etc. – want to admit their political origins. 

These stratum work to suppress the political independence of the workers. This is not a new lesson. As has been pointed out time and time again, the atmosphere fostered by opportunism is just as stifling and apolitical as the atmosphere created by the monopoly-controlled media. Genuine political discussion is ruled out of order and the thought and action of the people is kept within the narrowest possible framework. Not only do the opportunists create every illusion in the capitalist system and capitalist state. When push comes to shove – when a real crisis develops and the interests of capital are threatened – opportunism openly embraces the aims of the capitalists themselves. Thus, for example, the leaders of the AFL-CIO embrace the program of “increasing the competitiveness of U.S. capitalism.” Similarly, at key moments such as the wars in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan and Iraq, many “leaders” of the peace movement openly adopt the chauvinist positions of U.S. imperialism.

The experience of the Workers Party is this marginalization and de-politicalization of people is only broken by giving expression to the independent class aims of the workers. The Party's work is helping create the subjective conditions necessary to consolidate the political independence and organization of the workers.  The Workers Party calls on everyone to join with us in using the election period to denounce the Democrats and Republicans for their attacks on the people. We must all involve ourselves in a broad political campaign to rally people around a genuinely modern definition of rights which includes recognition of the people's fundamental economic rights and demands that society guarantee the means necessary for people to exercise all their rights in real life. Such a concrete program of solutions recognizes that in the final analysis, the modern demand for equality – for equal economic, political and social rights for all human beings is the demand for the abolition of social classes.

U.S. Imperialism, Hands Off Latin America!

Buenos AiresMarch 24 photo: Argentinian masses protest Obama in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 40 years ago a U.S.-backed coup placed a military junta in power. What followed was an anti-communist, anti-people crusade which resulted in years of massacres and disappearances involving 10s of thousands of families.

For more than 100 years, U.S. imperialism has imposed a series of fascist, military regimes on the peoples in Latin America and has been in a permanent state of war against the continent.

A partial list since the 1950’s includes:

– in 1954 CIA-trained U.S. troops invaded Guatemala to carry out a coup against the Arbenz government and reverse the country’s agrarian reform which went against the economic interests of United Fruit;

– in 1959 the U.S. began widescale covert intervention against Cuba after the revolutionary government undertook land reform and the nationalization of certain U.S.-owned enterprises. Over the years, U.S. intervention has resulted in the murder of hundreds of Cuban activists, workers, peasants, and students by U.S. covert operatives. In 1961 the U.S. launched the “Bay of Pigs” invasion, and later Kennedy threatened Cuba with nuclear war, etc.;

– in 1965, some 50,000 U.S. troops invaded the Dominican Republic;

– in 1973 the CIA-organized a coup in Chile which overthrew the elected government and resulted in the murder, imprisonment and exiling of tens of thousands of Chileans;

– in the late 1970’s and throughout the 1980’s, U.S. advisers on the ground directed the counter-insurgency war in El Salvador which resulted in 80,000 killed and 1.5 million Salvadorans exiled;

– in the 1980’s, the CIA directed the “contra war” against Nicaragua which claimed the lives of 30,000 people;

– the 1983 invasion of Grenada by 30,000 troops in 1983;

– in 1985 invasion of Panama.

Of course, behind all this military intervention are the economic interests of the U.S. monopoly capitalist class.

Everyone knows that in Latin America whole countries have been turned into plantations – banana plantations, coffee plantations, sugar plantations, rubber plantations, etc. – owned by U.S. agri-businesses.

The fertile soil of Latin America has not been used to feed its people but turned into profits for the U.S. capitalists. Thus for example El Salvador has lost its self-sufficiency in food as its land has been used to grow and export coffee for the U.S. capitalists. And along with pillaging the land, U.S. imperialism – in alliance with the local oligarchy and fascist regimes – expropriated, by force of arms, the land of the peasants, abolished their communal and other indigenous ownership systems, and deprived millions of people of their livelihood. This same story, repeated in different forms all across the continent, is one of the root causes of today’s war in the Colombian countryside, where for 100 years peasants have been fighting to keep their land and livelihood from armed expropriation by landlords in alliance with U.S. imperialism.

So too the mineral wealth of the soil, the patrimony of the peoples, has literally been drained and carted out of Latin America. Just as the conquistadors looted the gold of the indigenous peoples, the U.S. capitalists have grabbed billions of dollars in wealth by taking the copper of Chile, the tin of Bolivia, the oil of Venezuela and Mexico, the bauxite of Haiti, etc., etc.

While grabbing the raw materials and mineral wealth, the U.S. multinational corporations have set up branch plants across Latin America in order to exploit the working class. Under the thumb of U.S.-imposed governments, Latin American workers are super-exploited and often prevented from exercising such elementary rights as the right to unionize. Today, for example, after U.S. imperialism drained Haiti of its huge bauxite reserves, robbing the national patrimony of the people, 150 U.S. companies have set up shop in the country, paying workers as little as $1.60/day.

During the last several years, under the signboard of “neo-liberal economics,” U.S. imperialism has been intensifying its economic penetration and superexploitation of Latin America. Through military, economic and political pressure, through bilateral and multilateral agreements such as the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Central American Free Trade Agreement, the Free Trade Area of the Americas, etc., through the IMF and other international financial institutions, imperialism is directly dictating the budget of Latin American countries, forcing the privatization of state-owned industries, grabbing control of virtually the entire economic infrastructure. The goal is the virtual annexation of the continent by U.S. capital.

By the turn of the century, the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean owed $787 billion to U.S. and international bankers and were paying more than $150 billion/year in debt service (see U.S Commerce Department’s “Survey of Current Business,” September 2002).

This huge debt in turn is used by imperialism as a lever to further open up the economies of Latin America to imperialist penetration and take-over.

For example, from 1982 to the early 1990’s Mexico was forced to privatize 886 state enterprises out of a total of 1,155 with U.S. monopolies gaining control over telecommunications, airlines, banking, mining, steel and other sectors. Similarly in Chile, the Pinochet regime (installed through a CIA coup) privatized 160 state corporations, 16 banks and thousands of mines and agricultural enterprises from 1975 through 1989.

Today, U.S. imperialism is demanding that literally all the wealth and labor of Latin America be put at its disposal. Various U.S.-dictated treaties are turning even the water resources over to U.S. multinational corporations and forbidding Latin American governments from protecting even such sectors as health care, education, or the national forests from foreign ownership. U.S. imperialism aims at nothing less than the virtual annexation of the continent.

As U.S. imperialism spreads its net across Latin America, the apologists for capitalism portray this process as the road to “economic opportunity, freedom and development.”

But, this is just economic doublespeak. The only “freedom” aimed at is the “freedom” of the U.S. monopolies to rob the wealth and exploit the peoples.

Why is it that Latin America remains economically underdeveloped and so many of the people live in poverty and hardship? The continent has fabulously rich soil and vast mineral wealth. And only the racist filth of imperialism could claim that the people don't work and create new values.

The real problem is precisely that the values created by the labor of the people leaves their countries and goes to Wall Street and Washington, D.C. to fill the pockets of the U.S. capitalists. The labor of the people does not go to insure their well-being or the economic independence and development of the Latin American countries, it is, instead, poured into the foundations of U.S. imperialism’s empire.

So just as the path to genuine democracy in Latin America can only be the path of struggle against U.S. intervention, so too, the path of economic development and social progress can only be the path of struggle against the exploiting, colonial relations imposed on Latin America by U.S. capitalist-imperialism. This is the path of cancelling the debt, the path of putting the handcuffs on the multinational corporations, the path of nationalizing the economic infrastructure and putting the economic resources of Latin America in the hands of the peoples themselves.

Looking into the economic basis of U.S. intervention again teaches the people in the U.S. that our struggle against U.S. militarism and colonialism in Latin America must strike against the very foundations of the capitalist-imperialist system. In political terms it means that the struggle against U.S. intervention must be directed against the parties of monopoly capital and imperialism – against the Republicans and Democrats.