Last week the Organization of American States (OAS) overwhelmingly rejected the plan of the U.S. government to establish a mechanism to "monitor democracy" and intervene in other countries (see article on page 4).

This diplomatic defeat for the U.S. came only a few days after a similar defeat at the international review conference of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The Bush administration failed in its attempt to use the conference to further its program of pressure and intervention against Iran and North Korea. Many countries turned the conference into a tribune to condemn U.S. imperialism as the source of the nuclear danger and to oppose its policy of nuclear build-up and blackmail.

These diplomatic defeats for U.S. imperialism are harbingers of even greater defeats. All over the world, resistance is stiffening to the U.S. program of war and world domination. Some of the more recent advances of the people include:

- In Iraq and Afghanistan the people continue to broaden and deepen their struggle against the aggressive U.S. wars and occupation.

- In Haiti, despite the brutal U.S./U.N. occupation, the people are stepping up their resistance and demanding the restoration of their constitutional government, headed by President Aristide.

- In Venezuela, the people and government are resisting the pressures and subversion of the Bush administration, defending their sovereignty and independence and advancing along the path of social progress. In fact, all across Latin America, the people are activating themselves, resisting U.S. economic domination and political pressure and looking for alternative paths of social development.

- In the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, U.S. plans to spread their "war against terrorism and rogue states" has come up against the unbreakable unity of the people and government who are taking all the necessary steps to defend their independence. At the same time, the people in south Korea are developing the struggle to kick U.S. troops out of the country and together with their compatriots in the north carry out the peaceful reunification of the country.

So too in the U.S.

Last March, millions of people in nearly 1,000 cities and towns joined in anti-war actions to demand the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. And already, people are organizing for another massive day of national protest on September 24.

At the same time resistance inside the armed forces is growing and the military recruitment has taken a nose-dive, reflecting the broad opposition to the war.

In many local areas, activists are increasingly taking the initiative into their own hands and digging in to build up genuinely independent anti-war, anti-imperialist organizations.

In sum, the overall balance of forces looks like this:

U.S. imperialism keeps escalating its brutal war program - carrying out new offensives and committing new atrocities in Iraq and wildly extending its threats and war preparations to every continent. Humanity is going through a grave period.

But the resistance is deepening and inexorably the initiative will pass to the people. Now is the time to redouble our efforts, knowing that the tide will be and is turning. Now is the time to 1) step up our daily and continuous ideological and political work to mobilize people into the anti-war struggle; 2) strengthen our organizational work so as to build up real independent and fighting anti-imperialist organizations; and 3) launch broad mass actions against the imperialist war program.