A new upsurge is developing in the anti-war struggle.

During August, local demonstrations, vigils, meetings and other actions were organized in hundreds and hundreds of cities and towns to support the demand for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

A large, national anti-war demonstration will be held in Washington, D.C. on September 24. On the same day similar actions will be organized in other cities. Earlier in the month, public meetings and mass actions are being prepared all across the country. Millions of pieces of literature will be distributed and millions of discussions held in the workplaces, communities and schools.

These actions will focus on the call for an immediate end to the U.S. war against Iraq. At the same time, the people will take up many fronts of struggle against the government's war program. People will come out in solidarity with the struggles in Haiti and Venezuela, in Afghanistan and Palestine, in Korea and the Philippines and wherever the peoples are struggling against U.S. imperialism's aggression and dictate. Activists will demand an end to the U.S. nuclear weapons program, an end to the gargantuan military budget and an end to the militarization of our schools and our country.

The Workers Party calls on everyone to join in these actions and help build up the anti-war movement.

As the anti-war struggles grow in breadth and depth, the burning issue is for the people to take the organization and direction of the struggle into their own hands. The people must organize the anti-war struggle as part of the independent political movement of the people with the aim of bringing to power a peace government - a government of the people themselves. The immediate steps that need to be taken include:

- the anti-war struggle must be extended to ever-wider sections of the people. It must be deepened to oppose all the fronts of U.S. imperialism war program. It must develop as a proactive movement with its own independent program for a democratic foreign policy. Such an independent program will include: 1) an end to U.S. intervention and interference everywhere; 2) the withdrawal of all U.S. troops stationed abroad and the end of U.S. support for reactionary regimes and military alliances; 3) recognition of the sovereignty of every country and 4) an end to the militarization of our country.

- people who are already speaking out and demonstrating against the war must actively join in sorting out the political direction of the struggle and organizing it.

- those sincere activists who have not yet broken the embrace of the Democratic Party and opportunism must do so and join with the anti-imperialists in building up an independent anti-war movement.

- the Workers Party and the anti-imperialist activists must step up their ideological and organization work and maximize their initiative in mobilizing people into the struggle and creating new space in which the people can get organized.

Two Futures

The experience of the last 4 years relentlessly proved that either the people take the question peace into their own hands or the capitalist ruling class will continue to impose horrible wars on humanity.

In Iraq, the U.S. government has shown that despite the massive resistance of the Iraqi people, despite the overwhelming opposition of the American people, despite condemnation by peoples all across the globe, it will continue and escalate the war in Iraq until it is forced to stop - until it is defeated.

At the same time, the capitalists are starting more wars - occupying Afghanistan and Haiti, instigating their surrogate, the aggressor state of Israeli to step up the war against Palestine, threatening North Korea, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and other countries. The government itself has declared that its so-called "war on terrorism," will last for decades and that more than 60 countries are already in its gunshots. Through the doctrine of "preemption" U.S. imperialism has declared that it will attack any country at any time to insure that it is the number one imperialist power in the world.

Both the Republican and Democratic parties have shown again and again that this war is a bipartisan program and that they will commit any crime to advance the empire of U.S. imperialism. The reason is that the aggressive, colonial wars are a result of the crisis of the capitalist-imperialist system. U.S. capitalist-imperialism is based on the export of capital, that is on the exploitation, oppression and domination of whole nations - a relationship which is based on war.

What is more, today, as U.S. imperialism's insatiable drive for profits comes up against growing obstacles, it invariably turns to its military superiority to protect its empire. U.S. imperialism is straining to grab the economic territory of its capitalist rivals through force of arms; it is trying to drown in blood the liberation struggles of oppressed peoples fighting against U.S. colonialism and domination.

But the last 4 years have also shown that the peoples, in the U.S. and throughout the world, are standing up and coming out in struggle against U.S. imperialism and its war program.

There is a new awakening in the U.S. as tens of millions of people have already come out in protest against the war and as a new generation of activists are getting to the root of things and straining for the path of political independence.

The Iraqi people will not be conquered. Rather they are and will continue their resistance until they throw the occupiers out of their country and regain their sovereignty.

On a world scale, the peoples have risen in their hundreds of millions and billions to oppose the war against Iraq and to take a stand against the imperialist program of war, dictate and pressure.

The Palestine people continue their unconquerable resistance against U.S.-Israeli aggression and colonialism. Cuba remains independent and in defiance of U.S. imperialism. In North Korea, the government and people are resisting U.S. pressure and across both North and south Korea, the people are unfolding a powerful struggle for reunification. Venezuela is resisting the pressure of U.S. imperialism and taking the path of independent development. All over the world, people are fighting against imperialism - for peace and social progress.

Only the struggles of the peoples will stop the wars. And through these struggles, the people are bringing into being that new world, so ardently desired by the peoples - a world of peace, a world without colonialism, racism, oppression and exploitation - a world of the peoples.

Giving expression to these sacred aims of the peoples and helping to organize the struggle for the new is the task of the times.