New Threats Against Venezuela

July 6, 2004

On June 18, the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo reported that the Colombian government had received 46 new AMX-30 battle tanks from Spain. According to El Tiempo, the tanks will be part of new Brigade, including four battalions and a Special Forces unit, created to "patrol the border" and "defend Colombia" from an "eventual incursion from Venezuela." The Venezuelan government, as well as political observers throughout the region, view the new tank brigade as part of the U.S.-orchestrated destabilization campaign against the constitutional government of Venezuela. Already the Colombian army, as well as paramilitary death squads, have repeatedly infiltrated into Venezuela. In May, the Venezuelan army captured a large number of Colombian paramilitaries who had cached weapons inside Venezuela and were preparing to launch armed anti-government actions.

One possible scenario is that a border "incident" could be used as an excuse by U.S. imperialism to carry out a fullscale invasion of Venezuela in the name of "defending Colombia." The U.S. seeks to overthrow the government of Venezuela because it has been strengthening the economic and political independence of the country and opposing U.S. domination of Latin America and the world.