Road of the Party:

The Starting Point of Politics

August 24, 2004

It is easy enough to show that John Kerry and the Democratic Party are not the "lesser evil" but the very same evil.

Kerry and the Democrats support and will continue the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, etc. They supported the Patriot Act and will further build up the government's apparatus of repression. They embrace "trickle down" economics and will help the rich keep robbing the public treasury. And the reason is equally obvious. Just like the Republicans, the Democrats are bought-and-paid-for by the monopoly capitalist class.

But even more, we have a right to demand that those who tell us to "support the lesser evil," explain how they are working for "the good." In other words, when someone admits that Kerry and company will keep sending our sons and daughters to fight wars for the profit and empire of the capitalists, the next question is: "how, then, are you working for peace and an end to U.S. aggression." And in answering this question "good intentions" or "future promises" will not do. Everyone who claims to be for peace must explain how, in the real life of the here and now, they are working for peace.

Modern politics is a product of the class struggle. To safeguard their interests both the capitalist class and the working class need and seek political power -- the power of government. To gain this power, each class organizes its political party. In the U.S., the capitalists have long tried to thwart the political independence and struggle of the working people by promoting the fairy tale that the

U. S. is a "pluralistic" society without classes and that the Democratic Party represents the interests of the workers, the oppressed minorities, the peace movement, etc. This fairy tale is like telling a union member to elect the company CEO as president of the union or telling the prey to ask for the help of the predator. After all, what is the Democratic Party but a party of imperialist warmakers, of diehard racists, of capitalist exploiters?

The entire experience of the anti-war struggles over the last 3 years, brings home this political reality, i.e. that the people want peace but the decision-making power is in the hands of the parties of war.

The necessity which faces us and the most decisive feature of contemporary American life is that people are straining to break the stranglehold of the capitalist parties and ever more urgently seeking a way to give expression to their real needs and aspirations. This is the political task of the times -- the task of strengthening a genuine political alternative. Building up the political program and political party of the working people or supporting the parties of exploitation and war -- in real political life, this is the only choice.

The Workers Party offers a real alternative to the aggressive foreign policy and war program of Bush and Kerry, as well as to the entire capitalist program of war, racism, repression and exploitation. For example, our program calls for the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops stationed abroad, an end to U.S. intervention and aggression, an end to the militarization of our country and recognition of the sovereignty and equality of every country. During the elections, in addition to developing mass struggles to fight for this program, our Party is circulating the Peace Petition based on this platform. We recognize that this peace program will never be fully implemented by the capitalist class, which is warlike by its very nature, and therefore we aim at bringing to power a new government -- a peace government comprised of representatives of the working people themselves.

The Workers Party calls on all the class conscious workers, the youth and students, the anti-war and other social activists, and everyone opposed to the capitalist program of war, racism, repression and exploitation to sit together with us and help work out the ways to strengthen the independent politics which genuinely represents the interests of the workers and people of our country. This is the zero point -- the absolute starting point of independent political life.