Militarization is Destroying Our Country

January 26, 2004

On January 23, the Defense Department proposed a $402 billion military budget for fiscal 2005, an increase of $27 billion over this year.

This does not include funds for the war against Iraq which can be expected to cost an additional $150 billion. Another $80-100 billion in military spending will be included in the Energy Department's budget for nuclear weapons, in the budgets for NASA, the Department of Homeland Security, etc. Altogether, in the next year, the American people will pay more than $600 billion (more than $8,000/family) for the military.

The fact is that as part of its war program against peoples throughout the world, the U.S. government has put the entire economy on a war footing. This militarization is bankrupting our country and destroying the livelihoods of the American people.

While the government has unlimited funds for the military, it shamelessly tells the people it has no money for the public schools, for health care, for public housing, for income-support for the poor, retired and disabled, etc., etc.

We say enough is enough! We say: "No!" To the militarization of our country. Our country's resources must be used to guarantee the economic rights and well-being of the people, not to make superprofits for the capitalists and prepare wars against the people of other countries.