Iraqi Resistance Grows

U.S. Escalates War

April 11, 2004

For the last week, U.S. military forces have been carrying out a savage assault and siege of Falluja, a city of 300,000 people.

On April 4, thousands of U.S. troops sealed off Falluja as U.S. military commanders vowed collective reprisals against the city for the killing of 4 American mercenaries. Since then, AC-130 gunships, F-16 fighter planes, helicopters and hundreds of tanks have repeatedly bombed the city. 450 Iraqis had been killed and 1000 wounded as of Saturday, April 10, according to the director of the city's hospital. Falluja remains blockaded, cut off from food, water, medical supplies and other vital necessities.

Yet the people of Falluja have not given an inch and U.S. forces have repeatedly failed to reoccupy the city.

In fact, during the last week, popular uprisings have developed in dozens of cities all across the country. In addition to Falluja, the cities of Najaf, Kufa and various neighborhoods in Baghdad and other areas remain in the hands of the popular forces. Demonstrations, strikes, public meetings, relief efforts and other actions are also being organized all across Iraq to support the popular uprisings.

The U.S. government is responding to the ever-growing resistance of the Iraqi people by escalating its war of aggression. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld said that the Pentagon is prepared to send more troops to Iraq as well as extend the duty tours of those already there. Rand Beers, a spokesman for the Kerry campaign, also said that Kerry would support an increase in U.S. troop strength.

U.S. imperialism's savage methods - its wholesale bombing of civilians, its use of the Hitlerite tactic of collective reprisals, etc. - and its continuing escalation are the inevitable results of the aims and character of its war against Iraq. From the very beginning the U.S. invaded Iraq in order to subjugate the people and colonize the country.

U.S. imperialism will keep escalating the war until it is defeated and forced out of Iraq. Thus, the American people must have no illusions; we must keep extending and intensifying our anti-war struggle until all U.S. and foreign troops are withdrawn and until genuine sovereignty is restored to the Iraqi people.