U.S. Troops Preparing for Major Assault Against Fallujah

October 25, 2004

Recently, Britain agreed to deploy 850 troops to Baghdad to allow U.S. troops to prepare for an assault against the city of Fallujah.

The London Times reports that the expected all-out assault on Fallujah will take place after the American presidential election on November 2. It states that senior officers in the British army's Black Watch division have told their men of the contingency plan to move them to the Iraqi capital within a few weeks.

From the start of the U.S.-led invasion in March last year, the British forces have always remained in control of the southern sector around Basra. With American troops now struggling to stem the resistance in rebel strongholds, American commanders have stressed the need for reinforcements.

U.S. soldiers are killed almost every day in the capital. Almost every road in and out of the capital is the scene of attacks by insurgents.

The contingency plans are being drawn up for British troop deployments in case Fallujah and other rebel strongholds require large numbers of U.S. troops during the election period, The Times reported.