Editorial: Anti-War Activists Must Finish Their Job

July 20 , 2004

Today, many Republican and Democratic politicians, while pretending to be critical of the government for lying about the reasons behind the Iraq war and about some of the conduct of the war, are insisting that "now that we're there, we have to stay and finish the job."

This argument is simply another way of denying reality - of covering over the ongoing aggression and barbaric methods of U.S. imperialism as well as the real colonial aims behind the war.

It is an outrage to hear the politicians claim that "if the U.S. leaves, there will be chaos and suffering in Iraq," when the very cause of the chaos and suffering is the war which the U.S. continues to wage. The fact is that the U.S. keeps escalating the war and relying on such barbaric methods as bombing civilian population centers, besieging cities and depriving them of vital necessities, carrying out collective reprisals and mass detentions, etc.

And it can be no other way, precisely because "the job" which U.S. imperialism is trying "to finish" in Iraq is the "job" of conquering the country and enslaving the people. From the very beginning, the real motive behind the war was the thirst of the U.S. monopoly capitalist class to grab Iraq's oil, take over its economy and turn the country into a base for U.S. colonial domination of the entire region.

For anti-war activists our "job" also remains the same. It is to continue to expose the ongoing war and occupation and to expose the real imperialist aims of the war. Our "job" is to keep speaking out and mobilizing the people until U.S. imperialism, and all foreign troops, get out of Iraq - lock, stock and barrel!