Strengthen the Resistance and Organize the People's Independent Movement!

November 9, 2004

The fact that George Bush will continue as President for 4 more years confirms - as does the whole course of political events over the last 3 years - that the capitalist class will continue its program of war against the world, of strengthening the arbitrary power of the government and interfering in the lives of the people, and of privatizing the social sectors of the economy and helping the super-rich rob the public treasury. This situation can only strengthen the resolve of the people to resist the capitalist offensive and further organize the people's independent movement!

From the very start, the election process was used by the capitalists to ram their agenda down the throats of the people. For example, the "debate" between Kerry and Bush was over how to best continue the aggressive wars against Iraq and other countries. The American people were completely excluded - their demands and needs written off the agenda altogether, their organizations and struggles ignored and suppressed. (This is reflected, for example, in the fact that despite the billions of dollars spent electioneering, despite the intimidation and fraud of the capitalist parties, more than 70% of the people refused to vote for Bush).

During the elections, John Kerry and the Democratic Party played a key part in pushing the war program and the entire reactionary capitalist agenda.

The elections unfolded at a time of rising mass struggles, especially a nationwide anti-war movement. But the Democrats, presented as the "alternative," did everything possible to stop the mass struggles, pressure the people to give up their demands and abandon their own organizations. The Kerryites imposed the pro-war politics of "now that we're in Iraq, we have to stay," on sections of the anti-war movement. They beat the chauvinist drum for escalating the wars in Afghanistan and Palestine and for preparing new wars against Iran and Korea. By leaving tens of millions of Americans on the sidelines while muzzling many anti-war activists, the Kerryites worked to embolden Bush. Instead of galvanizing and directing the vast anti-war energy of the people so as to further isolate and undermine the capitalist war program, the Democrats disarmed the people and gave the war program a new lease on life.

The Republicans and Democrats were given a helping hand by the unholy alliance of so-called liberal and "left-wing" groups, including social-democracy, the so-called Communist Party, U.S.A., the trade union hierarchy and others. These opportunists were the real vanguard of the capitalist offensive against the independent thought and action of the people. They lied and covered over Kerry's program. They systematically covered over the root causes and dangers of the Bush program pretending that the wars are only a mistake made by one or a few bad capitalists. They undermined mass actions, such as the planned demonstrations at the Democratic National Convention. They split and liquidated many new, anti-war organizations. They reserved their greatest fire for any and all expressions of the independent thought and action, trying to impose their sectarian, Democratic party politics on every struggle and organization of the people.

The Workers Party, U.S.A. did not give way under the pressure of the capitalist election circus. We held high the deep aspirations and independent agenda of the people - sticking to the fundamental demands for peace, for economic rights and for the genuine empowerment of the people. We continued to join in and initiate mass anti-war actions and other actions in defense of the people's rights. We used the elections to deepen the politicalization of the people, criticizing and struggling against the parties of war and imperialism, exposing their ideologies and isolating their politics. We created new space for the independent political movement of the people - initiating new political forums, starting new organizations in the schools and communities, strengthening the independent press.

Although our Party is still very small, our experience confirms that the American people are resisting the capitalist program of war, racism, repression and robbery. Our experience shows that the people are eager to read and build a genuine media which gets at the truth and roots of things, to create forums and discussions in order to politicize themselves, to go into action against the capitalist program. Our experience shows that building a mass political alternative is the real question on the agenda!

The Workers Party calls to the working class, to the anti-war and other progressive activists, to all Americans who aspire for peace, democracy and progress:

Do not let the program of war and fascism pass!

Do not let Bush and U.S. imperialism have a free hand in their ongoing and new offensive against the people at home and abroad. Come into the public arena with a resounding "NO!" Stand up in your workplace, community, school, and go ever more widely amongst your peers to encourage an atmosphere of resistance and develop a real political culture in which people can get together and sort out their own aims and agenda.

We say now is the time to cast off any and all illusions and take the path of struggle. Do not forget the crimes of the Democrats and the opportunists who again are sowing pessimism, despair and capitulation. We must take the future of the country into our own hands by building our independent political movement in which the people themselves decide all the questions of strategy, tactics and organization.

The people's response to the capitalist elections and the entire program of fascism and war can only be: increase the resistance and organize our own independent movement!