The People Must Strengthen Their Independent Political Movement!

August 24, 2004

As George Bush and the Republican Party prepare for their national convention, people across the country and from many walks of life are organizing protest demonstrations and other mass actions. Hundreds of thousands are expected to demonstrate in New York City on August 29 and similar rallies will be held in many other cities.

In fact, during the last few years, tens of millions of Americans have joined in actions to oppose the government's war program, to demand an end to the ongoing cutbacks in such vital social programs as education, health care, housing, income-support for the impoverished, etc., to resist the government's attacks on democratic rights and its unrestrained racism against Arabs, Muslims and others.

As the people have come into the public arena to make their voice heard, we have seen over and over again that the government has turned a deaf ear, that the decision-making power -- the public authority -- is not in the hands of the people. On the contrary. The government, along with the Republican and Democratic parties, is owned lock-stock-and-barrel by the monopoly capitalist class and the economic and political interests of this class puts it in opposition to everything that makes us human.

The government is sacrificing the sons and daughters of our country and committing unspeakable crimes against the peoples in Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, Palestine and elsewhere solely to grab profits and empire for the capitalist billionaires. The government is denying our children a modern education, imposing sickness and disease on tens of millions of people, leaving millions of people without any livelihood solely to help the billionaires rob the public treasury. The government is inciting racism and building up an unprecedented apparatus of repression in order to silence the voice of the American people and impose the dictatorship of the rich over our country. And the plain truth is that the capitalist class and the capitalist government are only going to impose more wars, more poverty and exploitation, more racism and repression on the peoples.

To be true to ourselves -- to our human aspirations and our urgent demands -- we must face up to the harsh political realities of our country. We must face up to the challenge of breaking the political monopoly of the Republicans and Democrats by organizing our independent political movement.

The Workers Party, U.S.A. calls on people to rally around a program which aims at nothing less than a world of peace and friendship amongst the peoples, a world without racism and repression, a world which recognizes and guarantees, in practice, all the fundamental economic and political rights of the people, including the right of the people to rule the country, to be the government. We call on everyone to take up an immediate program which demands:

- the withdrawal of all U.S. troops stationed abroad and an end to U.S. aggression and interference against other countries;

- guarantees for all the fundamental economic rights of the people including the right to a job or a livelihood, to free, comprehensive health care, to a genuinely modern education from preschool through the university, to income security in retirement or disability;

- an end to the government's growing racism and repression and ironclad guarantees for the democratic rights of the people.

Indeed these are minimal conditions for a modern and humane society.

To implement such a program, the people must take the question of politics into their own hands and organize their political movement, independent of and in opposition to the parties of war and exploitation.

As the resistance of the people increases, the capitalists are advertising the Democratic Party as the alternative to Bush and the Republicans. But the facts show that the Democrats have voted for the entire war program and that Kerry is advertising himself as a bigger and better militarist than Bush himself. The facts show that all across the country, Democratic governors and mayors have been in the forefront of slashing investments in education and health care, laying off government workers, privatizing vital public services, etc. The facts show that Kerry and the Democrats supported the Patriot Act just as they repressed anti-war activists both inside and outside of their own national convention. The fact is that the capitalists are relying on Kerry and the Democrats to slow down the people's resistance, to give the government a breathing space so that the very same program of war, racism, repression and robbery can be continued only with a different face in the White House.

The politics of the Democratic Party is not something that the people can compromise with or ignore and shuffle under the table. The fact is that the Democratic Party is waging an all-out struggle directly against the demands of the people and their independent politics. In anti-war organizations across the country, the Democrats and their "left-wing" helpers pressure the people to give up their clear cut demands and their independent activities in order to campaign for Kerry. In the unions, the labor aristocrats keep diverting the workers' economic struggles into dead-end campaigns for the Democrats.

When the opportunist "left-wing" of the Democratic Party insists that activists campaign and vote for the "lesser evil," they are covering over the real deeds of Kerry and the Democrats who have supported the entire capitalist program for decades.

When the opportunists try to create hysteria, using the slogan "anybody is better than Bush," they are covering over the extent of the dangers presented by the Bush program, which does not arise from the head of Bush but from the economic and political interests of the monopoly capitalist class.

Most importantly, by working to keep people under the tutelage of the Democrats, opportunism works to corrupt the consciousness and liquidate any independent organization and struggle of the people themselves. The line of sticking with the Democrats relegates the people to "voting cattle" with no other role except to bow their heads and accept the agenda and dictate of their exploiters and oppressors.

No, the Democratic Party must be isolated, denounced and struggled against just like the Republicans.

The Workers Party says: "Let us beat back the blackmail and break the political stranglehold of the rich!"

We call on the workers, the youth and students, the anti-war and other social activists to not give up their vision and agenda for society. We call on everyone who cares about the future of our country to use the election period and after to take new steps on the path of building up the organized, independent political force of the people themselves.