The People Are the Motive Force of Change

October 4 , 2004

The diehard campaigners for John Kerry keep getting more and more defensive - in fact, desperate to divert the discussion away from Kerry's record and away from solutions to the burning issues confronting the people. And in trying to divert the discussion, the Kerryites generally assert, without any substantiation, but with a great deal of arrogance, a series of ridiculous fairy tales about politics. A sampling of some of the more frequently used dogmas includes: "electing Kerry is a way to pressure the ruling class;" "Kerry is more likely to hear the people's voice;" "we must push the Democrats to the left;" "the people live on the dime's worth of difference between the 2 parties."

According to all these opportunist theories the decisive factor in political life is the ruling class; the masses of people have no independent role to play. Our only role is to vote for, call upon, beg or pressure the powers that be. We are "voting cattle" who can only hope that the so-called progressive wing of the capitalist class prevails and takes pity upon us.

I hate to shock the opportunists but the 6 billion people on this globe are not all holding their breath and awaiting the outcome of the capitalist election circus. The aspirations and struggles of the people do not depend on whether George Bush or John Kerry occupy the White House.

The opportunist fairy tales are only the latest version of the theory that the history of the world is the history of Kings and Emperors - of great men. It is the theory that "Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves." It is the theory which denies the most basic law of human society and human development - that it is the masses of people who are the motive force of progress and social change.

Who created the nationwide peace movement in our country? Not John Kerry and the Democratic hierarchy, but millions and tens of millions of ordinary Americans. Who is defeating U.S. aggression in Iraq? Not John Kerry and the Democratic warmakers, but the Iraqi people who are fighting to regain their independence and sovereignty.

The political issue facing our country has nothing at all to do with which representative of the ruling class wages wars against the world and robs the public treasury.

The issue is to strengthen the independent political movement of the working class and masses of people - the only force interested in, capable of, and fighting for peace, genuine democracy and the economic and human rights of the people.