No to the Parties of War and Exploitation! Extend and Organize the Opposition!

July 20, 2004

The Workers Party, U.S.A. calls on the workers, the youth and students, anti-war and other social activists and everyone who cares about the future of our country to meet the challenge of the current elections by:

1) Denouncing and isolating the Republicans and Democrats, the parties of war and exploitation;

2) Stepping up the resistance to the capitalist program of war, robbery, racism and repression;

3) Building up the people's own organizations and strengthening the independent political movement which truly gives voice to the aims and program of the people.

The capitalist class is using the current elections to attack the people.

On the one hand, George Bush continues as President, flaunting his militarism, his racism, his loyalty to the capitalist billionaires and his contempt for the American people.

The facts have shown a thousand times over that the Bush administration, with the full cooperation of the Congress, has repeatedly lied to the whole world and continues to do so. The facts show that Bush and the entire U.S. government are war criminals responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians. The facts show that the government has used its lies and its war hysteria to help the Pentagon arms merchants rob the public treasury. The facts show that Bush and the government are openly inciting racism, imposing a reign of repression in the communities of Arab-Americans, Muslims and others and suppressing the democratic rights of all Americans.

As the mass opposition to Bush grows, the capitalists are funding and advertising Kerry and the Democrats. The capitalists hope that Kerry can be used to quell the resistance of the people and restore confidence in the government. The Kerry campaign is an attempt by the capitalists to change the face of government so as to continue the same program of war, robbery, racism and repression. This is the program Kerry has supported every step of the way and which he is sworn to continue.

The people of our country cannot afford to give way to this capitalist politics. Every day the crisis facing our country is deepening and we can expect no cure from the gods of plague.

The Republican and Democratic parties will keep leading our country into wars - wars for the profits and empire of the big capitalists but paid for in the lives of the sons and daughters of the workers. The Republicans and Democrats will keep helping the rich rob the public treasury while slashing vital social services such as education, health care, Social Security, etc. The Republicans and Democrats will keep building up the government's apparatus of repression and attacking the democratic rights of the people.

Only the people can save the situation.

The most important and fundamental fact about American political life is that within the last 2 years, tens of millions of people have come into the public arena to fight for their own aims and demands.

Amongst other things, the people have created a new, nationwide anti-war movement. Already this movement has rejected the lies of the government and exposed the real colonial aims behind the war program. Already this movement has brought the people's demand for peace into the public arena. Already this movement is giving encouragement to the peoples in Iraq and throughout the world who are struggling against U.S. aggression and dictate. Already, activists in this movement are building up their own organizations so as to keep the initiative in their own hands and unfold more independent mass actions.

The task of building and strengthening the new - of spreading the resistance and strengthening the people's independent movement - is staring us in the face.

The Workers Party, U.S.A. calls on the working class and people of our country to actively resist the election circus of the Republicans and Democrats. We say: use the election period to take positive steps to reclaim our country.

Let us continue to expose the lies of the capitalist politicians and media and to tell the truth about the government's program.

Let us use the election period to bring the people's agenda more to the center stage.

Let us not subordinate our true aspirations and independent program to the parties of war and exploitation.

Let us loudly say: "No!" To imperialist wars and demand nothing less than a genuinely democratic foreign policy which ends U.S. interference and aggression and withdraws all U.S. troops stationed abroad.

Let us demand an end to the robbery of the public treasury and insist that the government make all the investments necessary to guarantee the economic rights of the people, including the right to a job or a livelihood, to comprehensive health care, to a modern education, to income security in retirement, etc.

Let us speak out against the government's racism and repression and defend the inviolable democratic rights of the people.

In short, instead of hanging on to the impossible dream that the capitalist politicians will help us, let us continue to help and organize ourselves.

Let's take the practical steps to:

* organize more mass actions to defend our rights and win our demands.

* build genuine anti-war, anti-imperialist organizations, to strengthen our unions and other workers' organizations, to create new organizations to defend democratic rights, etc.

* expand and improve our independent press, such as The Worker, the Anti-Imperialist News Service, etc.

* strengthen our own political party, the Workers Party.

The capitalist parties will only continue to lead our country to ruin.

Nothing is going to change for the better until tens of millions of us get organized to win back our rights and our country. It is time to get on with the job.