Workers Demand Health Care for All!

July 6, 2004

On June 19, tens of thousands of workers and their families, marched and rallied in more than 165 cities in all 50 states to demand reliable, affordable health care for all.

The day of action, called "bridging the gap for health care," was organized by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Jobs with Justice and Rock the Vote. This national mobilization was called to focus attention on the crisis of our country's health care system which denies coverage to tens of millions of workers and to call for fundamental reform.

The day of action brought together workers and activists struggling on many fronts including: - struggles to demand universal health care coverage funded at both the federal and state level;

- struggles against employer cutbacks in health care benefits and for increased company-sponsored health coverage;

- struggles to expand and strengthen Medicaid and Medicare;

- struggles to reduce health care costs, including the price of prescription drugs;

- struggles to guarantee safe staffing levels at all health facilities.

This national day of action is a harbinger of even greater mobilizations and struggles in the coming period. As the for-profit health care system continues to deny millions of people the elementary right to coverage, more and more people are coming out to fight for immediate and fundamental change.