For Your Information: John Kerry on Israel and Palestine

July 20, 2004

Below we reprint excerpts from a position paper on the Middle East released by the John Kerry Campaign. Briefly summarized, Kerry's position is: full support for Israeli aggression and expansionism, including its reoccupation of the West and Gaza in 2002 and permanent Israeli annexation of several West Bank settlements. Kerry support the apartheid Wall which Israel is building to grab yet more West Bank land. Kerry opposes the Palestinian people's right to return to their homeland and openly declares that he has the right to pick the government and leaders of the Palestinian people.

The Kerry campaign's position paper on the Middle East reads as follows:

"John Kerry: Strengthening Israel's Security and Bolstering the U.S.-Israel Special Relationship

John Kerry has been at the forefront of the fight for Israel's security during his nineteen years in the US Senate. His pro-Israel voting record is second to none....

John Kerry believes that particularly in uncertain times like these we must reaffirm and indeed strengthen our special relationship with Israel, our most steadfast friend and ally in the region....

Kerry supports Israel's right of self defense to eliminate threats to its citizens, including actions taken by Israel against Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups in Gaza. In spring 2002, when Israel launched Operation Defensive Shield to root out Palestinian terrorists and dismantle the Palestinian infrastructure, Kerry co-sponsored a resolution expressing solidarity with Israel and called for continued assistance in strengthening Israel's homeland defenses.

John Kerry expressed support for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's unprecedented plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip. He recognizes that in any final settlement for Israel to remain a Jewish State, Palestinians must settle in a future Palestinian State rather than in Israel, and that in light of demographic realities, a number of settlement blocks will likely become a part of Israel.

John Kerry supports the construction of Israel's security fence to stop terrorists from entering Israel. The security fence is a legitimate act of self defense erected in response to the wave of terror attacks against Israeli citizens. He believes the security fence is not a matter for the International Court of Justice.

John Kerry believes that Yasser Arafat is a failed leader and unfit partner for peace and therefore has supported his total isolation. He has demanded a new, responsible Palestinian leadership, committed to ending the violence and fighting terror - in word and in deed - and will work tirelessly to ensure that this new leadership emerges.

John Kerry has always voted to maintain critical foreign aid to our ally Israel, resisting any attempts to cut it over his years in the Senate. In the early 1990s, he fought President Bush when his administration restricted aid to Israel through the loan guarantee program...

John Kerry has long advocated moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, Israel's indisputable capital. In 1999, he signed a letter taking President Clinton to task for not moving the embassy."

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