A "Debate" with Only One Side

October 4 , 2004

According to the monopoly controlled media, the September 30 foreign policy debate between Bush and Kerry was a "defining moment," "a real debate which gives the country a sharp choice," etc.

This propaganda is more than enough to remind the vast majority of Americans of their true place in the political status quo - written out of the debate and out of the equation altogether.

Bush boasted about his war crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq and throughout the world. Kerry criticized some of Bush's methods - never his aims - and Kerry criticized the methods only to "bring fresh credibility, a new start" to the U.S. war program. In fact, John Kerry summed up the goal of both candidates when he described himself as the one who "would make a stronger commander in chief."

In other words, the "debate" was about who would be more militaristic:

- Both Bush and Kerry will continue the aggressive, imperialist war in Iraq.

[Bush: "The best way to defeat them is to never waver, to be strong, to use every asset at our disposal. It's to constantly stay on the offensive."]

[Kerry: "We have to be steadfast and resolved. And I am. And I will succeed for those troops now that we're there. We have to succeed. We can't leave a failed Iraq . . .My message to the troops is . . . .help is on the way. . . . What I want to do is change the dynamics on the ground. And you have to do that by beginning to not back off of Fallujah and other places and send the wrong message to the terrorists. You have to close the borders. You've got to show you're serious in that regard."]

- Both Bush and Kerry will continue to spread the "war against terrorism."

[Bush: "this is a global effort. We're facing a group of folks who have such hatred in their hearts . . . To say that there's only one focus on the war on terror doesn't really understand the nature of the war of terror. . . .the front on this war is more than just one place."]

[Kerry: "the enemy that is now in 60 countries with stronger recruits. . . . In my plan, I add two active-duty divisions to the United States Army, not for Iraq but for our general demands across the globe. I also intend to double the number of special forces so that we can do the job we need to do with respect to fighting the terrorists around the world."]

- Both are rabid racists.

[Bush: "The enemy understands a free Iraq will be a major defeat in their ideology of hatred."]

[Kerry: "we're now 90 percent of the casualties in Iraq and 90 percent of the costs."]

- Both support the fascist doctrine of preemptive first strike:

[Bush: "In Iraq we saw a threat and we realized that after Sept. 11 we must take threats seriously before they fully materialize."]

[Kerry: "The president always has had the right for preemptive strike . . . No president through all of American history has ever ceded and nor would I the right to pre-empt in any way necessary. "]

In sum, Bush and Kerry again proved that both the Republicans and Democrats are parties of war and imperialism, parties of racism and colonialism. They are both sworn enemies of the American and world's people.

The overwhelming majority of American people aspire for and demand peace. That is why, we have no choice but to respond to the challenge of the capitalist elections by strengthening our anti-war organizations and struggles.

The Workers Party calls on everyone to look squarely at reality and rise to the challenge facing us.

We especially call to all the class conscious workers and anti-war activists:

Don't let the parties of war monopolize the debate and the agenda!

Step up the work of popularizing the people's agenda for peace and strengthening independent politics and organizations, in opposition to and struggle against the parties of war and imperialism!

Only the Peoples Can Stop the Wars!

We Must and We Will!