Democrats Attack Nader's Ballot Status

August 24, 2004

Across the country, the Democratic Party is spending large sums of money and employing an army of lawyers to deny Ralph Nader a place on the 2004 election ballot.

Local Democratic Party organizations, especially in states where Nader is expected to draw 2 or 3 percent or more of the vote, are mounting legal and administrative challenges to signature petitions aimed at putting Nader on the ballot. Three states, (Georgia, Oklahoma and Indiana) have already barred Nader and his ballot status is under challenge in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, West Virginia, Texas, and Illinois. The Democrats are also preparing challenges in many other states. The basic strategy of the Democrats is to challenge the validity of signatures on Nader nominating petitions in hopes of throwing out enough signatures to invalidate Nader's ballot status.

Commenting on the Democrats' tactics, a Nader spokesman said: "It doesn't matter if it's a swing state or a safe state. The Democrats are doing their best to harass us everywhere. Their goal is to divert our resources and bleed our campaign."

The methods used by the Democrats and the obstacles facing the Nader campaign again bring home the bankruptcy of the current electoral system. Despite the fact that Nader is a nationally known personality who received nearly 5% of the votes in the last election, he is being denied a place on the ballot in many states.

The Democrats and Republicans maintain a real monopoly over the government by maintaining a monopoly over the nomination of candidates for office. The people, in turn, are denied any possibility of voting their conscience, voting for candidates of their choosing. Thus, the reality is that the people and deprived of any real role in choosing their representatives. In fact, we do not have the right to vote. This is not a democracy but a dictatorship of the rich and their twin parties -- the Republicans and Democrats.