Special Edition

Anti-War Conference Maps Out Program for an Independent, Proactive Movement

March 25, 2004

On March 21, 2004 anti-war activists in Chicago held a day-long Conference Against War and Imperialism.

The Conference mapped out a political program and guidelines for building a mass, proactive, independent anti-war movement - a movement which will not rest until an end is put to all U.S. imperialist aggression, until all U.S. troops are withdrawn from other countries, until the peoples' aspiration to live in a world of peace and friendship is realized in practice.

From beginning to end, the day's proceedings were marked by a determined and vigorous spirit. The activists brought into the Conference their experiences in standing up in workplaces, schools and communities and joining with their peers, as well as in broad city-wide and national actions, to struggle against the war program of the U.S. government. The Conference achieved a high degree of political unity and clarity; everyone actively participated, contributing to the discussion and to working out a political platform and an action program to advance the movement.

The central focus which ran throughout the speeches and discussion was the need to bring anti-imperialist politics to the broadest sections of the people in order to build a proactive anti-war movement.

The Conference approved the program for a democratic foreign policy and adopted a number of resolutions (see page 4) to rally people to the main fronts of struggle against U.S. imperialism's war program.

One whole session of the Conference was devoted to an in-depth discussion on anti-imperialist politics as the key to releasing people's initiative.

The Conference mapped out a number of new programs, including initiating an area-wide Forum for A Peace Agenda. This will be a broad people's forum organized to bring the burning issues of war and peace to the center of public opinion and to rely on the people themselves in sorting out the way forward.

In addition, activists took steps to consolidate and extend the work which is already unfolding on various fronts. Everyone at the Conference was especially inspired by the reports of the Youth and Students for a Democratic Foreign Policy who, not only brought tremendous vigor into the Conference, but also adopted a number of initiatives to advance their work.

The Chicago Conference Against War and Imperialism was organized by the Workers Party, U.S.A.; members of the Youth and Students for a Democratic Foreign Policy, the Anti-Imperialist News Service and activists from many other local organizations and individuals from many walks of life, including a contingent of workers, participated.