U.S. Imperialism's Doublespeak

October 4 , 2004

by Bill Foster

In the language of doublespeak war is called "peace." In doublespeak, lies are presented as truth, the criminal is portrayed as the victim, etc.

Today, the U.S. government and the monopoly-controlled media have resorted to doublespeak because they simply cannot hide the monstrous crimes they are committing.

Thus, when the U.S. army slaughters Iraqi civilians, the U.S. military refers to the dead as "anti-Iraqi forces." When U.S. warplanes bomb markets, mosques, schools and city streets, the U.S. military says its is providing "security for the neighborhood."

Doublespeak cannot change the facts. The government is only able to tell these lies by relying on its monopoly of power. And in the very act of telling such lies, it is cynically telling the people that it will wantonly trample every human value underfoot in its drive to colonize Iraq.

But the American people, side-by-side with peoples throughout the world, do not allow these lies to pass. The war which the U.S. government is waging in Iraq is an aggressive, imperialist war - a war driven by the exploiting interests of the monopoly capitalist class, a war for empire and profits, a war waged against the Iraqi people.

The American people can only guard their humanity by fighting against this war. Those who have not yet thought things through must be told plainly and those who embrace the crimes of the government must be denounced and opposed.