The Worker, February 14, 2017
Published by the Workers Party, USA
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U.S. Imperialism Hopes to Establish a Neo-Colonial Regime in Afghanistan by Providing It a Military with Offensive Capability

On February 9, the head of U.S. Forces Afghanistan testified in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee in favor of budget items he hopes will be spent on the U.S.-NATO war there. Already requested military spending from last year includes requests for $814.5 million to procure and refurbish UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters as well for training aircrew and to procure more MD-530 helicopters, A-29 fixed-wing close-attack aircraft and AC-208 fixed-wing aircraft. The Black Hawk helicopters are not currently an item in the Afghanistan inventory. The Department of Defense already has its sights set on later spending even more on AC-208s and Black Hawks for Afghanistan. Army General John Nicholson Jr. admitted that the additional U.S. funding for a local Afghan air force was so that it could establish an offensive capability.

Nicholson reminded the Senate Armed Services Committee of the over 75 interested States, businesses and NGOs that had already taken advantage of or confirmed acceptance of the lucrative opportunity to make capital investments there. He said their commitments to this end were based on their “confidence in the Afghan people and the Afghan government.” He also reminded the Committee of NATO’s July agreement in Warsaw to continue the war until at least 2020.

Nicholson claimed the highest number of enemy groups in Afghanistan ever, with the alleged count coming in at over twenty. And as far as the future is concerned, he testified that U.S. goals in Afghanistan still required an “enduring commitment.”

As of February 9, Nicholson felt that he had enough troops at his disposal as head of “counter-terrorism” operations but that he didn’t have sufficient numbers at his disposal as head of the mission to train an Afghan Army. “Congressional approval of funding for the Afghan air force is key to improving the offensive capability of the Afghan national defense and security forces and there is an urgency to this request in order to get these aircraft and aircrews into the fight as soon as possible.”

Nicholson compared Afghan Special Forces with those of all other countries of the region where such units don’t operate independently of U.S. command. He concluded that Afghan Special Forces surpassed all others when judged by the fact that they had the highest rate of independent military operations. In order to establish an offensive capability, the U.S. is now training the local air force in ground-attack aircraft and integrated intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance. Afghan piloted ground-attack aircraft became an added weapon in the war starting in April of 2016.

Nicholson also testified that the American people opposed the war because of the 7,400 miles that separated the U.S. and Afghanistan and that the length of the war (rather than its aims) was also to blame.

Make no mistake about it, U.S. imperialism wants to carry out its exploitation of the Afghan people through an alliance with an internal capitalist and landlord class.

The entire conduct of the U.S. government since 2001 has proven time and time again that it was never interested in bringing any criminals to justice, but was only using the bogey of “international terrorism” as a pretext for launching aggressive wars. Just as Bush arrogantly refused to follow the standard protocols of international law in response to the horrendous attack on the World Trade Center, Obama refused to respond to the demand of the people to “Stop the Wars!”

No, the “war on international terrorism” of the U.S. monopoly capitalist class does not aim at ending terrorism. Rather it aims to legitimize and fortify U.S. imperialism’s system of state-sponsored terrorism. Already, U.S. imperialism has invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, and Haiti while declaring war against the world and naming scores of other countries and peoples as targets.

Years before the launch of the so-called “war on terrorism” it was U.S. imperialism which for weeks rained bombs on civilian populations in Yugoslavia in order to carve up the country and grab part of its territory. It was U.S. imperialism which for years waged war to keep Iraq under its thumb, bombing the people and imposing economic sanctions which claimed the lives of millions of Iraqis. It was U.S. imperialism which armed and directed the Israeli aggressors in a war of subjugation and genocide against the Palestinian people. It was U.S. imperialism which organized death squads in Colombia and waged a counter-insurgency war against the people of that country.

It was U.S. imperialism which continued its illegal blockade against Cuba and which carried out covert, terrorist operations against the Cuban people. It was U.S. imperialism which stationed tens of thousands of troops in south Korea and maintained, by force of arms, the partition of Korea. It was U.S. troops which were stationed throughout the world, trampling on the sovereignty of peoples and militarizing the globe. It was U.S. imperialism which terrorized the peoples with nuclear weapons and other instruments of mass destruction. It was U.S. imperialism which set up aggressive military alliances and supported the most reactionary regimes all over the world. It was the C.I.A. which organized military coups d’etat and carried out sabotage and terror throughout the world.

These crimes against humanity extend back even further. Since the end of WWII for example, U.S. imperialism has launched hundreds of armed interventions against the peoples – in Korea, Lebanon, in the Dominican Republic, in the Congo, in Vietnam, in El Salvador and Nicaragua...

In the beginning of the 20th century, U.S. imperialism entered the scramble for colonies and economic territory by grabbing the Philippines, Cuba and Puerto Rico through war. For decades, the U.S. marines openly made the law in Latin America while the U.S. companies plundered the wealth of the continent.

After WWII, U.S. imperialism emerged at the head of the camp of capitalism. But faced with the worldwide growth of the camp of socialist countries and the ever-rising tide of national liberation, U.S. imperialism initiated the most ferocious counter-revolutionary campaign, stepping into the shoes of Hitler. Under the banner of “containing” or “rolling back” communism, U.S. imperialism undertook to militarize the entire world, launch wars against the national liberation movements and prepare for nuclear war.

Nothing has changed except for the fact that over the last quarter of a century, U.S. imperialism has become more aggressive than ever.

Under the banner of the “war against international terrorism” (or occasionally the “war on drugs”), U.S. imperialism has appointed itself judge, jury and executioner. Instead of an international system which recognizes the sovereign equality of every country and in which existing states work to resolve problems through international law and without resort to the use of violence and war, U.S. imperialism seeks a world in which its military power gives it the “right” to make the law and trample on the sovereignty of the countries.

Most fundamentally, the U.S. “war against international terror” is directed against the peoples who rise in struggle for national liberation, progress and emancipation. In this era, it has been the colossal, history-making liberation struggles of the oppressed peoples which, side-by-side with the working class movement for emancipation, have forced the imperialist powers and international law to recognize, at least to a certain extent, the equality of all nations and to respect the sovereignty of countries. It is this great progressive tide of the last 100 years which U.S. imperialism is seeking to override and suppress.

So too, even while U.S. imperialism tries to keep its allies under its hegemony, contradictions and rivalries keep breaking to the surface. For the last 15 years, the U.S. wars in the Middle East have been directly linked not only to a return to colonialism, but also to the contradictions among the various imperialist powers. The growing changes in the European Community, including the creation of the “euro” and the new EU military forces reflect the growing rivalry and struggle within U.S. imperialism’s core NATO alliance. Struggles keep breaking out over trade barriers and currency flows, etc. At the same time, sharp contradictions continue to exist with Russia, China and other countries.

Trying to stop these centrifugal forces from undermining its hegemony, U.S. imperialism’s strategy is to foment tensions and militarize every situation in order to insert itself into the equation.

The entire program of war and militarism arises from the monopoly capitalist class and the imperialist system. The very social existence of the U.S. ruling class is based not only on the exploitation of the American workers but also on the superexploitation and domination of peoples throughout the world.

Although it is true that the years since the horrendous bombing of the World Trade Center have again brought home the extreme aggressiveness of U.S. imperialism, the events of this time also show that the world does not march to imperialism’s drumbeat. And while U.S. imperialism is unleashing new disasters on the peoples, the people too are still in motion – organizing and fighting against war and imperialism.

The system of violence against the peoples as well as the disequilibrium and conflicts amongst the imperialists themselves will continue as long as imperialism exists because at its very foundation imperialism is a system of exploitation and subjugation. In fact, rather than lessening or disappearing the contradictions of this system are becoming and will become even more intense.

However particular wars can be averted and imperialism defeated through the struggle of the workers and peoples.

To eliminate the cause of war, the peoples must overthrow the capitalist-imperialist system.

The Role of the Party

In America, the people are looking for the way to turn things around and have their say in the affairs of the country.

The Workers Party, USA, is a political party with a tremendous amount of experience working to help give political expression to the independent aims and agenda of the people themselves.

In the first place, the work we routinely take up is to go as deeply as possible amongst the broadest sections of people. That is, we concentrate our work amongst the vast majority of people who presently are locked out and excluded from politics and help bring them into struggle on the basis of their own aims and program. We go far and wide and work to develop independent political discussion and rally the masses around a genuinely pro-social agenda.

In addition, the Party always strives to develop the common struggle and build the common front amongst the broadest sections of people by adhering to the principle of unity in action to fight against the anti-social agenda and defend the interests of the people. This work is vital, especially at this time, in order to create the maximum space in which the people can operate and advance their movement and in order to create the best possible conditions for those still under the influence of liberalism and labor aristocracy to take up the struggle. Cementing the unity of the people and accelerating the fight against the anti-social agenda also requires waging a consistent and principled struggle against liberalism and the labor aristocracy in order to foster the class independence of the workers and break the strangling embrace of capitalist ideology and politics.

This is the way to bring about that new political unity, so ardently desired by the people – the unity which expresses the common humanity and political objectives of the people and welds them into an invincible social force.

The experience of the Party has taught and confirms the fact that there is a profound polarization taking place. The people are looking for the way to turn things around and to have their say in the affairs of the country.

Another thing the experience of the Party has taught and confirmed is the fact that the people face tremendous challenges in organizing themselves.

In the first place, the monopoly capitalist class is always at work trying to marginalize, split up and liquidate the opposition to its anti-social agenda. For instance, the capitalists employ a huge army of propagandists that are paid to organize political diversions and to carry on their disinformation campaigns.

Especially in this period when all the contradictions of capitalism have reached the bursting point, the capitalists are working harder than ever to obscure and mystify every question and to organize one political diversion after another.

In order to create the maximum space in which the people can operate and advance their movement, and in order to create the best possible conditions for those still under the influence of liberalism and labor aristocracy to take up the struggle, the political initiatives of the Party are things which are essential in order to open the way for the workers to come out as a class-for-themselves.

All these reasons are why the Workers Party says that it is the elementary duty that everyone who genuinely opposes capitalist exploitation and envisions a society without the oppression and exploitation of human beings must take part in building the organized, collective life of the working class – must take part in building the political party of the working class.

The theoretical work of the Party is a thing that is essential to illuminate the real causes of the problems facing the people and to show that the people themselves are the decisive motive force for solving the problems.

The ideological struggle of the Party is a thing that is vital in order to prevent the forces of spontaneity from sapping the energies of the people. The ideological struggle of the Party is a thing that is vital in order to concentrate the attention of the working class.

The political initiatives of the Party are a thing that is essential in order to open the way for the workers to come out as a class-for-themselves.

In the course of reflecting on our experience in the communities, workplaces, schools and in every cell of the society, the questions every individual must really be asking are: what is needed to assist the people in getting organized and participating in political life? How do we help give real political and organizational expression to the independent aspirations and program of the working class? Where is the force speaking out and organizing against privatization, against the permanent war program, against the political monopoly of the Democrats and Republicans? And where such a force isn’t present, how could you expect for people to activate and organize themselves?

The theoretical, ideological, political and organizational work of the Party is the thing needed advance the spontaneous struggles that are emerging.

A new political unity on this basis is necessary to defeat the anti-social agenda. It is necessary in order to open the path forward.

Today, the Workers Party is still small. However, it is enormously strong.

The Workers Party is resisting the all-sided anti-social offensive of the capitalist class. The Workers Party has boundless energy and initiative. And the Workers Party is laying the foundations for the rise of the proletarian movement.

As the members and friends of the Party become more and more active in translating the politics of the Workers Party into the real lives and activity of the people, it will become an unstoppable force which can step-by-step pose and solve all the problems which arise in achieving our immediate and long-term aims.

As the members and friends of the Party become more and more active in translating the politics of the Workers Party into the real lives and activity of the people, it will become an unstoppable force which will not only defeat the anti-social offensive but will also open the path for the renewed progress of our country.

The decisive thing needed for assisting the initiative of the workers to come out and take the leading role in the political affairs of our country is to build and strengthen the Workers Party itself.

The Workers Party unites and mobilizes people on the basis of the program of economic rights, democratic renewal, a democratic foreign policy and socialism. Our experience is that by popularizing this independent program as widely as possible and by persisting, on a daily basis, in developing this politics amongst the people, we break the stranglehold of capitalist politics and help people come into active political life on the basis of their own aims and agenda.

There is an Alternative!

Join in building the alternative!

U.S. Imperialism and Attacks on Immigrants

With the rise of U.S. imperialism in the 20th century, the superexploitation of immigrant labor in the U.S. became a corollary of U.S. colonial oppression of other nations.

U.S. imperialism plundered the economies first of Latin America and then of other regions such as the Middle East, depriving millions of workers in these countries of any means of a livelihood. Forced by economic necessity and ruthless U.S. capitalists to leave, after arriving here, the working people again face the merciless exploitation of U.S. capitalism which deliberately passes laws to keep immigrants in an illegal status.

The point is to deprive them of their basic rights. Except of course the “right” to have their labor power superexploited by the capitalists who bombed or otherwise forced them out of their homes in the first place.

The attacks on immigrants are part of the general offensive of the capitalist government against the democratic rights and civil liberties of the American people.

They also prove, for the millionth time, how alien the chauvinism and militarism of the capitalist class is to the great democratic traditions of the American people.

From the very beginning, the American people fought to create this country as a land of refuge for all the oppressed and exploited. The U.S. working class is made up of workers who have come here from the four ends of the earth, bringing with them the inspiration and experience of the revolutionary struggles in their homelands.

Just as the American people have always opposed the aggressive, imperialist wars of our “own government,” the U.S. workers have always sympathized with and supported the liberation struggles of the peoples everywhere.

The liberation movements of the colonial peoples and the workers’ movements are also linked together by common goals. Both movements arise from the oppressed and exploited – from the masses of the poeple. And both movements aim at winning freedom and emancipation.

With the working class movement and the national liberation movement at the center, the peoples have given rise to a broad international movement against war and imperialism. The international movement for peace has brought millions of people into struggle against the militarization of the globe by U.S. and world imperialism, into struggles against imperialist aggression.

The international peace movement is expressed in the peoples’ demand for decolonialization and support for the right of the oppressed nations to rise in struggle against imperialism.

It is expressed in the international struggles against the U.S. blockade of Cuba, against the partition of Korea, in support of the Palestinian liberation movement, in opposition to the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc. As a cornerstone of international law and the struggle against imperialist aggression, the international peace movement recognizes the sovereign equality of every country and affirms the right of every nation to determine its affairs and social system for itself.

The struggle for a Democratic Foreign Policy – for the withdrawal of all U.S. military forces stationed abroad, for an end to all aggressive military alliances and pacts, for an end to U.S. interference and intervention against other countries and people – as well as the entire fight against attacks on the most vulnerable sections of the population shows the need for the workers and people of our country to take the initiative into their hands by coming out as an independent political force on the basis of their own aims and agenda.

In the first place we must speak out against the viciously anti-social aims and agenda of capital implemented by the two parties. Police-state measures against immigrants and anti-immigrant stereotyping are designed to separate immigrants from the rest of the American people, so as to ghettoize and terrorize them. The government wants to keep immigrants from countries exploited and oppressed by U.S. imperialism isolated in their own communities in order to attack them more easily and to keep other Americans from hearing their voices and supporting their struggles.

The deepest aspirations of the American people – to build a truly democratic polity which recognizes the equal rights of all human beings – condemns the discrimination and repression of the government.

The objective contradictions and the aspirations of the people are demanding fundamental social change. It is only the subjective conditions – that is the consciousness and organization – that are lagging behind.

What is needed is not only to mobilize the opposition, but to politicize people in the true sense – pointing to the commonality of their interests – and putting forward a program of solutions.

For starters, not only must we demand that every member of society be assured equal economic, political and social rights but these rights cannot be left to exist only on paper while they are ignored or violated in practice. The economic and political system must provide real guarantees so that everyone can enjoy the right to a job or livelihood, to free medical care, to full participation in political affairs and all the other inalienable rights of the people.

Moreover, equal rights and duties means equal rights and duties for all – regardless of race, national origin, sex, etc. This includes the right for all nationalities to develop their own culture, language, etc. Most importantly, equality means that everyone has the right to participate fully in the political process and governance, to take part as decision-makers in exercising control of their lives.

For quite some time now, the government has been systematically pushing our country backwards, has been waging a coordinated war against the people’s rights.

That is why the workers and people must respond in a generalized way. The capitalists very much rely on the tactic of singling out and marginalizing various sections of the people. But this can only serve to graphically remind us that “an injury to one is an injury to all.”

We must continually work to bring the widest sections of people into the struggle. What is more, we must not confine ourselves to reactive struggles which only resist particular attacks. We must organize ourselves for a counter-offensive by strengthening the independent political movement which brings the pro-social agenda of the people to center stage.

What Welfare “Reform” Really Meant

It has been a little over 20 years since the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act was passed into law and since similar “reforms” were carried out at the state level across the country under the banner of “welfare reform.”

One consequence of welfare “reform” was that millions of people were arbitrarily cutoff of welfare assistance. While government officials boasted of the decline in the number of welfare recipients as a result of new “welfare to work” rules, most people were thrown off for “administrative reasons” – that is, for minor infractions of arbitrary rules.

So too, new welfare laws summarily deprived hundreds of thousands of immigrants of such entitlements as food stamps, cash assistance, supplemental security income (for the disabled and elderly), Medicaid, etc., simply because of their country of origin.

Also, since the new laws limited welfare assistance to a maximum of 5 years (many states have imposed even shorter time limits,) every year millions of unemployed and poverty-stricken are left without any means of subsistence. As for those welfare recipients who do find jobs, many are forced into government-paid “workfare” programs where they replace unionized workers.

These facts alone are enough to indict welfare “reform” and its agenda of punishing the poor and most vulnerable members of society and denying them even the most elemental means of subsistence. What could more indict the inhumanity of the present-day monopoly capitalist system than such willful punishment and inhumanity to the poor and most vulnerable?

What is more, the attacks on welfare and other entitlements were part of an all-sided program of eliminating any and all guarantees of even a minimal level of subsistence. In stripping away this standard of rights, the government was assisting the monopoly capitalist class to increase the exploitation of all the workers. By taking aim at any and all entitlement programs, the government was insisting that the workers and people had no rights which society must guarantee.

And indeed, as soon as the attack on welfare was carried through, the capitalists stepped up their campaign against Social Security, again trying to marginalize retired workers by pitting them in opposition to younger workers – to their own daughters and sons.

In order to defeat further attacks against entitlement programs, the workers and people must come into the social front in opposition to and struggle against the political economy of capitalism.

In politicizing ourselves and mobilizing people around independent working class politics, it is important to recognize that whether the question is the so-called “budget deficit” or the alleged “bankruptcy of the Social Security Trust Fund” or the “high cost of health insurance,” the agenda will always be presented by the capitalist politicians on the basis of assuming that the profits of the capitalists must be protected. It will always be presented on the basis of assuming that the capitalist relations of exploitation are unchangeable and hence that the workers can only “choose” which way they prefer to be exploited and robbed.

However, the idea that this is the only “choice” is not the lesson of our experience.

From the very emergence of capitalism, the workers and people fought against the political economy of capitalist exploitation. At the point of production, workers banded together in unions and fought to lessen the degree of exploitation and raise their standard of wages. Such movements as the struggle for the eight-hour day, and trade union rights, the struggles for Social Security, unemployment compensation, Medicare and Medicaid, for public housing etc., made inroads against the “rights” of private property in the means of production.

By fighting and winning these political struggles, the workers not only created barriers against their unbridled exploitation, but asserted their economic and human rights – asserted that they are more than beasts of burden to be exploited by the capitalists. These experiences and victories helped to create the consciousness of the workers that an injury to one is an injury to all, and that rights and emancipation can only be won through collective struggle.

So too, by losing the battle against welfare “reform,” the workers were confronted with lessons about the need to be political. They lost a floor they had once created to help raise the general price of labor power. In stripping away those income support programs, the capitalist state not only imposed utter destitution on many of the poor and most vulnerable, but also cheapened the price of labor-power and increased competition amongst the workers in order to assist the capitalists in forcing down the general level of wages of the working class as a whole.

As long as capitalism exists, there will always be attempts by the capitalists to shift the burden of their economic crisis onto the backs of the working people just as there will always be spontaneous struggles of the workers in opposition to attacks on all sections of the people. What is most needed is to give conscious and political expression to the many economic and partial struggles of the people with the aim of merging these struggles into a generalized political movement.

The workers and people can only defend and assert their inalienable rights by coming out as an independent force to challenge the political power and prerogatives of capital and win victories for the political economy of the working class. To guarantee such rights as the right to a livelihood and other economic rights, it is necessary to develop the social sector of the economy. An element of planning must be introduced into the economy and society must devote a portion of its productive capacity to creating the necessary means to guarantee the rights of the people. The infrastructure and annual investments required to guarantee the people’s economic rights must be kept in the public sector.

From the Anti-Imperialist News Service

International Call Renews U.S.-Pakistan Bilateral Military-to-Military Cooperation

February 11, 2017 – The continued “necessity” of active military cooperation in Pakistan with the U.S. war program was confirmed on February 9 in a phone call which took place between Pakistan Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa and U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

Bajwa reassured the new U.S. Defense Secretary that the Pakistan Armed Forces would continue to be a part of U.S. imperialism's so-called “counter-terrorism” operations within Pakistan. And Mattis expressed specific thanks to Bajwa for backing American efforts to “defeat terrorism” in Khorasan Province.

Moreover, according to the Republican Party platform, continuance of Pakistan's current policy of punishing citizens enlisted by the U.S. in its so-called “war on terror,” would constitute a failure of the U.S. working relationship with Pakistan to “progress.”

In other words, Pakistan's government has been reminded of U.S. threats that it must actively participate in U.S. imperialism's war program if it doesn't want to become another of its targets.

Similarly, the Democratic Party platform calls for continued military action to “press both Afghanistan and Pakistan to deny terrorists sanctuary on either side of the border.”

The U.S. declaration of war on the world includes the demand that peoples everywhere must be willing to surrender their sovereignty in order to serve the aggressive, colonial aims of the U.S. monopoly capitalist class. In particular, the “Greater Middle East,” with its vast oil reserves and strategic location, remains one of the most prized parts of U.S. imperialism's world empire. By continuing to militarize the region and instigate war, U.S. imperialism (and its client Israel), are creating new tragedies and great dangers for the people.

In the anti-war movement, Pakistan was widely recognized as an active front in U.S. imperialism's war program by 2007. Shortly after a February visit by then Vice-President Cheney to Afghanistan, U.S. military commanders revealed they had been “routinely” extending the war into Pakistan.

For example, Lieutenant General Douglas Lute told the Senate Armed Services Committee that U.S. forces on Afghanistan's eastern border routinely fired upon and pursued their “enemy” into Pakistan. The U.S. had also already been carrying out drone strikes under the separate command of the CIA since 2004.

88% of the 424 airstrikes since 2004 were ordered by Obama. Some 4,000 people have been killed by the airstrikes, including more than 200 children. 1,200-1,800 people have been injured. Next to none of the casualties have been members of the armed forces.

Many Pakistani politicians have denounced the extension of the U.S. war as violation of Pakistan's sovereignty. Repeated demonstrations of tens of thousands of people have taken place in response to the military's “agreement” to allow the CIA to carry out the military operations in Pakistan.

If the Camel Once Gets His Nose in the Tent His Body Will Soon Follow

February 5, 2017 – There is an old saying from the Middle East. “If the camel once gets his nose in the tent, his body will soon follow.”

The U.S. Department of the Navy first set up shop in Japan after the signing of the Instrument of Surrender on September 2, 1945.

On February 2, 2017, U.S. State Department representatives met with the Governor of Okinawa, Japan and informed him of the terms he would be required to accept as part of the island's future. U.S. bases would stay and instead of withdrawal, residents would have to settle for a 20% reduction of U.S. land use.

The U.S. State Department website reported on the event and used the occasion to reiterate the U.S. government's decades-old refrain about its “responsibility to protect.”

However, after more than 7 decades of U.S. “protection,” the local and nationwide opposition to U.S. forward deployment strategy in Asia has only evolved and grown. For example, last year saw two of the largest demonstrations since the 1990s, calling for the closure of the U.S. bases, the scrapping of the supporting treaties, and denouncing the imperialist system as the source of the grave dangers facing the peoples. Both amassed crowds of over 50,000 people each time.

The power and prerogative of U.S. imperialism, and in particular, its power to dictate to the people of Japan and Okinawa comes from its strategy of relying on military superiority and forward deployment of troops in order to militarize every situation according to the interests of the U.S. monopoly capitalist class.

It is much harder to get the body of the camel out of the tent than it is to prevent him from entering in the first place. However it can easily be done once the people retake the initiative into their own hands.

Snapshot of U.S. Training Practices in Iraq

January 31, 2017 – According to its website, training international “Rangers” is an integral part of U.S. Central Command's role at military bases in Iraq, including Camp Taji near Baghdad.

For example, in one recent article a narration is given about a U.S. Army Sergeant viewing the training of a man trained first in Jordan and now enlisted in Iraq.

According to the article, entitled Coalition Leaders Review Iraqi Ranger Training at Camp Taji, “During the visit, Iraqi army Lt. Hager Haider, Iraqi Ranger instructor, caught the attention of U.S. Army Command Sgt. Maj. Benjamin Jones, senior enlisted leader, CJTF – OIR, while teaching his soldiers how to properly move with their weapons on the training range.”

The article then quotes Jones complementing Haider's personal abilities and goes on to explain that “Haider conducted advanced training at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center, Jordan, prior to becoming an instructor at Camp Taji. Now, Haider is bringing his knowledge to his Iraqi counterparts.”

The article later points out that, “To assist the Iraqis in continuing their success, Sgt. 1st Class Carson Headley, Office of Security Cooperation Iraq senior enlisted advisor, Security Sector Reform Group, monitors the overall progress of the Iraqi Ranger training.” More details of the ongoing “Ranger” training projects are also given.

The concluding paragraph of the article states, “Training at building partner capacity sites is an integral part of Combined Joint Task Force -- Operation Inherent Resolve's global Coalition effort to train Iraqi security forces personnel to defeat ISIL.”

The Pentagon consistently advertises this colonial program as part of a war to rid Iraq of “ISIS and other radical Islamic terror groups.”

However, it is no other than the chieftains of U.S. imperialism that have looked in the mirror and decided to blame their crimes on the peoples victimized by imperialism.

The “war against terrorism” is being used by the U.S. to dispatch its military anywhere and everywhere in order to grab new territories and create new colonies.

Moreover, the whole world knows that it is U.S. imperialism itself which occupies Iraq. Resurrecting the old “Mandate” system, U.S. imperialism has taken control over Iraq. U.S. imperialism tries to justify its war on the Iraqi people by returning to the doctrine that the Iraqi people are not yet ready for independence and self-determination and need to be “mentored” and “civilized” by the imperialist powers.

The nonstop propaganda about “ISIS” is being used by U.S. imperialism to justify its violation of the very conscience of humanity – to justify aggression against the peoples, to tear up any and all international treaties and the rule of law, to trample on the sovereignty of countries, to tear down any and every structure capable of preventing war and safeguarding peace.

Instead, U.S. imperialism has declared itself “world policeman” and has repeatedly relied on its military trump card to impose its will and dictate on anybody and everybody according to the fascist pronouncement that “Might Makes Right.”

Peace can only come to Iraq after the U.S. military is kicked out, lock, stock and barrel.