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On the 170th Anniversary of the Publication of the Communist Manifesto:

Socialism and Communism Remain the Practical Problems Taken Up for Solution

This month marks 170 years since the publication of the Communist Manifesto, written by Karl Marx and Frederich Engels.

The Communist Manifesto was the first comprehensive, scientific program of the working class, a declaration and proof that the working class had emerged as an independent political force.

The Communist Manifesto set forth the aims of the working class: to organize itself as an independent class, win the battle for democracy by constituting itself as the ruling class in society and emancipate itself by abolishing the system of capitalist wage-slavery based on private property in the means of production and building the new socialist and communist society based on collective ownership of the means of production.

The Communist Manifesto, with its rallying cry “Workers of All Countries, Unite,” recognized that the working class is an international class, that, in every country, the general conditions, aims and principles of the working class movement were the same, regardless of nationality. The Manifesto underscored that while in each country the workers must first of all “win the struggle against their own bourgeoisie,” they must, at same time, work for the victory of the proletarian movement in every country.

In the 170 years since its publication, the Communist Manifesto has been studied and its program taken up by hundreds of millions of workers the world over, just as the working class itself has irresistibly come to the fore as the decisive and leading social force.

In 1848 the modern working class was just coming into being. It made up only a small fraction of the population, mainly only in Europe, and it was just starting to get organized as a class. Yet because the working class was and remains the representative of the advanced productive forces it grew to become the overwhelming majority of the population throughout the globe. Everywhere the workers have organized themselves into trade unions and other mass organizations as well as their own political parties in order to push forward their class interests.

During these 170 years, the working class has put socialism on the agenda as the practical problem to be solved, as the next and higher stage in the development of human society. Throughout this entire period, the workers have risen, again and again, in the revolutionary struggle to abolish capitalism. First in the Paris Commune, later in the Soviet Union and Albania and elsewhere, the workers successfully created the first socialist societies. In all countries, the working class has continually come out not only to advance its own class interests but also is in the forefront of every progressive social movement – in the struggle for national liberation and minority rights, in the movement for the emancipation of women, and so forth.

Because the working class cannot emancipate itself without uprooting completely the exploiting, oppressive relations of class society, everywhere it has brought to the fore the need to recognize the social character of society and for a modern conception of rights, which recognizes the humanity of every individual and which empowers the people as the sovereign creators of their own human environment.

Of course, the world bourgeoisie has used everything at its disposal to suppress the ideas of the Communist Manifesto – to suppress the theory and program of modern communism – precisely because it is this program which gives consciousness, organization and political independence to the working class movement. Just as Marx and Engels, the authors of the Manifesto, were exiled from their homeland, hounded and persecuted throughout Europe, so too millions of people have been killed simply for advocating the ideas of the Manifesto and taking part in the working class movement for emancipation. Fascism in Germany and countless other countries was spawned by the world bourgeoisie as its antidote to communism and the working class movement. No one can count the number of books and articles concocted by the capitalists to slander and defame communism. Combined with open counter-revolution and suppression, the capitalists continually fostered and spawned various phony communists as a trojan horse to fight the worker
movement from within. It was such phony communists, like Khrushchev and others, who betraying socialism and the working class, are responsible for the defeat of socialism in the Soviet Union and elsewhere.

Despite the difficulties, despite the ferocity of the capitalist counter-revolutions and the temporary defeat of socialism in the USSR and elsewhere, socialism has proven its infinite superiority to capitalism and remains the aim of the working class movement.

Today, the world bourgeoisie continue their attacks on modern communism, on the ideals and program embodied in the Communist Manifesto, because just as at the time of its publication the “specter of Communism” is haunting the old, dying world of capitalism. Despite the boasts about the “final victory of capitalism,” everywhere the contradictions of this exploiting system have reached the bursting point. In the 21st century, when all the conditions exist for humanity to take a giant leap forward out of the realm of necessity and into the realm of freedom, capitalism is not only holding society back but imposing a thoroughly anti-social, reactionary agenda on the peoples. Poverty and unemployment, disease and hunger, exploitation and oppression, rather than being eliminated from human society, have become runaway cancers.

The capitalists are turning back towards Medievalism, demanding that everything in society be put at their disposal and that human beings have no rights which must be recognized, that society is nothing but an arena in which the rich and powerful can exploit and prey on the masses of people. Everyday the highly advertised “representative democracy” of capitalism is further exposed as nothing but the arbitrary, violent power of the capitalist class. The biggest monopolies are trying to return to the days of open colonialism, fomenting racism and national chauvinism, organizing wars and the enslavement of whole nations and peoples.

But the offensive of the bourgeoisie is only a temporary phenomenon. In this era – the era of the working class and the Communist Manifesto – the historic initiative remains in the hands of the people. Despite the setbacks, despite the temporary divisions created within the working class by the pressure of the bourgeoisie and the phony communists, the working class is reorganizing itself and preparing again for the needed social revolutions. Everywhere development demands the recognition of the social character of human society; everywhere the people are demanding a new political system which genuinely empowers them.

The ideals and program of the Communist Manifesto, given new life and enriched by the demands and struggles of the times, remain the compass, the North Star, illuminating the future of humanity and guiding the working class struggle for emancipation. In the course of leading the whole people in the fight against the anti-social agenda of monopoly capital and imperialism, the working class is preparing the social revolution, preparing to create that new socialist and communist society which will mark the era of the liberation and emancipation of all human beings.

The Right to More Than Economic Security

The workers, deprived of all private property in the means of production, are forced by economic necessity (the need to earn a living) as well as by their irrepressible aspirations to realize their humanity, to struggle against capitalist exploitation and the capitalist system. Today, in the conditions of the all-around crisis of capitalism and the drive of the monopolies to throw the workers and society backwards, the class antagonism between the capitalists and the workers has become extremely acute.

A pivotal point in this struggle is over the right to a job or livelihood.

In many cities and towns in the capitalist world, virtually anyone knows where the labor exchange is. Many people go there every day in search of whatever work they can find.

Unemployment has a tragic effect on the working people. It signals a disrespect of their worth. It destroys personal relationships, leads to higher crime, sickness and death-rates. According to a 2008 study at the University of Zurich, one in five suicides, or 45,000 per year, are attributable to unemployment.

People are willing to work, but capitalist society is in no position to provide them with jobs.

What are the reasons for that?

Karl Marx analysed the causes of unemployment and found that the demand for labor power is determined, not by the whole of the capital earmarked for purchasing machinery, equipment, buildings and labor power, but rather by that part of the capital which is used for acquiring labor power.

Outwardly, there is no link between unemployment and the capitalist form of labor.

American politicians often attribute both the excess and shortages of labor force to immorality and migration. In actual fact, however, unemployment is determined, not by such arbitrarily contrived factors, but by the capitalists’ demand for labor power.

The causes of unemployment are associated with the peculiarities of labor under capitalism rather than with any theories of human nature. As capitalism develops, an increasing proportion of the accumulated capital is invested in technical innovation and the production of new kinds of equipment, stock, fuel and materials, and not in the efforts to create new jobs. This means that with the development of capitalism an increasing percentage of capital is spent on innovating the means of labor, and, accordingly, a reduced share is used for the purposes of satisfying the demand of labor power for jobs.

Thus, what causes unemployment is not even technical progress as such, but the capitalist forms of utilizing it. The capitalists take advantage of unemployment to intensify the exploitation of the working people. In the capitalist world, the people are not guaranteed the right to work and therefore they may lose their jobs at any time and therefore, the fear of losing their jobs compels the wage workers to labor more intensively.

The Right to a Job Is the Most Basic Economic Right

Just as society as a whole must develop the economy in order to sustain itself, every individual must have the right to a secure livelihood and economic existence. In the U.S. today, the lives of tens of millions of people have been reduced to nothing more than the daily struggle to survive. Tens of millions are either unemployed or only able to get part-time jobs. Millions of full-time workers do not earn enough to make ends meet and maintain a secure, stable economic existence. When the right to a livelihood and a secure economic existence is denied, one cannot do much with any other rights. Since the individual member of society is subjected to the conditions of society as a whole, it is incumbent on society to provide every individual member with a job or a secure means of livelihood. What is more, it is obvious that if our society was organized so as to guarantee a job for everyone, not only would individuals be relieved of the present economic insecurity, but the whole society would benefit, as more goods and services could be produced and made available.

The Right to More than a Job

Long ago, human civilization developed past the point where life was nothing more than a daily, continuous battle for survival. The vast productive capacity of modern society creates the material basis which allows for greater human freedom – freedom to develop the cultural, artistic and other aspects of our humanity. In other words, life today is more than a job and society must guarantee jobs which provide sufficient income and enough time to allow the all-around development of the individual and society, to allow everyone to participate in the political life of the country, to join in cultural, artistic and other activities.

It shouldn’t have to be said that in our country, where the people have created an advanced, modern economic base, tens of millions of people are denied the basic necessities of life. It shouldn’t have to be said that in a country which is capable of producing enough food to feed practically the entire world, some 50 million people, including 25 million children, live in poverty and do not get adequate nutrition. It shouldn’t have to be said that millions of Americans are unemployed and tens of millions can only find part-time or temporary jobs. It shouldn’t have to be said that in a country with such a large network of hospitals and health care facilities, with an army of trained health care workers, tens of millions of people are denied access to adequate health care.

The very fact that we have to say these things is a condemnation of the present state of affairs. Precisely because the government officials, those responsible for public affairs, refuse to do anything about these things, we – workers and people – must speak out and shoulder the responsibility to change these things.

The right to a job and to lead a productive life free of exploitation and economic insecurity is a right that belongs to every individual by virtue of his or her humanity.

Today, the Workers Party has initiated the Campaign for Economic Rights (CER) as a program for unifying and strengthening resistance to the capitalist offensive and as part of the work to carry through the struggle for the political economy of the working class under contemporary conditions.

The CER asserts that every human being simply by virtue of her/his humanity is entitled to certain inalienable economic and human rights including:

– the right to food, clothing and shelter

– the right to a job or a livelihood commensurate with our country’s level of development. This includes the right to income-security in the event of loss of capacity to work, retirement, etc.

– the right to comprehensive and free medical and health care

– the right to the best possible education, from infant care through the university.

These demands, which correspond with the centuries long struggle of the American people to create a society which genuinely guarantees equal rights for all human beings, are already on the lips of millions of people. The high degree of socialization of economic life, as well as the consciousness of the people created in the course of struggle, have brought the program of economic rights to the fore as a practical problem taken up for solution.

Is There an Alternative to the Free Market System?

One of the central points in the ideological struggle between the capitalist class and working class is the question of what kind of economic system is required to insure the well-being of the people as well as economic development and the progress of society. The capitalists, supported by the propaganda machine of the mass media as well as the government, insist that the “free market” system is the best of all possible economic systems.

The theory of “free market” economics claims that if the capitalist owners, each pursuing the selfish aim of maximizing profit, are left to their own devices, then the “invisible hand” of the market will create an equilibrium of supply and demand in such a way as to stimulate all-around economic development.

In other words, according to the theory of “free market” economics, society as a whole – all human beings – must not be allowed to plan economic life on the basis of insuring the well-being of all members of society, but rather, allow the economy to be regulated by the unknowable force of the “invisible hand.” In this respect, the “free market” theory attempts to negate the fundamental human capacity to consciously transform the natural and social environment in order to create a society fit for human beings. And of course, behind the free market’s “invisible hand,” the real “regulator” of the economy remains the profit-drive of the capitalists.

History and present-day reality provide the best refutation of this theory – showing just what happens to human beings when they remain subjected to the “blind forces” of market competition.

Amongst other things, the history of “free market” capitalism is a history of continuous economic cycles of “boom” and “bust.” In the recurring periods of recession and depression (which today have become prolonged and chronic), the “invisible hand” of market competition proves itself incapable of setting to work the vast productive machinery of society. On the contrary, instead of economic growth, part of the productive capacity of society is destroyed. Millions of workers are thrown out of their jobs, factories stand idle or operate far below capacity, “excess” commodities, and even “excess” industries, are actually destroyed. Why? Because the “free market” system organizes production on the extremely narrow basis of maximizing profit for a few and hence is unable to harmonize society’s vast productive capacity with the limited consuming power of the majority of the population.

The inability of the “free market” system to develop the productive capacity of society and insure the well-being of the people has created a situation of world-wide and unresolvable economic crisis. Even in the U.S., where the capitalist class is boasting both of the world-wide victory of the “free market” system and of economic “recovery,” some 10 million workers remain unemployed, another 20 to 30 million workers can only find part-time jobs, and the wages and standard of living of the vast majority of the population continue to fall. The utilization of the country’s productive capacity remains below 80% and the temporary “recovery” (which is reflected only in the growth of profits) comes at the price of an every-growing deficit and debt. On-going corporate downsizing and the continuous restructuring of the U.S. economy shows that capitalists can only employ aspects of the scientific-technological revolution on the basis of destroying the livelihoods of workers and keeping the majority of the population in a state of severe economic insecurity.

The theory of “free market” economics is a double and a triple fraud. On the one hand, the capitalists and their political frontmen insist on “free market” economics when the issue arises that the state must regulate some economic activity in order to guarantee the rights of the workers. Thus, for example, when the workers demand guaranteed employment or income-support, when the workers demand universal and free medical care, when the workers demand their right to a safe and healthy work environment, when workers demand union shops, etc. the capitalists scream that guarantying such rights will undermine the workings of the “free market.” But, on the other hand, the capitalists themselves rely on the state to regulate the economy in the interests of the capitalists. Today in the U.S., the government accounts for more than 25% of the country’s GNP. Through the military budget, through interest payments to the big bankers, through billions spent providing big corporations with research and development grants, etc., etc. the government actively intervenes in the economy, further re-distributing the wealth of society in favor of the capitalists and orienting the economic life of the country to insure maximum profits for the big monopoly groups. The monopoly capitalists are unwilling to leave their profits to chance or the “invisible hand.”

Thus, in sum, what really stands behind the slogan of “free market” economics is the demand that everything in society be subordinated to the drive of the big monopolies to maximize profits – that the capitalists be freed from any restraint in their drive to more thoroughly exploit the workers, that the workers be stripped of any and every economic right. At its root, “free market” economics is merely an attempt to justify an economic system in which the means of production (the tools created by human beings for the production and reproduction of the material means of subsistence) are monopolized in the form of private capitalist property and in which the entire aim of economic life is to maximize profit for these private owners through the exploitation of the working people.

In waging the ideological struggle to expose what lies behind the propaganda about the “free market” system, the working class also enunciates the political economy of socialism.

The world-wide and permanent crisis of the capitalist system is unable either to secure the economic well-being of the people or to guarantee the continuous development of the productive forces of society. The productive forces themselves – which include the working class, the class whose labor produces all the new material blessings of society – is demanding a new way of organizing economic life. The working class insists that the aim of economic life must be to guarantee the well-being of all members of society, to guarantee the economic rights of the masses of the people. The socialist economic system, proceeding from this principle, harmonizes the interests of the individual members of society and of each collective within the society with the economic and social advancement of society as a whole. On the basis of continually raising the economic and cultural well-being of the people, the socialist system allows for planned economic development and the continuous expansion of the productive forces of society. The entire experience of the last 150 years – both the experience of the struggles to gain certain partial economic rights within the capitalist system as well as the positive experience of socialist societies – proves that putting the rights of the people at the center of economic life is the decisive factor in creating a humane economy and for the harmonious uninterrupted progress of economic and social life.

For Your Information: Guantanamo Bay Detention Center

Right from the beginning of the so-called “war on international terrorism,” the U.S. government unilaterally declared that it would not apply the Geneva convention and other international laws to “terrorists” but rather would make its own law. Through the “war on terrorism” George W. Bush was the first to declare that he gave the office of the U.S. president special “executive powers” to declare anyone an “enemy combatant” and then trample his/her rights, as well as the U.S. constitution. Citing this “executive power” the administration began arbitrarily transporting in and holding prisoners of war from Afghanistan without charges. This power continued to be exercises by the subsequent administration, and will be continued by the current one according to an executive order issued by President Trump to that effect on January 30.

The Workers Party, USA has continued to organize and to keep the call for the prison’s closing in the forefront of the struggle against the U.S. capitalist class program of war and repression. The facts and analysis provided in the following article from the January 1, 2011 edition of The Worker is one of many products of the Workers Party’s practical work to creatively help concentrate and politicize the newly emerging anti-imperialist forces and find the ways to bring the independent politics necessary to win the struggle, to center-stage. We encourage all our readers to join in this work and contribute their views and experience.

Guantanamo Prisoners to be Held “Indefinitely”

In a December 26 interview with CNN, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs admitted that many of the 174 prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay will be held without trial “indefinitely” and that the Guantanamo prison itself will remain open for the forseeable future.

According to Gibbs, “There are prohibitions legislatively on the transfer of some of the prisoners that are there into some part of this country, some would be tried in federal courts as we’ve seen done in the past, some would be tried in military commissions, likely spending the rest of their lives in a maximum security prison that nobody, including terrorists, have ever escaped from and some regrettably will have to be indefinitely detained, I say regrettably not because it’s a bad thing necessarily for them in terms of the fact that they’re very dangerous people and we have to make sure that even if we can’t prosecute them, we’re not putting them back out on the battlefield.”

In addition, an executive order currently being prepared would institute “prolonged detention” of some prisoners who would be held in Guantanamo or other prisons without being put on trial. All along Obama has relied on increased “executive powers” established under the Bush administration to declare anyone an “enemy belligerent” and then trample on his/her rights in the name of “fighting terrorism.” From the beginning, Obama’s policy of working to overcome the U.S. government’s growing isolation over its program of rendition by promising to “close Guantanamo” has been a smokescreen and a part of continuing that very same program.

The Obama administration’s arbitrary detention of the prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay violates both international law and the U.S. constitution. Amongst other things, the prisoners have been detained for years on end without charge and denied the right to habeas corpus. (The right of habeas corpus is the right to judicial review of detention; since the Magna Carta of 1215 this right has been considered the cornerstone of western law protecting people from arbitrary arrest, disappearance and indefinite detention without charge.)

In 2001, the U.S. government began kidnapping prisoners and detaining them at the Guantanamo prison – many of the detainees have been incarcerated there for as long as 8 years. The U.S. has violated their most elementary human and legal rights including by the widespread use of torture. Unknown numbers have been “disappeared.”

In addition to the nearly 200 prisoners at Guantanamo, the U.S. has imprisoned tens of thousands of people since starting its “war on terrorism” – in Guantanamo, Afghanistan, Iraq, and dozens of other countries to which the C.I.A. has secretly kidnapped people in order to torture them.

This fascist, arbitrary imprisonment, brutalizing, torturing and murder shows that it is U.S. imperialism which is the real international terrorist. U.S. imperialism refuses to be restrained either by international law or the most elementary demands of humanity and democracy. Its assertion is that its military might gives it the right to be judge, jury and executioner of the entire human race and to commit any crimes against the people.

This Fascism Must be Stopped!

The Israeli Settlement Program Must End

When Donald Trump recently acted on the will of the U.S. Congress to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, this was but one more way for the U.S. to give the green light for more Israeli settlements in Jerusalem and the terror and intimidation that go along with them.

Since capturing Jerusalem in the 1967 war, Israel has set-up para-military settlements throughout the city, and used military force to drive Palestinians from their homes in the West Bank and Gaza. Despite the fact that Jerusalem is home to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, Israeli leaders have vowed repeatedly to expel the Arab masses from the city and turn it into an “undivided,” exclusively Israeli capital.

Israeli occupation of east Jerusalem and the West Bank regularly relies on such Hitlerite methods as collective punishment to create an atmosphere of intimidation. Collective punishment is a State-backed punishment inflicted against a person as if a sentence were being enforced against them for a conviction in a court of law.

Paramilitary Israeli settlers, with the full cooperation of the Israeli military, regularly carry out vigilante attacks against the Palestinians, including attacks against children and the aged. One settler has described their tactics in the Israeli press: “We enter a village, shoot a bit at windows, warn the villagers and return to the settlement. We don’t kidnap people, but it can happen that we catch a boy who had been throwing stones, take him back with us, beat him a bit and give him over to the Army to finish the job.”

As with Israeli ruling class claims to an “immutable” right to annex east Jerusalem and the West Bank, the supporters of collective punishment rely on their interpretation of the Bible to justify their terror crusade against the Palestinians. A journal published by the West Bank settlers wrote: “Those among us who call for a humanistic attitude toward our (Arab) neighbors are reading the Halacha (religious law) selectively and are avoiding specific commandments...The law concerning conquered peoples is explicit, they must not raise their heads in Israel...There is no relation between the law of Israel and the atheistic modern a divinely commanded war one must destroy, kill and eliminate men, women and children.”

In fact, another former Israeli Chief of Staff, General Eitan, personally defended the army’s tactics of collective reprisals and indiscriminate brutality against Palestinian residents and prisoners. Eitan ordered the razing of houses and even whole villages in areas where there was resistance to the Israeli occupiers as well as reprisals against the families of students caught throwing stones at Israeli soldiers. Weeks and months of curfews, travel bans, and arbitrary round-ups and sweeps are other preferred methods of the Israeli occupationist army.

Notwithstanding the claims of Anglo-American and European chauvinism, it is clearly the expansionist Israeli State and not the Palestinian nation which is the source of violence.

This Hitlerite propaganda which blames the victims of U.S.-Israeli aggression for the poverty and violence imposed on them does nothing less than show the weakness of imperialism and zionism. This propaganda is a vain attempt to erase the ever-growing consciousness of the people of the whole world, including the American people. However, as the Palestinian people have fought for their liberation, the American people have learned about the history and truth of their great struggle. Everyday, more U.S. workers and activists come out in solidarity with the Palestinian liberation struggle.

In order to advance this struggle, and the struggle against the entire U.S. war program and imperialist system, the people must create their own organizations and build up their own independent political movement.

In addition to the various immediate victories which lie in the power to avert war through struggles against every new aggressive step taken by the parties of war, the basis for permanent success lies in the ever-growing consciousness and organization of the workers themselves.

Across all fronts of the U.S. war program, the essential part of orienting our anti-war struggles and developing the independence of our movement is sorting out the question: “What is the cause of war?”

In the world today, war and militarism are the inevitable products of the capitalist-imperialist system. The very social existence of the U.S. monopoly capitalist class, in particular, is dependent not only on the exploitation of the American working class but also on the super-exploitation and domination of other countries. Hundreds and hundreds of times this century, the U.S. monopoly capitalist class has launched wars and interventions precisely to grab the mineral wealth of other countries, to dominate “strategic” regions, to exploit the peoples. The present-day system of capitalist-imperialism is founded and rests on violence and war.

The imperialist warmakers themselves spend a vast amount of time and money trying to cover over the real, exploiting aims of their foreign policy and trying to cover over the source of war in the imperialist system. They advertise their wars as a way of bringing “civilization” to those who need U.S. “mentoring.” And when their chauvinism is rejected, when their real aims are exposed, and when the movements of the peoples threaten their plans, the warmakers talk about their desire for “peace” and “negotiations” in order to pursue the same aggressive, imperialist goals.

In fact, such illusions continually penetrate inside the anti-war movement, causing grave damage to our struggles. A politics is presented which claims that war is not a consequence of imperialist social relations, but is only a bad policy pursued by a few “hawks” and that the people can oppose this policy by rallying around the “doves” in the government. This politics undermines the independence of the anti-war movement and ties it to the apron-strings of the imperialist warmakers themselves. Inevitably, when the real interests of the U.S. monopoly capitalists are at stake, the “doves” lose their disguises and turn into hawks.

Recognizing the cause of war in the capitalist-imperialist system, at once, also means recognizing that it is the working class and people who are the force against war. It is only by developing the consciousness, organization and political independence of the people themselves, only by organizing ourselves in opposition to and struggle against the capitalist class that we can advance the movement against war and militarism.

Remarks by Spokesman of Islamic Emirate Concerning Anti-Peace Expressions by U.S. President Trump

January 30, 2018 – US President Donald Trump exposed his war-mongering face yesterday by stating that he had no intention of holding peace talks with the Taliban. These expressions by Trump prove and clear up the following points:

1 – As we have always maintained, the true authority of war and peace is not with the Kabul regime but with the American invaders and the recent statement by Trump made this matter brighter than the sun.

2 – American invaders and their supporters use peace as mere rhetoric while their true strategy is war and continuation of occupation. Trump openly dismissed any notion of peace or reaching an understanding.

3 – Since Trump and his allies rejected peace, all responsibility of war and bloodletting will also befall upon them because they have not only lit the fire of the ongoing war with their invasion but have spurned any possibility of peace and understanding.

4 – The Islamic Emirate holds peaceful life for the Afghan nation as its greatest goal and wages the ongoing Jihad with the aim of ending the occupation. Even though our enemies solely recognize war in any official capacity however we believe that the resilient struggle and deep patience of our nation will in the end, force the invaders to recognize realities and present them to the table of talks and logic.

5 – Donald Trump and his war-mongering supporters must understand that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you insist upon war, our Mujahid nation will not welcome you with roses. Our nation has a long and rich history of bringing arrogant invaders to their senses. War will only make the reactionary Jihadic waves more violent and increase the human and financial losses of American troops by many folds.

6 – Trump should be informed that this is not a war of material superiority but it is a war between Truth and Falsehood, a war of freedom fighters against occupiers. We will most definitely triumph because our cause is lawful and with the help of Allah Almighty, Afghanistan shall become the graveyard for another Empire, Allah willing.

From the Anti-Imperialist News Service

Peace Is the Cause of the People: Hands Off Korea!

February 5, 2018 -- The recent growth of monopoly-owned media disparagement of North Korea has the objective of laying the groundwork for a new war. It follows a year of U.S. presidential vomitting of negative emotions about the non-aligned Northeast Asian country. The White House campaign has been accompanied by sentiments of the same kind expressed by the U.S. Congress and the other organs of state power.

The fact that North Korea continues to have pride of place in the war program of the U.S. government was recently submitted again in the president's national security strategy, where Trump openly declared North Korea to be amongst the biggest threats to "U.S. supremacy" in the world today. So too, Congress has repeatedly exercised its role in the same fashion as when last year it voted unanimously to use more punitive sanctions in order to build up financial pressures on the country.

On the surface, it appears as if there are two opposing camps amongst the capitalist politicians. On the one side they promote the idea that opposing war means disarming North Korea while maintaining the occupation. On the other side, they pursue the same program while refusing to acknowledge in the first place that the peoples don't want war.

For the people, the dead certainty is that U.S. imperialism's drive for war is only intensifying.

Both the Republican and Democratic parties, as parties of big capital, have been and are parties of war and militarism. The Democratic party and the so-called "isolationist" wing of the Republican party generally takes upon itself the dual task of both helping to preside over the bi-partisan capitalist policy of war and aggression even while it mouths empty peace slogans in its attempt to sidetrack the wrath of the popular anti-war movements. The struggle against war and militarism requires that the working class and forward-looking masses build up their own political organizations, independent of and in struggle against the political parties of the capitalists.

All the conditions exist to avert war. The entire U.S. imperialist race to attack North Korea goes against the grain of world public opinion. Today, as the Korean people are pressing forward in their struggle for peaceful reunification, public opinion throughout the world is demanding the end of U.S. military occupation of South Korea. Ending U.S. occupation and interference in Korea is a necessity in order for the Korean people to exercise their sovereign rights to national independence and freedom. Ending U.S. military occupation of Korea is also a vital part of the struggle of the world's peoples for peace and for an international system based on the sovereignty and equality of all nations.