The Worker, December 8, 2018
Published by the Workers Party, USA
P.O. Box 25716, Chicago, IL 60625

Make the Rich Pay!

Today there is an urgent need to unite all the currents of opposition to the anti-social agenda of the two parties into one mighty torrent. The capitalists try to confine and liquidate the opposition by separating people into competing interest groups. But such questions as the right to income security in retirement, to health care and education, are not “special interests” but issues of concern to all – issues which go to the very heart of what kind of society we live in and whether or not the inalienable rights of the people are recognized.

Capitalism, in all-sided crisis and decay, has unleashed a most reactionary offensive against all of humankind and is pushing society backwards.

The underlying economic contradictions of capitalism have become so intense, that even during the boom phase of the recurring cyclical crises which characterize capitalism, the monopolies are destroying the productive forces of society and imposing new and more intense forms of exploitation on the workers and people. In the U.S. and throughout the world, corporate restructuring and downsizing have forced tens of millions of workers into a contingent workforce based on part-time or temporary jobs which do not even provide a minimal economic existence while imposing falling wages and living standards and extreme job and economic insecurity on the whole working class. To step up their exploitation of the workers, the capitalists aim at stripping away every vestige of the collective rights of the workers and people, targeting social insurance programs – such as workers compensation, unemployment insurance, welfare, etc. – which guarantee a minimal standard. The capitalists aim at reducing the workers to individual wage-slaves, completely at the mercy of the capitalist exploiters and the contradictions of capitalism which keep tearing society apart.

And the anti-social agenda of monopoly capital extends to all spheres of life. Amongst other things, war has been declared on the very idea of social responsibility and the rights of the people. Investments in vital social programs are slashed or eliminated while vital public services are privatized. The biggest monopolies are simply plundering the country while insisting that the people have no rights whatsoever except to fend for themselves.

With this all-sided economic crisis at its base there is sharp and growing political crisis. Monopoly capitalism is in irreconcilable contradiction to democracy. More and more the limitations and fraud of so-called capitalist democracy are revealed as nothing but a means to marginalize and disempower the people, while the capitalist state, in fact, can rely only on the most arbitrary methods of rule – putting the whole country at the disposal of the biggest monopolies while suppressing the needs of social development and the rights of the people.

The development of economy, of socio-political structures, occurs, first and foremost, through the clash of inner contradictions in the mode of production, that is, between the productive forces and productive relations, and also between society and nature, the basis of society and its superstructure, the objective conditions and the subjective factor, and so on.

Though objective contradictions are the source of development, they do not resolve themselves spontaneously but by the efforts of the masses – by classes, nations and parties. The social forces that tackle the problems and tasks posed by the objective course of history are the driving forces of historical development.

In the course of our struggles, we must work to give independent political expression to the program of the people themselves.

Today, the disorganization and weakness of the workers’ movement comes from the leaders of various working class and popular organizations who are still trying to keep us bound hand and foot under the political domination of the Democratic Party. The bankruptcy of this politics of liberalism and social-democracy is seen in its continued contempt for the workers and people.

The labor aristocracy and opportunism insist that the workers are nothing more than a slave class which can do nothing more than be “pragmatic” and participate in political affairs by aligning themselves under the wing of the so-called “progressive” section of the capitalists. It is not the people and their class struggles which are the motive force of history and progress but rather the contradictions between competing capitalists which are decisive. The liberals, social democrats and revisionists deny that the workers are a class-for-themselves and divide the people into competing pressure groups and interest groups while insisting that people must work “within” the framework – the political limits – already laid down by the capitalists.

No, the working people can expect no cure from the Gods of Plague. The on-going capitalist attacks against the lives and livelihoods of the people confront us with a political question: Must education and food for the children, health care and retirement for the elderly, protections for the unemployed – the lives and well-being of the workers generally – all be sacrificed so that the government can continue to guarantee welfare programs for the rich, maximum profits for the capitalist billionaires? As the crisis of capitalism deepens, the capitalists and their government are increasingly unable to provide the workers with even the most basic necessities of life. The government remains the tool of the rich for guaranteeing themselves maximum profit by extracting greater and greater tribute from the whole working population. The workers can and must fight to protect and improve our lives and livelihoods by challenging the power and profits of the capitalists and their government. We must build up a nation-wide struggle of the working people which can force the rich to bear the burden of the crisis. We must defend and extend all the needed social services by making the rich dip into their gigantic profits. This can be accomplished through the independent organization of the working people. We must unite the workers in every factory, in every community, in every city, and across the entire country into one might army of labor which can MAKE THE RICH PAY FOR THE CRISIS OF THEIR CAPITALIST SYSTEM.