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The TPP and Capitalist Globalization: This World for Whom?

There is a plan in Congress to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement in the near future. TPP is a trade agreement that has been negotiated using U.S. forward operating bases as a lever to create a U.S.-dominated free trade zone around the Pacific. The agreement encompasses 12 countries that are projected to account for 40% of the world’s economy. 

“Free trade” agreements like the TPP are promoted by the capitalists’ ideology of the so-called “free market.”  “Free market” ideology is the fairy tale which claims that capitalism affords every individual “equal opportunity.”  Thus it insists that every individual must fend for herself/himself and that those who “make it” do so through their “hard work and intelligence” while those who do not “make it” have only themselves to blame. Thus those thrown into the unemployment lines or whose low wages deprive them of the right to decent housing are cursed as “lazy.” Children born into poverty are labelled as “illegitimate.”  The people are blamed in order to cover over the contradictions and inhumanity of the capitalist social system.

The theory of “free market” economics claims that if the capitalist owners, each pursuing the selfish aim of maximizing profit, are left to their own devices, then the “invisible hand” of the market will create an equilibrium of supply and demand in such a way as to stimulate all-around economic development. But in truth this logic is used to justify slashing social programs and privatizing public services even while the capitalists themselves rely on the state to regulate the economy in favor of their own class interests. Today in the U.S., the government accounts for about a third of the country’s GNP. Through the military budget, through interest payments to the big bankers, through billions spent providing big corporations with research and development grants, and through other means, the government actively intervenes in the economy, further re-distributing the wealth of society in favor of the capitalists and orienting the economic life of the country to insure maximum profits for the big monopoly groups. Despite all the “free market” propaganda decrying “big government,” the monopoly capitalists are unwilling to leave their profits to chance or the “invisible hand.”

And still, the rich are not satisfied. The monopoly capitalists and their government keep shifting a greater burden onto the people – cutting wages and imposing new forms of exploitation on the workers, slashing investments in social welfare and privatizing the public sectors of the economy. Guided by their “free market” ideology, the capitalists want our entire country put at their disposal and look on the workers as no more than beasts of toil, with no human rights that society or government must recognize and guarantee. So too, new laws as well as recent court decisions and regulations imposed by government labor boards attack the right of the workers to unionize and to wage strikes or other actions. “Free market” ideology denies altogether the right of the workers to band together and come out collectively. The capitalists want each and every worker to remain an isolated individual with no power to struggle against capitalist exploitation.

Along these lines, the TPP is advertised as a program for further eliminating restrictions to the “free flow” of goods and capital throughout the “global marketplace.”

But such advertisements for “globalization” and the “free flow of capital” cover over the main thing. Today, capital is a social relation in which the means of production – the very tools needed by human beings to secure their material existence – are owned by a few while the vast majority of people are reduced to the status of wage-slaves for these capitalist owners of the means of production.

Capitalist globalization has produced a worldwide economic crisis. Nearly 50% of the world’s population lives in depression conditions; poverty and hunger stalk hundreds of millions of people.

“Globalization” arises from the struggle of the biggest monopolies and capitalist states to extend these social relations of exploitation and domination – their ownership of the means of production – over the entire world. “Globalization” means that countries and continents are put up for barter and domination. The demand for the “free flow of capital” is a demand for the surrender of economic and political sovereignty, is the program of international finance capital for gobbling up the resources, the economic infrastructure and the very lives of the peoples of other countries. Today, in the conditions of deepening economic crisis, the “free flow of international capital” is part of the program of the big monopolies to come out on top – to continue their ferocious struggle for the economic domination of other countries as well as to defeat their competitors. In fact, as history shows and present reality confirms, capitalism can only “resolve” the struggle of competing capitalists for domination through war.

The fact is that today humanity stands at a crossroads. On the one hand, the U.S. monopoly capitalist class continues its counter-revolutionary offensive, stripping away the rights of people at home while imposing super-exploitation and domination on the peoples of other countries. U.S. imperialism’s program of “globalization” is a program of exploitation and reaction at home, domination and war abroad.

Yet humanity has reached a point that puts us on the threshold of bringing in a new era of freedom and emancipation for the peoples. Economically, we already have created all the productive forces needed to guarantee the rights and well-being of everyone. But these vast productive forces remain owned by a few – by the capitalist class. And it is the capitalist class and its political power which is preventing the people from asserting their rights, winning their emancipation and taking control over their lives and the direction of society. 

“Globalization” has brought all the contradictions of the world capitalist system to the bursting point. At its root the problem is this: Centuries of civilization and the very socialization of economic life have put vast productive forces at the disposal of humanity – productive forces capable of guarantying the economic well-being of everyone. But the economic lifelines of humanity remained owned and controlled by a tiny handful of capitalist monopolies. In the midst of abundance, billions of people are denied their elementary economic and human rights.

Thus, “globalization” confronts the workers and people with the question: “The economy for whom? This world for whom?” Will human society remain a jungle in which the rich and powerful prey on the masses of people or will the workers and people take a giant leap forward from the realm of necessity to the realm of freedom by taking control of the productive forces they themselves have created?

The key thing in advancing the struggle against capitalist exploitation, in asserting the rights of the people and creating that new world already envisioned by the people is building up the independent political movement of the working class and people – a movement which aims at putting the power in the hands of the people and building the new socialist society.

What the Elections Demand:
Get Organized!

While people are rejecting capitalist politics, they remain more concerned than ever about the problems facing them and about finding solutions to these problems.

The capitalist class – which completely controls the “election” process through its two big parties and the mass media, is preparing to continue its offensive against the wages and livelihoods of the people. As for the “election” process, the working class and broad masses of people are completely locked out and excluded. There are no candidates and no parties representing the interests of the workers. None of the burning problems or vital concerns of the masses are discussed by any of the politicians of the über-rich. From the point of view of the capitalist class, the elections are nothing but a competition between two potential partners over which one will be “most qualified” to be President. 

As for the Democrats, there is no opposition from within their organized ranks to the program of the capitalists. To begin with, Obama’s entire war program, from Palestine, to Iraq, to Afghanistan, to Somalia, to Colombia, to Venezuela, to North Korea, to the Philippines was taken over intact from the Republican administration of George W. Bush. 

During Obama’s first two years, each record military budget was approved by the Democratic-controlled Congress. During the last six years, each record military budget was approved by the Republican-controlled Congress. 

The bottom line is that both the Republican and Democratic parties are parties of war and imperialism. While the two big parties and their respective nominees compete with one another for the spoils of office, they stand together against the interests of the people. When the Democrats and Republicans speak of the “national interests” they mean only the interests of the U.S. multinational corporations, of the big capitalists whose entire life is bound up not only with exploiting the American workers but also in the enslavement and domination of whole nations and peoples. 

So too, the entire economic policy of both the Republican and Democratic parties only serves the interests of the big capitalists while attacking the rights of the people. Does the government spend money in order to guarantee the economic needs of the masses? Does the government raise its revenues by taxing the billionaires or monopoly corporations who can most afford it? On the contrary. The economic policy of both the Republican and Democratic parties is to use the government budget as a means to siphon money out of the pockets of the workers and to turn it over to the big capitalists. The “deficit” itself is a result of the fact that, while barely taxing the monopoly corporations and billionaires at all, the government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars to enrich the monopoly corporations, the Pentagon arms merchants and the finance capitalists. 

So too, the reality is that the people have no voice, no say so, in the process of governance itself. The big capitalists maintain a monopoly over the two major political parties, over the mass media, and in turn over the government itself. The candidates and their respective parties have no genuine connection with the workers and masses – they do not share the lives and concerns of the people. Governmental affairs and American politics are completely dominated by a loyal caste of candidates whose main function is to 1) lie to the people, 2) enrich themselves and their über-rich bosses, and 3) attack the rights of the people. 

So too, the Democrats and Republicans both stand for the program of stripping away the political rights of the people. For several years now, the government has been using the slogans of “fighting crime, drugs, gangs and terrorism” to create an atmosphere of hysteria and to justify its arbitrary violence against people and its suppression of basic democratic rights. Police violence is an everyday fact of life for the oppressed minority peoples and the entire working class; the so-called “wars” against “gangs” and “terrorists” have repeatedly been used to target and repress various social and political organizations of the people. As the crisis of capitalism deepens, the state is building up its apparatus of repression and strengthening the legal framework to enable it to suppress, through force, the inevitable and growing struggles of the American people. At the same time, the capitalist politicians, and the monopoly-owned media, echoing each other, bombard the people with images of violence and crime in order to inculcate, covertly and overtly, chauvinism and racism. This tactic aims both at inciting violence and antagonism among the people as well as creating an atmosphere of insecurity which is used as a justification by the state to build up the repressive apparatus of government and to further undermine the democratic rights and liberties of the people.

But does this mean that there is no alternative, no way to fight the exploitation and oppression being imposed by the capitalists? That there is no way to turn the situation around? Does this mean that there is nothing that can be done? No, it does not. In the first place, we must face up to what this reality reveals. We must face up to the fact that, despite all the propaganda about “democracy,” the workers are nobodies under the present system – nobodies with no say so in the kind of society we live in. Under this “free market” system, we are nobodies whose only role is to be exploited by the capitalist monopolies.

Facing up to the political reality means recognizing that we nobodies are going to have to emancipate ourselves. The workers and people have to come out together and develop our own independent political movement which brings the agenda of the people to center-stage. 

The Workers Party is optimistic about the future and our optimism comes precisely from the fact that we are engaged in work and struggle to change the situation. This is what our Party is all about. All the foundations have been laid for the Party to advance its work – to bring the politics of economic rights, democratic renewal, a democratic foreign policy and socialism to center-stage, to deepen the content and expand the circulation of the mass workers’ press. 

For our Party, it is not a matter of debate whether or not the workers and people are oppressed and exploited. It is not a matter of debate whether the workers and people have the aspirations to build the new socialist and communist society. Our Party, based on its scientific thinking and collective organization, has mapped out a way to step by step change the situation in favor of the working class and people and advance towards the goal of socialism and communism. On the basis of this politics and plan, we take up our work and our struggle. We put our theory into practice.

This is the path we are on and we invite everyone to join with us.

For those people who are fed up with capitalist politics but remain hesitant about the possibilities for change, there are, of course, many facts and arguments which show the great strength and on-going struggles of the people. But, in the final analysis, the best facts and arguments can be seen in life itself. We say: “Try it Out!” We say that the way to see the revolutionary aspirations and drive of the people is to go amongst them with genuinely independent politics. Only such a politics can interest and mobilize the people.

The Workers Party unites and mobilizes people on the basis of the program of economic rights, democratic renewal, a democratic foreign policy and socialism. Our experience is that by popularizing this independent program as widely as possible and by persisting, on a daily basis, in developing this politics amongst the people, we break the stranglehold of capitalist politics and help people come into active political life on the basis of their own aims and agenda.
Join in building the alternative!

We Do Not Have the Right to Vote

Recently, a friend expressed shock when he heard that I wasn’t planning to “vote.”

I answered him by saying neither he, nor any of the working people, were going to vote either. The people in our country are denied the right to vote; we have no say-so whatsoever in choosing our representatives much less in deciding the policies of the government. We must face up to these facts in order to decide on the best ways to advance our interests in the political arena.

Even setting aside the fact that the Republicans and Democrats steal elections by miscounting votes, the people have no right to vote because the Republican and Democratic parties have a virtual monopoly on the nomination of candidates. These parties are guaranteed ballot status across the country while independent candidates and other political parties are generally unable to get on the ballot due to legal restrictions. On top of this, of course, the Republicans and Democrats, both financed by the capitalists, monopolize the media and have huge financial resources at their disposal. Other candidates or parties, even if they are able to get on the ballot, are systematically denied access to the media and the electorate.

Thus, since the people cannot choose the candidates, they cannot choose the representatives. The elections boil down to a referendum on which particular representatives of the capitalist class will hold office for the next few years; the working people can “choose” which master will crack the whip over them.

But this is not all. The entire electoral system is rigged to insure the monopoly of the Republicans and Democrats. For example, the election boards are controlled by the Republicans and Democrats and voting districts are blatantly manipulated. Most voting districts are absolutely dominated by just one party; in any given election, only a few seats across the country can possibly change from Republican to Democratic or vice versa. The city of Chicago is guaranteed to elect Democrats while certain downstate Illinois districts are guaranteed to elect Republicans. What is more, the Byzantine structure of government – with varying terms for Governors, Congressional representatives, Senators, President, etc. – makes it impossible for the government as a whole (and its policies) to be changed in one election, even if an overwhelming majority of people vote one way.

The capitalist class uses the current electoral system to create the illusion that people are participating and giving their consent to the government. But the reality is that under the present system all the power is ceded to the politicians. The people’s role is reduced to voting once every 2 or 4 years for one or another candidate handpicked by the rich. Once the polls close, the “elected” officials are free to rule as they choose and there is no way for the people to hold the politicians accountable. In fact, capitalist politicians are perhaps best known as liars whose campaign promises mean nothing.

No, the fact is that we do not have the right to vote.


The capitalist elections are not only a fraud and an illusion. They are a real attack on the working people.

Not only the monopoly-controlled media, but also union officials, the “leaders” of various anti-war coalitions, women’s organizations, minority rights groups, etc. bombard workers and activists with the need to vote.

The entire charade aims at de-politicizing people. Instead of holding political parties accountable for their deeds, instead of looking into the intensity and causes of the problems facing us, instead of discussing real solutions, people are fed the pabulum of “good guys” versus “bad guys.” Instead of sticking by their convictions, people are told to surrender to the “lesser evil.” Instead of building their own organizations, people are told to devote time and money to building up the organizations of the capitalists. Instead of developing our mass struggles to advance our interests, people are diverted to the ballot box.

Few things make me madder than hearing the riot act read to people: “If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain or participate.”

In response, I call upon people to use the election period to do something positive – to discuss the issues, to stand up for peace, for the rights of the people, for an end to poverty and exploitation, to denounce the capitalist politicians, to reach out to others and join the ongoing struggles and to build up the independent political party of the workers and people.

Enver Hoxha – Great Marxist-Leninist

October 16 marks the 108th anniversary of the birth of Enver Hoxha. Although Enver Hoxha passed away on April 11, 1985 his revolutionary deeds and Marxist-Leninist thought will live forever in the life and struggle of the Albanian people and the entire international working class.

Enver Hoxha was the founder of the Party of Labor of Albania and the architect of all the victories of the Albanian people in this, the great epoch of their liberation.

For 40 years, Enver Hoxha led the Albanian people and the Albanian communists in struggle against the nazi-fascist occupiers, against the landlords and capitalist exploiters, against the savage encirclement of international imperialism. In these epoch-making struggles, Enver Hoxha creatively applied the Marxist-Leninist science to solve a series of fundamental problems of the revolution and the construction of socialism.

Continuing the work of great Lenin, Enver Hoxha taught the Albanian people and Albanian communists how to link the national democratic revolution with the socialist revolution. Enver Hoxha showed the people how to build up the national liberation councils not only as organs of the anti-fascist resistance but also as embryos of the peoples’ state power and the dictatorship of the proletariat. Enver Hoxha taught the laboring masses that the fruits of their struggle and sacrifices belonged to them and them alone. Enver Hoxha taught the masses that the life of New Albania would not be decided by foreign powers or by the landlords and capitalists but that everything would be decided by the workers and peasants.

Entrusted by the Party and the people to lead the National Liberation Councils and the anti-fascist war, Enver Hoxha fought with undaunted courage and Marxist-Leninist clarity against the Anglo-American imperialists and their lackeys, the Albanian monarchists and quislings and exposed their plots to rob the people of their victory and re-enslave Albania. The socialist revolution, the culmination of the National Liberation War, overthrew the capitalist relations based on the exploitation of man-by-man and made the Albanian laboring people the owners and masters of the productive forces and wealth of their country. The socialist revolution overthrew the political rule of foreign imperialism and local reaction, making the working class the ruling class in Albania.

All the great economic, social, cultural and political transformations of Albania in these 44 years are a product of the socialist revolution and the line of Enver Hoxha.

In the teeth of savage encirclement by U.S., Soviet and world imperialism, Enver Hoxha taught the Albanian people how to safeguard their independence and defend the revolution by building socialism self-reliantly, on the basis of the struggle and work of the Albanian people themselves. Summing up the positive and negative experience of the Soviet Union, Enver Hoxha initiated a series of measures designed to bar the door to revisionism and the restoration of capitalism in Albania. Enver Hoxha’s Marxist-Leninist thought taught the people the necessity of always remaining vigilant in the face of the imperialist revisionist encirclement and of waging a non-stop struggle against liberalism and bureaucracy in the Party and the socialist state. Enver Hoxha led the great cultural transformations of the new Albania and emphasized the need for the continual revolutionization of the life of the Party and the people.

The work and scientific thought of Enver Hoxha extends beyond the bounds of Albania to the entire international working class. Through his profound analysis of contemporary world developments, his courageous and fiery struggle against modern revisionism and opportunism of all hues, his internationalist efforts in support of the working class, the national liberation movements and the new Marxist-Leninist parties, Enver Hoxha has left his stamp and inspiration on the entire world revolutionary movement. Enver Hoxha, a true revolutionary and a true internationalist, stands out as the greatest Marxist-Leninist of the contemporary era.

In his works “Imperialism and the Revolution,” “The Superpowers,” “Eurocommunism is Anti-Communism” and others, Enver Hoxha makes a profound Marxist-Leninist analysis of the contemporary world, ruthlessly exposing the goals, the strategy and tactics of U.S. imperialism, Soviet imperialism and all the capitalist and reactionary forces. Summing up the experience of the international working class and Marxist-Leninist movement in struggle against imperialism and revisionism, Enver Hoxha creatively applied the Marxist-Leninist theory to provide vital strategic and tactical orientations for the proletarian revolution and the national liberation movements. The writings of Enver Hoxha are an essential and life-giving source for all the genuine Marxist-Leninists, for all revolutionaries and all who hold dear the cause of the proletariat and the peoples.

The titanic struggles of Enver Hoxha against modern revisionism and opportunism of all hues were the great inspiration and guiding red light for all the Marxist-Leninists of the whole world to stand in defense of the revolution and to safeguard the purity of Marxism-Leninism. The momentous struggles of Enver Hoxha against Titoite revisionism, Khruschevite revisionism, Maoism, Euro-Communism, etc., are on a par with the struggles waged by Great Lenin against international social democracy and opportunism. Side-by-side with Stalin, Enver Hoxha and the Albanian communists were the first to expose Titoite revisionism, which after World War II was the trojan horse of Anglo-American imperialism inside the international communist and workers movement.

Enver Hoxha not only exposed the anti-Marxist methods of Tito and foiled his plots to turn Albania into a province of Yugoslavia but also laid bare the capitalist essence of Tito’s theories of “non-alignment” and “self-administrative socialism.”

to be continued

Only the Peoples Can Stop the Wars!

September 14th marked the 15th anniversary of the near-unanimous vote in Congress to authorize the “use of military force against terrorists.” With this law the two parties of war signed off on the strategic doctrine of “preemptive war” – of war against the world. 

This blueprint for world domination first codified on that date, is a product of the crisis and decay of the capitalist-imperialist system. In particular, U.S. imperialism is trying to shift the burden of the economic crisis onto other countries and peoples, trying to maintain its global dominance by militarizing every situation and imposing its will through force of arms.

Throughout the Middle East in particular, the capitalists are wantonly disregarding the sovereignty of countries. U.S. imperialism has declared that every country and state must accept the “free market” system, put its economy at the disposal of the big international monopolies and bankers, and have its political system “approved” by U.S. imperialism.  Any country or people that resist, for any reason, are accused of some evil and made targets. 

In the manner of the old-style racists and colonialists, U.S. imperialism has declared that it can determine the economic and political system of every country and send its troops to every corner of the globe.

This so-called “international war against terrorism” has been characterized as a “coup d’etat on a world scale,” because it tears down the entire edifice of international law and openly declares that Might Makes Right. U.S. imperialism’s “war against terrorism” is in reality directed against the liberation movements of the peoples and against any country which, for whatever reason, resists the dictates of U.S. imperialism.

According to the “first-strike” provisions of the law, any U.S. president is authorized to start wars whenever and wherever it wants to “preempt terrorist countries” and “countries seeking weapons of mass destruction.” The Pentagon has even developed a nuclear hit-list and has drawn up plans that include nuclear first-strikes against other countries  including in the Middle East and Asia.

Already the Pentagon and its surrogate armies are waging full-scale wars against Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine and occupying these countries. U.S. imperialism is also escalating counter-insurgency wars in Colombia and the Philippines. In addition, U.S. airstrikes are being deployed and new U.S. bases set up in scores of countries – in Pakistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Poland, etc.

The fall of the Soviet empire was promised as the beginning of a “new era of peace and prosperity.” But during the last 25 years, U.S. imperialism has unleashed savage wars of aggression and resurrected the racist doctrine of the “white man’s burden” in order to assert that it alone can determine which countries are entitled to sovereignty and independence and which are not. 

The next step in the U.S. war program is to continue demonizing the alleged enemies of U.S. imperialism. The means involved for continuing this war program will continue to include state terrorism as the official policy of U.S. imperialism. So too, the CIA and the Pentagon will continue to organize training of “counter-insurgency” forces and paramilitary gangs as well as declarations of all out war in the name of being the “world policeman.” 

The real motives are to defend and expand the empire of the capitalist class. Beset by all-sided crisis, including growing rivalries with other capitalist states, the U.S. capitalists are relying on their military power to try to force every country to accept their dictates. Just like Hitler, U.S. imperialism has declared that might makes right.

Only the peoples can stop the war program of U.S. imperialism. 

We must continuously mobilize ever-wider sections of the people against each aggressive step taken by the government.

In the course of these fights we must organize our own independent political movement.

We must aim at taking the power out of the hands of the warmakers and creating a people’s government which implements a program of peace and friendship by withdrawing all U.S. troops stationed abroad, ending U.S. interference and intervention against other countries and recognizing the sovereign equality of every nation.



Iraq Update

The U.S. government is responding to the ever-growing resistance of the Iraqi people by escalating its war of aggression.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced on 9/28 that the U.S. will send about 600 more American soldiers. Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi confirmed the latest maneuver in a statement which read, “American President Barack Obama was consulted on a request from the Iraqi government for a final increase in the number of trainers and advisers under the umbrella of the international coalition in Iraq.”

With the logic of the slavemaster, Obama insists that anyone who resists the subjugation and dictates of U.S. imperialism is a “terrorist” and that U.S. imperialism will use its military might to impose its will on the Iraqi people. 

From the beginning, the U.S. military has used devastating weapons against civilians, targeted the economic infrastructure of the country, relied on the Hitlerite method of collective reprisals with the hope of terrorizing the people, subjugating them and establishing its own colonial rule in the country.

But just as the people in Mosul continue to defend their city and their lives, so too, all across Iraq the people are rising in struggle against U.S. occupation.

Throughout the year, popular uprisings have developed in dozens of cities across the country. Demonstrations, strikes, public meetings, relief efforts and other actions are also being organized to support the popular uprisings.

From the Anti-Imperialist New Service

Revolutionary Aspirations Expressed through Large-scale Demonstrations in Venezuela


September 5, 2016 - As demonstrations by anti-communists and pro-communists go on in Venezuela, Washington is pretending to be neutral.

But just as Washington relies on private military contractors throughout the world so too it relies on the National Endowment for Democracy.

As in other countries, NED funding for a clique of supporters in Venezuela is aimed at tearing down the entire edifice of international law established according to the principles of noninterference and respect for the sovereignty of countries. Venezuela's independence from U.S. imperialism and social investments in support of the poor and social legislation in defense of the rights of the workers are a beacon of light in the history of Latin America. As such they are seen as "the danger of a good example" and make implementation of surviving plans for regime change in Venezuela a high priority for Washington.

Today, the U.S. government is not only escalating its program of aggression and intervention against the peoples of Venezuela, but also across the globe. U.S. aggression against the peoples has always been a by-product of U.S. colonialism. In particular, the U.S. government has always considered Latin America as its "backyard." In Latin America, as throughout the world, U.S. imperialism is the sworn enemy of the national liberation movements of the oppressed nations and of the international working class movement.

U.S. Imperialism, Get Your Bloody Hands Off Caracas!

Unanimous Vote in Congress for an Increase in U.S. Aid to Israel

September 26, 2016 - On September 13, the House passed Res. 729 in a near unanimous vote of 405-4. The next day the president signed the bill in a highly publicized White House ceremony.

This latest 10-year aid package includes a total increase of less than $325 million per year in comparison with aid provided over the last 10 years.

Nevertheless, with great fanfare, the Obama administration loudly proclaimed the bill to be “the single largest pledge of military assistance in U.S. history.”

The display of great pride and unity around the latest U.S. aid package was meant to alleviate any doubts about the Obama administration's boldness on this front of its war program. Since 2002 when Palestine was declared the “2nd front in the war on terrorism” the aims have remained the same while the amount of aid given to Israel has increased.

According to Obama:

“As I have said repeatedly, America’s commitment to Israel’s security is unshakeable. Over the past eight years, my Administration has time and again demonstrated this commitment in word and deed. Since Fiscal Year 2009, the United States has provided Israel with $23.6 billion in Foreign Military Financing (FMF) funds and another $3.4 billion in funding for missile defense. The new 10-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on security assistance that my Administration signed with the Government of Israel today is just the most recent reflection of my steadfast commitment to the security of the State of Israel. The new MOU constitutes the single largest pledge of military assistance in U.S. history, totaling $38 billion over 10 years, including $33 billion in FMF funds and an additional $5 billion in missile defense funding. Both Prime Minister Netanyahu and I are confident that the new MOU will make a significant contribution to Israel’s security in what remains a dangerous neighborhood. The continued supply of the world’s most advanced weapons technology will ensure that Israel has the ability to defend itself from all manner of threats.

“For as long as the state of Israel has existed, the United States has been Israel’s greatest friend and partner, a fact underscored again today. This commitment to Israel’s security has been unwavering and is based on a genuine and abiding concern for the welfare of the Israeli people and the future of the State of Israel. It is because of this same commitment to Israel and its long-term security that we will also continue to press for a two-state solution to the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict, despite the deeply troubling trends on the ground that undermine this goal. As I have emphasized previously, the only way for Israel to endure and thrive as a Jewish and democratic state is through the realization of an independent and viable Palestine. Ultimately, both this MOU and efforts to advance the two-state solution are motivated by the same core U.S. objective that has been shared by all administrations, Democratic and Republican, over the last several decades – ensuring that Israelis can live alongside their neighbors in peace and security.”

The “two-state solution” proposed by Obama has been defined throughout various negotiations to signify plans for a neocolonial administration completely under the domination of the U.S.-Israeli aggressors. Accordingly, such a nominal “state” would only be born, “when the Palestinian people have new leaders, new institutions, and new security arrangements with their neighbors.” The World Bank and IMF would oversee Palestinian finances and compliance with principles of “market economics,” while U.S.-style political and judicial institutions would be insisted upon. Above all, Palestinian institutions must take as their first principle opposing any struggle against U.S.-Israeli domination. Furthermore, Obama has consistently defined his “two-state” solution as part of a broader picture in which every Arab nation and political party must accept not only U.S. dictate in Palestine, but also its neocolonialism and domination throughout the region.

The U.S.-Israeli goals are to wipe out the Palestinian resistance movement, permanently annex large sections of Jerusalem and the West Bank to Israel and deprive the Palestinian people of any possibility of building a viable, independent state.This is part of U.S. imperialism's plan to re-colonize the Middle East, suppress any resistance to its domination and strengthen Israel as its forward base in the region. As the Congressional vote reflects, these aims are embraced by both parties. They are also openly embraced by each of their respective presidential candidates.

However, despite the brutal aims of U.S.-Israeli aggression, the dauntless struggle of the Palestinian people proves that no force will prevent them from realizing their inalienable rights. The creation of a genuinely independent Palestinian state, organized according to the will of the Palestinian people alone and without any foreign dictate, is a historical task to which all of humanity is demanding a solution. The right of self-determination, independence and liberation is an inherent right that belongs to the Palestinian people by virtue of their humanity; it is not a privilege to be “bestowed or denied” on the whims of U.S. imperialism.