The Worker, October 30, 2019
Published by the Workers Party, USA
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Oppose the Criminalization of the Youth

In recent months, the daily newspapers have printed a number of news reports about the use of force by authorized adults against students in the country's mass education institutions. There was a case of violence against a little eleven-year-old girl in New Mexico in October. Use against several young boys of a chemical compound known to cause respiratory distress, peripheral nerve injury, pain, and temporary blindness was seen in another incident in October in Arizona. A taser was used on a sleeping student last month in Ohio. Another incident in which an adult threw a female youth to the ground occurred in North Carolina about a year ago. Further review of the papers turns up a plethora of these incidents.

The establishment of now commonplace police sub-stations on mass schooling premises received its impetus in the late 1990s when the U.S. Department of Justice created the “Cops in School” program to stimulate employment in school districts of regular police officers vested with powers “to make arrests, respond to calls for service, and document incidents that occur within their jurisdiction.”

Financing from the government is being used in a growing number of schools to install metal detectors, surveillance cameras, barbed wire, electronic doors and other garrison-like fortifications. Some students are even forced to use see-through lockers and/or book bags.

These events are part of the much larger capitalist program of criminalizing youth conduct.

The intensification of the permanent crisis on the economic front has gone hand in hand with the intensification of oppression and criminalization of the youth.

One task the bourgeois state regularly works to fulfill is the consolidation of the capitalist order. It directly participates in the reproduction of capitalism’s economic and social relations. Through the bipartisan political program of criminalization and attacks on the rights of the youth, the bourgeoisie is attempting to prevent the emergence of organized struggles against capital.

But of course the “trouble-making” (read: rebelliousness) of the youth is not a true problem. The real problem is that the current social system is blocking the youth and waging war against the very idea that the happiness of the youth matters.

The problem is that the capitalist system refuses to recognize and guarantee the rights which belong to the youth – their right to a modern education, their right to recreation and culture, their right to economic security, their right to seek and express the truth, their right to participate in the political affairs of society and to shape their social environment.

The view of the Workers Party is that we must all oppose the criminalization of the youth and that all of us must stand up and support the struggle to realize the rights of the youth in practice.

Eurocentrism, Multi-Culturalism and the Struggle Against National Oppression

The following is an excerpt from an earlier essay written by the Minority Rights Study Group and published by the Workers Party.


The struggle to abolish all forms of discrimination and oppression on the basis of race, nationality, national origin, etc. is one of the great historical movements of this century.

On a world scale, the peoples colonized and oppressed by imperialism have risen up, again and again, in national movements aimed at achieving self-determination, independence and liberation. In the U.S., the struggle for minority rights not only overthrew the system of Jim Crow segregation and other forms of legal discrimination, but also irrevocably placed on the agenda the demand for the realization, in practice, of equal economic, political and social rights for all human beings.

In asserting themselves and claiming their rights, the peoples have struck directly at the foundations of imperialism and the capitalist system. The old colonial system was smashed up by the combined blows of the national liberation movements and the international working class movement. In the U.S., the struggles against racial discrimination and national oppression exposed, to the whole world, the fraud of so-called American democracy, and served as a clarion call to all the exploited and oppressed to rise in struggle for their rights.

Of course, the capitalist class and capitalist state try, with all their might, to suppress this movement, relying on the double-edged tactic of combining intense repression with political deception and diversion.

In fact, these days, as the crisis of capitalism deepens, part of the reactionary agenda of the monopoly capitalist class is to try to reverse the verdicts of the 20th century by suppressing altogether the struggles for national liberation and minority rights. On a world scale, U.S. imperialism has declared that the issues of national sovereignty and independence are things of the past, no longer applicable in the new world order based on “international economic cooperation.” Adhering to the slogan that “might makes right,” U.S. imperialism and the other big powers have given themselves the right to dispatch their troops to other countries and trample on the sovereignty of the peoples, claiming that the big powers alone can decide which peoples are entitled to national independence and which are not, insisting that every country accept the dictates of international imperialism and live under the “free market system,” etc.

Inside our country, the capitalist class and capitalist state are carrying out wholesale attacks against the minority peoples and trying to turn the clock back to the days of legal discrimination.

The slogan of “reverse discrimination” is being used as a rallying cry to reverse a series of civil rights laws and legal precedents. Other recently passed laws give legal sanction to a hierarchy of citizenship based on national origin...

Several states have passed “English Only” laws, suppressing the rights of Mexican-Americans, Native Indians and others to use their native language. Many other proposals which further intensify this legal system of discrimination are working their way through Congress or being pushed by various capitalist politicians.

II. Eurocentrism

These attacks are accompanied by a nonstop racist propaganda. Leading governmental and political figures push the Hitlerite view that America is “one nation” based on “European-Christian traditions.” Non-European peoples are attacked as “culturally backward” and “lacking core American values.” Every day the mass media popularizes such racist stereotypes by slandering the minority peoples as “lazy,” “welfare cheats,” “drug-addicts,” “criminals,” “terrorists,” etc. and so forth.

Of course this propaganda not only defames the peoples and cultures of non-European nations, it is a brazen, chauvinist attempt to justify the historical enslavement of various nations as well as the continuing discrimination and oppression which is imposed on various minority peoples and immigrants. The United States is not one nation but a multi-national state which arose on the basis of the forcible subjugation of the Mexican people, the Native Indians, the African people, the people of Puerto Rico, Hawaii and others by the capitalist state. In addition, immigrants, who have come to the U.S. from the four corners of the globe and joined in building this country, have continually faced systematic discrimination and oppression.

At the same time, the theory and practice of Euro-centrism and American chauvinism are a means for the suppression and enslavement of the workers of all nationalities. The “American values” insisted upon by capitalist politicians and ideologues of course turn out to be nothing but the values of the monopoly capitalist class – values enshrining the rights of private property in the means of production. Thus the slogans of “American values” and “one-nation” are nothing more than mystical, fascist theories which aim simultaneously at liquidating the class struggle of the workers against the bourgeoisie and at intensifying the yoke of national oppression and racial discrimination.

Of course, the chauvinism and racism of the bourgeoisie meet with tremendous opposition from the working class and oppressed peoples. In the attempt to divert this opposition, the capitalist state has officially adopted the program of “cultural pluralism,” “diversity” and “multi-culturalism.”

But the problem is that the capitalist state claims that its recognition of “cultural diversity” is the be-all and end-all of the struggle against national oppression and racial discrimination. The capitalist ideologues want to reduce the issues of national oppression and racial discrimination to a question of culture. In others words, the state seeks to replace the struggle to eliminate the real economic, social and political oppression of the people with the struggle for “cultural pluralism” or tolerance. Thus, the issue is presented as one of recognizing the “national or ethnic identity and culture” of various minority peoples, as if such a consolation prize will lessen the pain of the real oppression imposed on the peoples. A ghetto school may, for example, teach one or two courses in black or Hispanic history, but this does not change the fact that the oppressed minority youth remain segregated in inferior, under-funded schools, that they come to school suffering malnutrition because of the super-exploit ation and poverty imposed on their parents, etc.

III. Blaming the People

But this is not all. The capitalist ideologues not only insist that nations and peoples are defined by their culture and ethnicity but further that there exists an impassable chasm between peoples of different cultures and ethnicity. Anyone who has attended, for example, the kinds of “diversity seminars” organized by the big corporations, the U.S. Army and other capitalist institutions knows that they proceed from the viewpoint of teaching people to “tolerate other cultures despite underlying differences.” The entire game is designed to blame the people for racism while whitewashing the crimes of the capitalist class and the capitalist state, which are the real source of national oppression and racial discrimination...

While the highest organs of the state itself use the call for “tolerance” or “multi-culturalism” as a means to incite racial and ethnic division, social-democracy works to infiltrate this politics of division into the working class and popular movements. For example, Michael Walzer, a social-democrat and ideologist of multi-culturalism and the “politics of difference,” writes “articulation gives voice to difference. And once difference has been expressed in this affirmative and self-affirming way, it can no longer be denied, abolished, assimilated or transcended. It is simply there, a feature of the social world . . .” According to Walzer, no matter what form of political accommodation or structure is adopted, “what was asserted in the first moment remains true . . . there is no transcendence of cultural, religious and national particularity. There is no ‘higher’ social formation than the local group, no historically necessary universalism beyond the newly articulated universe of difference . . . our differences will be expressed even in the schemes we devise for incorporating difference.”

What is more, despite paying lip service to the “unique cultural identity” of the oppressed nations and peoples, the fact is that the capitalist class only recognizes such “cultural contributions” as are compatible with U.S. capitalism.

Here is how the New York State Board of Education describes the motivation behind its multi-cultural curriculum (considered an “advanced model” of multi-culturalism): “The teaching of the nation’s history, our national traditions and values, and a common loyalty are purposes commonly accepted as appropriate in the social studies. . . . [but] the present is unlike earlier periods in the history of this country, for now the various peoples who make up our nation, while anxiously embracing many of the advantages, opportunities and mores of this society, seem determined also to maintain and publicly to celebrate much that is peculiar to the cultures with which they identify.”

Thus, the goal of New York’s multi-cultural curriculum is to find “subject matter content that represents Diversity and UNITY within and across groups so that citizens, whatever their race or ethnicity, must believe that they and their ancestors have shared in the building of the country, . . . {so that along} with efforts to respect and honor the diverse and pluralistic elements in our nation, special attention will need to be given to those values, characteristics and traditions which we share in common.”

And the Board goes on to explicitly define just what “our common values” are: “Understanding our national history and character necessarily entails an understanding of the political, legal and cultural roots of our society in England, and in Europe, and in the traditions of the West. The facts are that we ARE essentially an English-speaking nation. The democratic ideals and values to which we still aspire, and which are the envy of so much of the world – the rule of law, freedom of speech, respect for individuals and more – derive from British political and legal traditions . . . this common tradition, the tradition which unites us and makes diversity possible must be taught to all our children.”

In practical political life, the capitalists use the program of multi-culturalism as a program of blatant tokenism designed to lend legitimacy to the capitalist state by placing a few black and minority faces in high places while continuing to impose systematic discrimination and oppression on the vast majority of the peoples. This is nothing but new packaging for the same old ethnic group politics which has long been advertised as the epitome of American political pluralism. According to this view, racial and ethnic minorities can overcome the oppression imposed on them by organizing their communities to support local or ‘native’ capitalists and pooling their political resources to demand “representation” within the government. The result of this cultural pluralism/interest group politics is to fractionalize and divide the polity into competing national or ethnic groups while marginalizing the minority peoples.

IV. Carry the Struggle for Minority Rights Through to the End

Thus it is no surprise that while the ideology and program of multi-culturalism have been part of the official state ideology in the U.S. for decades, the problems of racial discrimination and oppression on the basis of national origin, nationality, ethnicity, etc. still exist and are intensifying. The struggle against national oppression and racial discrimination is in the first place a struggle to uproot completely the social, economic and political structures which give rise to that oppression.

Stirring Statement by Commanders of the Resistance in Afghanistan

The U.S. invaded Afghanistan in 2001 as a first-step in its “war against international terrorism.” In every way, the war has been an aggressive, imperialist war. As in Iraq, the U.S. military has systematically targeted civilians, killing tens of thousands. Numerous atrocities, such as the saturated bombing of civilian population centers, massacres at wedding ceremonies, market-center bombings, etc., have been repeatedly carried out by the U.S. military.

The U.S. has also used the war in Afghanistan to extend its network of military bases and alliances. Permanent military and air bases have been set up in neighboring states. These military forces are another dagger in the midst of peoples of the region.

The following “Remarks by spokesman of Islamic Emirate concerning tough talk by US Defense Secretary and Kabul interior minister” were issued on October 22, 2019.

Yesterday the US Secretary of Defense arrived at Kabul on an unannounced visit and told the media that they will continue their attacks against the Mujahideen.

Moreover, the Kabul administration interior minister also remarked and warned the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate of elimination and failure of Al-Fath Operations.

We reject these hollow and baseless claims by the invaders and their hirelings. So long as a single occupying American trooper remains in Afghanistan, our Jihad and struggle shall continue.

With the Divine Help of Almighty Allah, we have proven over the past eighteen years that no power of the world can either break us or turn us back from our firm and resolute determination.

This is the land of Afghans and the Afghans reserve the right of freeing their homeland and establishing an Islamic government therein. And they shall remove every obstacle in their way either by force or if the opposition seeks, through dialogue, Allah willing.

Similarly, the Kabul administration stooges that find solace in American bombings and brutalities must know that the closer they remain to the American invaders, the heavier their burden of enmity and treason towards their homeland, religion and people shall become and the harsher the penalty.

The Kabul administration officials must understand that your time of tough talk has passed and you must adopt reason and logic. Just as the servile puppets of the British and Soviet Union faced defeat and humiliation in the face of this nation, so shall stooges of America.

The Al-Fath Operations launched by Islamic Emirate are progressing triumphantly, and all praise belong to Allah.

Even as America dropped 948 bombs, carried out hundreds of raids and martyred and injured hundreds of civilians over the past month, the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate continued their daily advances in the north, south, east and west and left the enemy perplexed.

From the initiation of the operations till now, a total of 28 districts have been liberated from the enemy, more than a hundred bases and hundreds of check posts overrun, thousands of troopers, police and militiamen including (419) commanders eliminated and hundreds more killed on a daily basis, hence it is only natural that a similar amount of territory of Afghanistan also be purged of enemy and the population rescued.

Sending warnings and holding grandeur ambitions of eliminating Mujahideen in such conditions is but an illusion, a dream and implausible.

From the Anti-Imperialist News Service

Venezuela Denounces U.S. Plans for Keeping Latin America and the Caribbean Under Imperialist Domination

September 22, 2019 – Washington's recent invocation of the Rio Pact for the declared aim of furthering U.S. national interests in Venezuela is receiving vigorous condemnation throughout the world.

The platform chosen for pressuring the countries of the region to comply with their obligations under the Rio Pact was the Organization of American States (OAS). Less than 1/3 of the OAS member state representatives consented to go along at all with the U.S. demand. The Rio Pact is an aggressive military alliance which has long been vehemently opposed by the peoples within the United States and throughout the Western Hemisphere. It stands as a formal declaration that an attack on any American state by either an American or a foreign nation is to be considered an attack on all of those bound through the treaty and that collective military measures can be taken to repel the action.

U.S. President Truman signed off on the Rio Pact in 1947 at the Inter-American Defense meeting of the Pan-American Conference (the pan-American institution established prior to the Spanish-American war and which led to the creation of the OAS.) Such pan-American aggressive military alliances headed by the United States have long been a potent weapon in the hands of U.S. imperialism, which has always used various racist and chauvinist tools such as the Monroe Doctrine to give itself permission to carry out war and intervention in Latin America.

This month, the State Department proclaimed that invoking the Rio Pact at the request of a Venezuelan citizen would be considered evidence of "the region's support for the Venezuelan people and recognition of the increasingly destabilizing influence that the former [sic] regime of Nicolas Maduro is having on the region." The last time the U.S. argued by the Rio Pact to demand military solidarity from Latin American countries was in 2001. Since U.S. imperialism's 2001 launch of it's so-called "war against international terrorism", many Latin American countries have already withdrawn from the Rio Pact. Before the U.S. war on Iraq got underway in 2003, Mexico became the first country of the new period to do so. In 2012, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela followed suit.

On September 11, the Venezuelan government issued a Communicado denouncing the Rio Pact and U.S. demand that it be applied to Venezuela as measures aimed at securing U.S. control over the local governments of the whole of Latin America. The statement denounced the imperialist penetration of Latin America by the U.S. and expressed Venezuela's principled stance in defense of the sovereignty and economic independence of Venezuela and the right of every people to determine their own affairs free of imperialist interference. The statement reads, in part, "The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela calls upon the countries and peoples of the region to firmly reject the claims of this small group of countries that within the Organization of American States (OAS) threaten the peace and integrity of Venezuela and of the entire continent.

"Venezuela will continue to adhere to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations, respect for international law, the practice of multilateralism and peace diplomacy, and in the search for dialogue amidst the diversity, coexistence and well-being of our peoples."

This latest move by Washington also gives a good indication of how U.S. imperialism plans to use the international instruments at its disposal to continue aggravating all the circumstances it can aggravate in the region for the purpose of keeping the countries of the Western Hemisphere in its grip.

Already, since launching the so-called "war against international terrorism," the U.S. has invaded and occupied Haiti, increased its direct military intervention in Colombia (openly declaring that it's waging a war against popular insurgency), tried to organize a coup d'etat and a destabilization campaign against the elected government of Venezuela. In addition, the Pentagon has been increasing its military presence throughout the region. According to 2004 testimony before Congress by General Hill of U.S. South Command, the U.S. military presence in the hemisphere is directed against "radical populists" who "are able to reinforce radical positions by inflaming anti-U.S. sentiment . . . [by] tapping in to frustrations caused by social and economic inequality." In order to deal with this "threat to U.S. national security." SouthCom plans center on integration of the armies of Latin America directly under command structure of the Pentagon through "military to military contacts as means to irrevocably institutionalize the professional nature of those militaries with which we have worked so closely over the past several decades."

Today, as in the past, U.S. maneuvers involving military force, secret agents, demagogy and deception in the region are directed squarely against the peoples. As U.S. imperialism steps up its worldwide struggle to assert itself as the sole superpower, it is asserting its "right" to increase its exploitation of Latin America and to secure its control of the hemisphere in order to suppress any opposition to the penetration of its capital.

The imposition of such conditions are intolerable for the majority of mankind. The people of Venezuela, through their struggle against dependence on foreign capital, have made and are making it clear that they are determined to replace those old exploiting relations.

The movement of the people in the U.S. to demand "Hands Off Latin America!" is an important movement for the American people. Through educational and agitational work, people keep dragging into the light of the day the brutal legacy of U.S. colonialism and targeting on-going U.S. intervention against the peoples of Latin America. A key part of this work must not only be to zero in on the role of the OAS as an instrument for U.S. imperialism's economic, political and military domination of Latin American and the Caribbean. It must also take up the broader questions of how to build up a broad movement against war and militarism.

U.S. Sanctions Express the Interests of Domination and Exploitation

September 29, 2019 – These days, sanctions and embargoes are an important part of U.S. imperialism's agenda of building up its capacity to continue to wage multiple wars and impose multiple colonial administrations. They are an important feature of the armory of Washington. This policy brings the U.S. Treasury Department very closely to bear on the course of events in all the target countries. And it makes it easy for Washington to increase frictions in the name of enforcement.

As is well known, the act of precluding a nation from trading and competing economically is done in order to create a scarcity of foodstuffs and other basic necessities of life for the people of the country. The aim is to place the target country under the aggressor's dictate by softening it up in order to wrest immediate concessions and eventually facilitate a fatal blow on the battlefield.

The current policy of sanctioning and embargoing multiple enemies in the name of "national security" is directed by U.S. imperialism against the sovereign right of the peoples of foreign states to determine their own economic and political system. This policy attempts to guarantee the interests of the U.S. monopolies by dictating to and punishing other countries which refuse to actively go along with the state terrorism of U.S. imperialism in Iraq, Afghanistan and across the globe.

Some of the world's political systems now being dealt with in this manner include Colombia, Cuba, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, Somalia, Venezuela and Yemen.

In order to establish a unipolar world with itself as the sole superpower, the U.S. monopoly capitalist class wants and needs war. This is so that it can extend its economic reach and further shift the burden of the capitalist economic crisis onto the backs of the peoples. This is also so that it can assert its hegemony over rival capitalist groups and imperialist states.

In attempting to assert a U.S. role as ultimate "world leader," the two parties proclaim that "American values" are real and universal and that international ideals and institutions must be molded to conform to them. Although this false and ultra-chauvinist doctrine is put forward as a promotion of "progress," "civil rights," "stability," "free trade," and "the development of the private sector," it is nothing more than a demand that every country accept Western-style political institutions and the dictates of the international monopolies and bankers. U.S. imperialism has declared that it will impose its will and dictate on anybody everybody according to the doctrine of "Might Makes Right."

It is the U.S. state apparatus which systematically bombs cities and towns, destroyed vital economic infrastructure the cultural heritage - in fact, wages war with the specific and declared strategy of targeting, terrorizing and destroying the civilian populations.

It is U.S. imperialism which not only threatens but has used nuclear weapons and other instruments of mass destruction to terrorize nations and to impose its dictate.

It is U.S. imperialism which organizes mercenary armies and paramilitary death squads in Colombia, in Haiti, in the Philippines, etc, to carry out wanton terror and destruction. It is U.S. imperialism, which in South Korea, in Israel, in Iraq and elsewhere, finances and organizes the most fascist regimes and instructs them in terrorizing the peoples of their country.

It is the C.l.A. which carried out and continues to carry out covert operations and destabilization campaigns against Cuba, Haiti, Iran, Korea, the former Yugoslavia, Venezuela, etc.

These barbaric methods reflect the fact that the capitalist-imperialist system in the U.S. is interested in policing the world, trampling on the sovereignty of countries, and forcibly impressing the peoples into the colonial system of imperialism.

In order to win its demands for an immediate end to all U.S. interference, aggression and militarism the anti-war movement of the American people must target the monopoly capitalist class and the imperialist system as the source of war.

We must oppose the aggressive, exploiting aims taken by U.S. imperialism. We must wholeheartedly support the liberation movements of the oppressed peoples and support the just stands of governments which defend the sovereignty of countries and the rights of the people. We must demand a genuinely democratic foreign policy which puts an end to all U.S. military intervention and aggression, withdraws all U.S. troops stationed abroad, and ends the militarization of economic and social life.

While imperialism means war, the whole history of the last 150 years shows that it is peoples and their struggle for liberation which are the decisive force. The American people must not leave the question of war and peace in the hands of the imperialist warmakers and their two parties of war. Rather we must take the initiative and further unfold a powerful movement to stay the hands of the warmakers and overthrow imperialism once and for all.

U.S. Set to Enlarge Its Military and Diplomatic Efforts in Campaign to Subjugate Syria

October 6, 2019 – The latest is that the Pentagon is sending more troops to Syria. As announced by U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper in August, the U.S. is going ahead with the deployment of 150 more troops to Syria, thus increasing the total deployment to 1,200.

Under the cloak of unprecedented demagogy about “human rights” and “humanitarianism,” the U.S. has been steadily escalating a war in conquest of regime change in Syria. This war aims at bringing Syria completely under the thumb of the U.S. and further projecting U.S. military power throughout the Arab world.

The U.S. military personnel in the country not only engage in combat operations, but also provide training, reconnaissance and logistical support to the Free Syria Army. The Free Syria Army was created by the so-called “London 11” coalition of U.S. allies eight years ago for the stated purpose of establishing a “Transitional Governing Body” to serve as the sovereign power once the current presidential system could be overthrown.

Syria is situated between 37° north latitude and 33° south latitude, and between 35° and 42° east longitude. It is bordered by Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The U.S. Congress placed Syria on the docket of countries targeted by the preemptive doctrine in 2003 with the passage of Public Law 108-175. The policy uses the slogans of “proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and terrorism” to apply pressure and threats against the sovereign nation.

On May 22, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2019, a version of which was passed by the Democratic party controlled House in January. The bill includes plans to increase economic sanctions. According to the bill's main sponsor, U.S. Senator Bob Menendez, “The Foreign Relations Committee has a responsibility to do everything possible to promote peace, stability, and development in Syria and to hold Assad accountable for butchering his own people. As the people of Syria continue to face unimaginable suffering, this bill sends a clear message to governments and entities providing lifelines to Assad that there will be consequences for enabling his brutality – that includes Russia, Iran, Lebanese Hezbollah, Iran-backed Shia militias, and Russian mercenaries.

“The United States must not waver in our condemnation of the Assad regime. I am proud to have worked with the Chairman to introduce the Senate version of this bill, which Chairman Engel has been championing for a number of years, and look forward to swiftly moving this legislation out of Congress so the President can sign it into law.”

Thus, Congressional Democrats, in tandem with the Republicans, are working hard to “legitimize” the aggressive, imperialist aims of the capitalist warmakers. Committed to imperialist arrogance and chauvinism, they cannot for one second recognize the struggles in the Arab world or anywhere else for a country to take responsibility for its own inalienable right to self-determination and sovereignty.

U.S. imperialism's preventive war doctrine has been characterized as a “coup d'etat on a worldscale,” because it tears down the entire edifice of international law and openly declares that Might Makes Right. U.S. imperialism's pre-emptive doctrine is in reality directed against the liberation movements of the peoples and against any country which, for whatever reason, resists the dictates of Washington.

Today in Afghanistan, Colombia, Haiti, Iraq, Libya, Palestine, the Philippines, Syria and throughout the world, U.S. imperialism has declared that it can determine the economic and political system of every country and send its troops to every corner of the globe. Through this program of war and fascism – this blueprint for world domination – the U.S. government is usurping more arbitrary, dictatorial power and strengthening its apparatus of repression at home even while tying the knot for more wars.

Truth About Recent U.S. Weapons Deployment to Saudi Arabia

October 13, 2019 – U.S. imperialism has been pushing forward, in coordination with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, the deployment of a regional ballistic missile network in the Middle East – a “Theater Missile Defense” system. In July, the Department of Defense awarded a multibillion-dollar contract for the sale of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) to Saudi Arabia. Notification to Congress had already been performed by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency in October of 2017.

Last week, on October 11, U.S. Secretary of Defense Esper and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley, announced some of the latest actions, including that the U.S. military was in the process of sending the weaponry and a large quantity of related support, equipment and services.

Despite the significant age of the deal, General Mark Milley stated that the deployment of the components and experts to Saudi Arabia was to "re-establish deterrence with respect to Iran in the wake of an attack on Saudi Arabia." This is a continuation of the orchestrated Big Lie tactic to justify ongoing threats and pressure against Iran and every country which refuses to march to the U.S. drum-beat.

So too, this direct sales marketing support which the government is providing the THAAD manufacturers has come to be expected due to the close partnership that exists between the arms manufacturers and the federal government.

However, the main thing is that it disguises the simple fact that shipping THAAD and associated troops over to Saudi Arabia is part of U.S. imperialism's decades-old strategy to embrace the region with a nuclear umbrella.