The Worker, January 15, 2018
Published by the Workers Party, USA
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The Attacks Against Immigrants Are Really Attacks Against the Rights of All Americans

Every day, the Democratic and Republican party politicians, along with the mass media, are trying to whip up public hysteria against immigrants. This propaganda is part of a general climate of repression and is directed squarely against the American people.

To begin with, immigrants are being blamed for every problem from crime to the government deficit, from unemployment to falling wages. By trying to scapegoat immigrants, the politicians want to divert attention from their own failures and from the growing contradictions of U.S. capitalism. It is not immigrant workers, but the government’s huge hand-outs to the military, to the Wall Street bankers and other big business interests which are bankrupting the public treasury; it is not immigrant workers, but the capitalist class and capitalist system which are laying off workers and unable to guarantee the livelihoods of tens of millions of workers.

It is no coincidence that the Democratic and Republican politicians have resorted to such a backward program at this time. As the all-sided crisis of capitalism deepens, the oppressed minority peoples and immigrants are especially put under the gun. More over, the anti-immigrant and racist propaganda is used to cover over the fact that the government and the capitalist class are attacking the rights of all Americans. The capitalist class, ignoring the demand of the times, refuses to go forward and create a society which guarantees, in practice, equal rights and equal responsibilities for everyone. Rather it seeks to put everything in the country at the disposal of big business and the so-called “free market” and deny that the people have any rights whatsoever.

Furthermore, the entire ideology of anti-immigrant hysteria being pushed by the capitalist politicians stands truth on its head, claiming that the oppressed minorities have all the “advantages” and “privileges” and that these “privileges” are responsible for the worsening conditions of other workers.  What a double and triple fraud!  The very government which systematically denies the rights of all Americans, which imposes a double yoke of oppression and discrimination on the minority peoples and which is intent on stripping away even the few gains by the people over decades, is blaming the most oppressed victims of the system for oppressing others. This conception is a prescription not only for dividing the people into competing interest groups, but also for condemning the vast majority of the people to intensified exploitation and oppression by transforming rights into privileges or “policy objectives” which may be granted or denied to various sections of the people depending on circumstances. 

The root problem is that while various rights are proclaimed on paper, the government deprives the people of the means to guarantee these rights in practice. The Workers Party points to the need for a modern definition of rights in which violations of freedom such as economic inequality are overcome, and in which government is forced to guarantee in practice that everyone living in this country enjoys her or his inalienable rights, including the right to a secure job and stable income, free and comprehensive health care, the best possible education, and so forth.

Socialism, Goal of the Working Class and its Political Party

By substantiating the materialist understanding of history and by applying it to the apprehension of contemporary bourgeois society, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels disclosed the objective laws of transition from capitalism to socialism. By doing so, they equipped the working-class movement with a program of revolutionary activity, with the strategy and tactics of the class struggle, and created the scientific theory of socialism.

With the emergence of the first proletarian political parties in Europe and with the publication, in 1847, of the Communist Manifesto (written by Marx and Engels on behalf of the Communist League) the working class came on the historical scene as a class for itself, independent of and in opposition to the bourgeoisie, as a class with its own political program and historical mission – to overthrow capitalist wage-slavery and establish the socialist society without the exploitation of man-by-man. The great contribution of Marx and Engels is that they not only illuminated the basis of the exploitation and oppression of the working people in the capitalist ownership of the means of production but also showed that the working class, through struggle and revolution, would inevitably overthrow the capitalist class and organize society along radically new lines. 

Marx and Engels uncovered the embryo of the new socialist society in the very conditions of existence of the workers under capitalism. Marx and Engels showed how the workers – deprived of all private property in the means of production and brought together through cooperative, socialized labor – had “nothing of their own to secure and to fortify; their mission is to destroy all previous securities for, and insurances of, individual property.” Marxism, the theory of scientific socialism, showed the workers the economic and social conditions necessary for their emancipation; and rallied and organized them as a class, inspiring the workers to fight not only in defense of their immediate interests but for the political supremacy of the working class and the reconstruction of society on the socialist basis. Thus, from the time of its birth, the proletarian movement and the proletarian parties have marched forward under the banner of scientific socialism, the banner which alone declares the revolutionary historical mission and political program of the working class.

Today a great campaign is being waged to attack and denigrate Marxism-Leninism and socialism. Under the pretext that present-day capitalism is no longer that of the time of Marx and Lenin, that it has undergone major economic, social and political and other changes, the bourgeois ideologists claim that the Marxist theory has become outdated and is no longer applicable, that the socialist revolution of the proletariat has become unnecessary in the face of the progressive evolution of the bourgeois society, and that the present-day technological-scientific revolution is creating a new supra-capitalist and supra-socialist society. They deliberately identify Marxism with modern revisionism and try to present the crises and defeats of the latter as crises and defeats of Marxism-Leninism and socialism. 

According to the morbid world view of the capitalists, the very nature of human beings is to exploit other human beings. The capitalist class is a class which lives at the expense of the society as a whole. Thus, bourgeois ideology and culture extol anti-social values all along the line. Today, bourgeois ideologists insist that there are no social, collective or human values which must be upheld but only the individualism of the bourgeoisie, an individualism that thrives only at the expense of others. The capitalists push ultra-fascist theories extolling war and racism. 

Of course, this is no surprise. For 170 years, the capitalist class has waged one battle after another to suppress the workers’ movement for socialism and communism. The capitalists have commissioned and paid for countless books and articles to “refute” and to distort the theory of Karl Marx and scientific socialism. The classic books of Marxism-Leninism have been burned and millions of workers imprisoned and killed for the “crime” of studying and espousing these ideas. Anti-communism has long been the official state ideology in the U.S. where communists have been systematically persecuted.

In the countries where the workers established the new shoots of communist society – first in the Soviet Union and later in Albania – international capitalism used every weapon in its arsenal – from economic blockade, ideological subversion and all-out war – to defeat the workers and restore the system of capitalist exploitation. In every country, the capitalists suppressed, imprisoned, and continue to try to destroy the genuine Communist and Workers Parties.

Bourgeois ideology seeks to obscure the basis of every problem and in particular, to cover up the capitalist social order as the source of the oppression and exploitation of the people. Having no answer to any of the burning social problems, the bourgeoisie can only assert its arbitrary dictatorial ideology through the power of its state and insist that anyone who recognizes the necessity for fundamental social change is “immoral” and “unpatriotic.” The bourgeoisie want the workers to resign themselves to the “fate” of being exploited and oppressed. By distorting and attacking communism, the bourgeoisie are saying that social development has come to an end, that history has stopped and that capitalism will last forever.

Above all, the bourgeoisie want to deprive the workers of the consciousness 1) that the class struggle of the workers and oppressed people is the motive force of social development; 2) that in the course of their struggle the workers become conscious of the laws of social development and use this consciousness to 3) conquer the political power and carry through the social revolution which overthrows capitalism and build the new socialist and communist society. 

Early on after the the emergence of the modern working class as a class-for-itself Karl Marx and Frederick Engels studied the problem of why changes take place in the life of society, and why it should develop in a certain direction and not in any other. They also showed that the real creators of history are the working masses who, in turn, create all material wealth, i.e. all things whereby society lives. The driving force in the development of all class (slave-owning, feudal and capitalist) societies is the struggle of working people against their exploiters. 

The founders of Marxism made a detailed study of capitalism and exposed its basic contradictions. They carefully studied the process of how the material conditions for the disintegration and collapse of capitalist society are created within this society. They saw the proletariat as a force capable of disrupting the old system and substantiated the role the proletariat would play in the building of a socialist society.

Why is the proletariat, and not any other social class, destined to scuttle capitalism and create a socialist society?

First, the proletariat in capitalist society is not attached to any form of property: proletarians do not own anything except their hands. The burden of private property does not encumber them and does not dampen their revolutionary aspirations. This is why in a socialist revolution the proletariat has nothing to lose but its chains. Second, the proletariat is subjected to cruel exploitation. The bourgeoisie gets most of its wealth by robbing the proletariat. This position of the working class in society makes it the most resolute fighter for socialism. Third, the working class is linked with machine production which is the most progressive and at the same time constantly developing form of production. The growth of capitalist production proceeds side by side with the growth and consolidation of the proletariat – the principal productive force of society. Fourth, the development of capitalist production inevitably creates a situation in which the working class fuses into one single revolutionary army opposed to the bourgeoisie. The working class is the most organised political force of our time. It is equipped with the most advanced revolutionary theory and is headed by the communist and workers’ parties.

It is the conviction of the Workers Party, USA, that the test of any and every political party and group is how they are fighting today to advance the cause of the proletarian revolution. A good organizer, a good theoretician is one who, on the basis of the general aims and fundamental interests of the proletariat, and with sound, concrete facts and arguments can show the people what steps have to be taken today to advance along the road of struggle and victory. Today, the Workers Party, along with the genuine Marxist-Leninist parties throughout the world, carries on continuous investigation of present-day conditions in order to find solutions to contemporary economic, political and social problems and imbue the working class with scientific theory. Contemporary Marxist-Leninist theory provides the working class with conciousness of its own aims and empowers it to work out the strategy and tactics of its struggle for emancipation. 

Today, when on a world scale capitalism is trying to escape its all-sided crisis by imposing a thoroughly counter-revolutionary, anti-social agenda on humanity, modern communism not only calls on the people to rise in the fight for their economic and human rights, but insists on the necessity to overthrow the capitalist system based on private property in the means of production. 

Today, when all over the world people are excluded from political power and when the capitalist social order stands for reaction, national oppression and fascism all along the line, contemporary Marxist-Leninist theory opens the way for the workers to come into the political arena as an independent force, as a class-for-themselves. The Marxist-Leninist theory shows that the first and decisive task facing the workers is to defeat the state power of the capitalists and create a new political power which genuinely vests sovereignty in the people. 

The new political power organized by the workers will genuinely vest sovereignty in the people and empower all human beings to participate in shaping their social environment.  With political power in its hands, the working class will carry through the socialist transformation of society. 

Socialism, at once, resolves the basic contradiction of capitalism, liberating the working class from capitalist wage-slavery and opening the way for the unfettered, continuous development of the productive forces on the basis of constantly improving the well-being of the people.

Socialism recognizes the real social character of the means of production. It eliminates capitalist private ownership of the factories, mines, and other means of production, and recognizes these as the common property of the entire society. Under socialism the livelihoods of the workers will no longer be dependent on the capitalists or the ups and downs of the business cycle. Economic insecurity will become a thing of the past as a socialist America will guarantee everyone a job or an income commensurate with our country’s high level of development. No longer will the workers be exploited and their surplus labor appropriated by the capitalists as profit. Rather, in a socialist America, the entire surplus over and above what is returned to workers directly in the form of wages, will be at the disposal of society as a whole and used, on the basis of a democratically worked out plan, to guarantee both the further development of the economy as well as such inalienable rights of the people as the right to universal and free medical care, to the best possible education, to secure pensions and so forth. It is obvious that our country has at its disposal all the means necessary to insure the unprecedented economic development and the well-being of the people.

All that is required is for the social relations of society to be brought into harmony with the existing level of development of productive forces, for the people to recognize the social character of economic and social life and carry through the reorganization of society on that basis.

Socialism will insure uninterrupted economic development. Socialism will eliminate the anarchy of capitalism and insure planned economic development with the aim of constantly increasing the material and cultural well-being of the people. By placing the people, with the working class in the forefront, in control of the productive forces, socialism will truly humanize society, putting people at the center, not only as producers but as decision-makers and conscious creators of society. Socialism will create the basis for realizing the age-old aspirations of the masses to create a society without class privilege or class oppression, a society which genuinely guarantees equal economic, political and social rights for all human beings. At the same time, socialism will enable human society to harmonize its relationship with nature and protect and enhance the natural environment which is necessary for the continued development of human society. With the people as decision-makers and conscious creators of society, socialism will constantly improve the living standard and create increasingly favourable conditions for the all-round development of the human personality. 

U.S. Imperialism Works to Keep the Pot Boiling

Ordinarily, compensation to the Pakistani government for its part in the so-called “war on terrorism” would be taking place. However the Trump administration has placed a temporary hold on much of the supply appropriated by Congress until Pakistan does more to satisfy Washington’s demands. 

According to U.S. Army Colonel Rob Manning, Pakistan has not yet received any of the $900 million in Coalition Support Funds promised for fiscal year 2017. 

In a written statement reported about on the Department of Defense website, he explained, “That amount has been suspended, not cancelled or reprogrammed, as we continue to hope that Pakistan will take decisive action against the terrorist and militant groups that we seek.”

Pakistan’s officials have received over $8 billion in direct U.S. compensation since 2002. The so-called Coalition Support Funds depend on detailed reports submitted by the Pakistani government to Washington about required military operations against its own citizens. 

Since launching the so-called “war against international terrorism” in 2001, the bipartisan aggressive war program of the U.S. monopoly capitalist class has insisted that every country must either side with the U.S. or face punitive action.

In addition to all-out war, Washington has resorted to its old tried-and-true methods of bribing military and political leaders, hatching political conspiracies, carrying out coups, and organizing the assassination of militant leaders. 

In Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. imperialism is attempting to turn the clock back to the days of old-style colonialism in which the destinies of the countries are decided not by them, but by the politicians in Washington. While in Pakistan, Libya, the Philippines, Honduras, Colombia and elsewhere, Washington is continuing to fall back upon the neocolonial system in which the fiction of the formal political independence of the countries is maintained. 

In both types of cases, the reality is that not only various economic lifelines of these countries remain in the hands of foreign capitalists, but also the political, military, cultural and other aspects of the life of the people. 

Both of these systems of colonialism are  directed by the imperialists at halting the socio-economic development of the countries dependent on them, at adjusting their national economies to the requirements of monopoly capitalism, at subordinating these countries to the strategic interests of monopoly capital and at channelling their development along dependent lines.

Precisely because there is so much opposition amongst the people to colonialism, U.S. imperialism relies on the counter-revolutionary dual tactics of combining open military aggression with political deception. Above all, U.S. imperialism tries to portray the imperialist warmakers as advocates of peace while slandering the peoples who resist and fight for their rights as the source of “violence.”

Make no mistake about it – the U.S. government intends to keep marching to the beat of war.

The U.S. military machine is used not only to suppress the revolutionary crisis in the colonial countries and growth of the elements of revolt against imperialism on the external, colonial front, but also to protect and expand U.S. imperialism’s empire from “theft” by rival capitalist powers. 

Since the start of the so-called “war on international terrorism” in 2001, U.S. imperialism has been working hard to make respect for the sovereign equality of countries and peoples a thing of the past and to replace it with the law of the jungle based on brazen violation of the sovereignty of countries. 

And even while U.S. imperialism tries to keep its Big Power allies under its hegemony, contradictions and rivalries keep breaking to the surface. The U.S. was unable to maintain its “grand alliance” against Iraq. Even earlier, the disintegration and wars in the former Yugoslavia were directly linked to the contradictions amongst the various imperialist powers. The emergence of the European Community, the creation of the “euro” and the new EU military forces reflect the growing rivalry and struggle within U.S. imperialism’s core NATO alliance. Struggles keep breaking out over trade barriers and currency flows, etc. At the same time, sharp contradictions continue to exist with Russia, China and other countries. 

The system of violence against the peoples as well as the disequilibrium and conflicts amongst the imperialists themselves will continue as long as imperialism exists because at its very foundations imperialism is a system of exploitation and subjugation. In fact, rather than lessening or disappearing, the contradictions of this system are becoming even more intense. 

Imperialism is leading humanity to new, unprecedented wars and disasters. Grave dangers are facing the peoples. 

In the U.S., the Workers Party – giving expression to the anti-imperialist and proletarian internationalist traditions of the people – works to build a broad, popular front against war and imperialism.

In the present period, activists are involved in many fronts of struggle against the government’s aggressive foreign policy.  There is a movement underway demanding the closure of Guantanamo Bay detention center. There can be seen growing mass struggles against U.S. war schemes and interventions in Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Sudan, Somalia and against the brutal wars to impose colonial rule on Iraq and Afghanistan. People are coming out in support of the Palestinian liberation struggle. There are the growing solidarity movements with peoples fighting against U.S. domination and intervention in Latin America and the Caribbean, in Asia and throughout the world, and to mobilize public opinion and fight against the gargantuan military budget and the militarization of society, etc. 

How should we push forward these on-going struggles against militarism and war and how can we win permanent victory? We say that the movement must: 1) unite the many currents of anti-militarist, anti-war struggle into one common front; 2) organize our movement on the basis of its own aims and agenda so that it is a pro-active rather than a reactive movement; and 3) build the anti-war movement as part of the independent movement of the working class and people, build it in opposition to and struggle against the capitalist class and the imperialist system which are the source of war and militarism.

Recognizing the bipartisan character of the U.S. war program is part of facing up to the need for the American people to create a real political alternative capable of defeating the capitalist program. However, to maintain the charade that the Democrats are the “friends of labor,” political opportunism continually tries to erase the consciousness of the people about the deeds of the Democrats and tries to deny the class character of the Democratic Party in particular, and of politics in general. Today, the political opportunists, after years of Democratic Party prosecution of the U.S. “war on terror” from the halls of Congress to the White House, are insisting that any criticism of the Democrats undermines the “historic imperative” of getting out the vote to replace Trump and to “restore U.S. credibility in the world.”

This politics tries to liquidate independent, anti-war activity and replace it with electioneering. The politics of “replacing Trump” covers over the roots of the capitalist war program and in turn, the dangers confronting the American people. Trump’s agenda is the agenda of the U.S. monopoly capitalist class which seeks to shift the whole burden of the crisis of its system onto the back of the people through aggressive war abroad and repression at home. The politics of “replacing Trump” covers over the real aggressive, colonial program which always remains the basis of U.S. imperialism’s so-called

“war against international terrorism.” The biggest evil of this politics is that it seeks to buy time for the warmakers as well as thwart the growing consciousness of the people. It seeks to choke the will to find out which is inspiring millions of people to come into new political life. Instead of trying to suppress this awakening, the necessity is to nourish it and build up the only reliable weapons of the anti-war struggle – the consciousness and organization of the people themselves.

The immediate aim of independent, anti-imperialist organizations is to maximize popular participation and mobilization to force the government to end the war and colonial conquest of Iraq and Afghanistan. The goal of this work must be to replace the war government of the Republicans and Democrats with a genuine peace government, a government of and by the people.

The Right to a Livelihood

Nowadays more workers are unemployed during the “good times” than were formerly unemployed during the “bad times.” At the end of each cycle more and more workers find themselves in the permanent army of the unemployed. At the same time, the increase in the percentage of part-time workers and the pressure exerted by the reserve army of unemployed on the wages of the employed workers, assists the capitalists to drive down the wages and reduce the living standards of all the workers. 

Ever-growing unemployment and the constant pressure of job insecurity which is part of the life of all workers, graphically illustrate the plight of the workers under capitalism as well as the irrationality of this economic system when viewed from the standpoint of society as a whole. Under capitalism, the means of production (society’s tools, which have been accumulated over generations as a result of the labor of the workers themselves) are monopolized by a handful of private capitalist owners. This is one side of the economic relations of capitalism. The other side is that the workers – the laboring class whose muscles and brains produce all the material blessings – are disenfranchised, separated from the implements of labor, the tools of society; the worker, thus has no way to secure a livelihood or engage in social production except by selling his labor-power, day in and day out, to the capitalist owners. 

But the capitalists are only willing to employ as many workers as necessary to achieve the sole goal of maximum profit. The capitalists always seek to get the maximum amount of work out of the fewest possible workers at the lowest possible pay. The end result is that more and more workers are denied work, are deprived of any possibility of securing a livelihood. 

From the standpoint of society as a whole, the capitalist economic system results in the waste and destruction of the productive forces of society, even while the basic needs of the people remain unmet. During a recession, the contradiction between the vast productive power of the economy and the limited consuming power of the workers (who, as a result of capitalist exploitation, always receive far less in wages than the amount they produce through their labor) breaks into the open. Factories stand idle even as millions of workers, ready and able to produce, remain unemployed. The whole process of economic development comes to a standstill and declines. The masses of people need housing, food, clothing, etc. and all the means necessary to produce these things are available, yet the capitalists refuse to produce simply because they cannot make a profit at it. On a world scale, more than 1 billion workers are unemployed, denied any means of securing a livelihood and throughout vast regions of the globe the masses live in constant hunger and famine even though all the human and technological resources are available to produce an abundance for everyone. The individual workers need jobs in order to secure their livelihood; society needs more workers in order to increase production and secure the needs of everyone. Yet capitalism wreaks havoc on the lives of individuals and the whole society. 

The right to a livelihood is a basic human right. But under the capitalist system, the masses are denied this right. Under capitalism, each and every worker must daily face the question of finding a capitalist willing to employ him, or else starving. There is no government agency or legal recourse for the workers who are denied the means of securing a livelihood. It is not considered a crime for the capitalists even to shut down whole factories and dismiss thousands, even tens of thousands, of workers in a single day. 

The workers cannot accept this state of affairs. And as the capitalists carry out their offensive against social programs and impose new and more intense forms of exploitation on the workers, the questions of jobs, of relief for the unemployed, of the right of the people to a secure and decent livelihood become all the more urgent.

The struggles of the workers to secure their jobs and livelihoods are already taking many forms. There are struggles of the employed workers against job combinations, against lay-offs and plant closings. There are struggles to extend and increase unemployment compensation. Such struggles can be won. The decisive thing is for the workers to band together and take an active and determined stand to defend their vital interests in the face of the anti-social offensive of the capitalists. 

At the same time, the whole working class must build up a powerful political movement which aims at securing the RIGHT TO A JOB OR A LIVELIHOOD for everyone. Such a political movement bases itself on asserting the inalienable human rights of the workers in opposition to and struggle against the property “rights” of the capitalist exploiters.

In the course of these struggles, it is necessary for the workers to equip themselves with consciousness and organization so that the movement can advance in a planned and systematic way to achieve the aims the workers have set for themselves. In addition, the working class must wage a continuous struggle against the pressure of bourgeois ideology, which is exerted against the workers’ movement with the aim of getting the workers to give up their role to lead society out of the crisis and onto the path of progress. The key factor in strengthening the consciousness and organization of the working class is for the workers to build their own political party, the Workers Party.

From the Anti-Imperialist News Service

Washington Hopes for Calamity in Iran

December 31, 2017 – In a response to widespread news reports of organized political actions in Iran calling for death to the country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted on December 31, “Big protests in Iran. The people are finally getting wise as to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism. Looks like they will not take it any longer. The USA is watching very closely for human rights violations!”

Two days earlier the U.S. State Department published the following three paragraph statement on its website:

“We are following reports of multiple peaceful protests by Iranian citizens in cities across the country. Iran’s leaders have turned a wealthy country with a rich history and culture into an economically depleted rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed, and chaos. As President Trump has said, the longest-suffering victims of Iran’s leaders are Iran’s own people.

“The United States strongly condemns the arrest of peaceful protesters. We urge all nations to publicly support the Iranian people and their demands for basic rights and an end to corruption.

“On June 14, 2017, Secretary Tillerson testified to Congress that he supports ‘those elements inside of Iran that would lead to a peaceful transition of government. Those elements are there, certainly as we know.’ The Secretary today repeats his deep support for the Iranian people.”

Given the Pentagon’s enormous drone assassination program, Washington’s enthusiastic eulogizing of such threatening slogans amounts to a dangerous addition to the rest of the ongoing U.S. war preparations against that country.

Since George W Bush first unfurled the U.S. pre-emptive doctrine and first-strike nuclear hit list in 2001, consecutive administrations led by both parties in Washington have rendered repeated statements energetically pushing U.S. imperialism’s campaign for war on Iran.

The millions of dollars spent for the miscellaneous assortment of propaganda with which Washington wants to prepare public opinion for war against Iran are simply a contiuation of the network of lies which it has spread of its beneficent concern about “freedom” and “democracy” the world over. This is the chauvinism of the U.S. monoply capitalist class which insists that the American “way of life” – so-called “American freedom and democracy” – must by imposed, through force of arms, on the people of other countries.

By labeling Iran and certain other countries as “outlaw” or “rogue” states, U.S. imperialism seeks to justify its own disregard for international law and the accepted norms of relations between states. In the case of Iran, everyone knows that the real motives behind the U.S. policy are the questions of oil and the domination of the strategic Middle East region. To achieve its aims, U.S. imperialism has targeted any government in the region that either defends the national rights and sovereignty of its own people, or seeks to ally itself with one of U.S. imperialism’s rivals.

The so-called “national interests” of the U.S. monopoly capitalist class put it in direct opposition to the aspirations and struggle of the American people and confront the peoples everywhere with the atrocious burden of ever-spiralling U.S. military intervention.

In opposition to this interventionist and exploitative foreign policy, the American people must demand the democratic renewal of the U.S. political process and political system so that the decision-making power is placed in the hands of the people.

We must take the initiative into our own hands and fight to bring about a fundamental change in our country’s foreign policy.We must implement a genuinely democratic foreign policy which includes:

– Withdrawal of all U.S. troops stationed abroad;

– Ending U.S. intervention and aggression in all its forms;

– Ending the militarization of our country;

– Respecting the sovereignty and rights of all.

The program for a democratic foreign policy is the response of the working class to the war program and militarism of U.S. monopoly capital. It is an immediate expression of the internationalist stand of the working class and corresponds with the profound anti-imperialist traditions of the American people.